This coming Saturday, March 17th, is the deadline for HHDD #10 Cheesecakes. Please have your entries in to me by the end of the day March 17th(Pacific Standard Time). A special thanks to those who have already sent your entries. They have all looked great!!!


  1. Oooh – I am trying to get one in…hopefully I can swing it. I can’t wait to see all the fabulous entries!

  2. oh my…I do have my ingredients ready. Darn work and social life is getting in the way. You will get an entry from me even if it does not end up looking like a cheesecake.(I have never made one before…so I am keeping my fingers crossed)

  3. Mine is coming! I’m making it in the next two days! So much fun!

  4. oh peabody, you make the most delicious looking sweets!!!

  5. your talent blows me away sometimes… although i must admit that the sugar disks look a bit like mickey mouse ears at first!

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