Take that refund wanter….

So a couple of weeks ago I got a comment left on my blog about my Snickerdoodle muffins(aka refund muffins). But this was not a comment asking for money back, in fact it was a comment asking if they could send me a gift. See, this reader(Eunice of Lemond Almond) is actually getting people to pay her to make those refund muffins for them. I politely thanked her and said it wasn’t necessary but she said that she wanted to and so I said alright. I’m glad I did. She decided that since she found my site through a Donna Hay event that she would send me a Donna Hay cookbook. Well I own quite a few and so her choices were narrowed…but then she realized that one of the books wasn’t even released yet in the states(she is in Singapore). So in the mail the other day arrived a package with a lovely note and a copy of Donna Hay Simple Essentials Chocolate. YUM. It is a smaller book that the ones I own(which is great because the DH are so tall they barely fit in my bookcase). I immediately wanted to make something from it…only problem was that I had baked all day and had no eggs left(it came later on in the afternoon). So frantically I went searching for a egg less recipe, and I found one. Chocolate Crunch Slice. It basically was the genius idea of crushing up biscuits(cookies) and pouring ganache over them in a loaf pan and refrigerating. Why had I never thought of this? I didn’t have biscuits, but I had Jo-Jo’s(Trader Joe’s version of Oreos). And mine is wedge instead of a slice since my loaf pans were in use for something else. You can imagine by looking at the ingredient list that this was super rich but super good.
So I would like to give a special thanks to my reader Eunice for the very thoughtful and useful gift!!!

Chocolate Crunch Slice

½ cup cream
15 ¾ oz dark chocolate, chopped
4 ½ oz butter, chopped
8 oz store bought shortbread biscuits(but I used Oreos), chopped

Place cream, chocolate and butter in a saucepan over low heat and stir until melted and combined. Place biscuits in a mixing bowl and pour over two thirds of the chocolate mixture, and stir to coat. Spoon into a 12 ½ x 2 ¾ x 3 inch) bar tin lined with non-stick paper. I personally used a 4 ½ inch diameter spring from pan instead. Pour remaining chocolate mixture over and tap tin to remove any bubbles. Refrigerate for 3 hours or until set. To serve, remove from tin, dust with cocoa(if desired) and cut into slices(I did wedges). Makes 16.

Source: Adapted from Donna Hay Simple Essentials Chocolate, 2007



  1. Oh yummy! The oreo’s sound better than biscuits!

  2. There is also a chicken cookbook out, too. Yummy!

  3. That’s a great summer recipe. YUM.

    (Same about Donna’s books and my shelves. Bummer.)

  4. that sure looks decadent!

  5. It looks somewhat more fudgy or floury on the bottom than the top…does anyone else notice this? Did it taste different or have a different texture, or is this just a trick of the camera (or my eyes)?

  6. This looks absolutely luscious! I have heard of that book…and another small one, on chicken I think? Will have to keep my eyes peeled for them :)

  7. I don’t comment often but that is clearly an evil recipe. Far, far too decadent and…probably gooey and rich and oh my goodness. I may have to start collecting these Donna Hay books.

  8. How fantastic! And proof that the recipe IS good (I still can’t believe that person wrote that comment)

  9. Ruthanne (in Seattle) says:

    wow – those look fabulous – I love jo-jo’s but I must admit that my favorites are the vanilla ones. . . wow again!

  10. That is the most sinfully good-looking chocolate thing I’ve ever seen!

  11. This is sooooo sinfully delicious!

  12. How sweet. I think it’s just wonderful that a reader sent you a cookbook. (And pooh on the jerk who wanted a refund.)

  13. peabody says:

    Sarah- there is not flour in it so it can’t more floury. I think it is just how it cut. It had the same consistancy.

  14. Lucky! Sounds like a great book & that slice is decadent. Those refund muffins have had unexpected results, hmmm?

  15. Yay for gifts! This looks sooooo good.

  16. Oh my word! Breath-taking… Drool-inducing… Eye-popping! Just sumptuous!

  17. Oh wow! That looks gorgeous. I think I need chocolate now…

  18. That looks amazing. And I’m so glad yet another person declared how crazy Refund-muffin-person was.

  19. I guess I should clean my computer screen, cause it didn’t taste too good when I just licked it.

    Another evil picture this early in the morning. I can’t believe something that good is so easy to make.

  20. It’s 9am and I’m going to find a hunk of chocolate to gnaw on…

  21. peabody, wow! This is what my oldest daughter is going to make on Saturday for her class reunion party! Thanksthanksthanks!

  22. Oh this looks ultra good! Now maybe I could go get my hands on that book since I’m in Singapore too. =)

  23. ooh yummy ;-) Reminds me of something we used to make as kids — broken up biscuits and dried fruit (glace cherries, sultanas etc.) with chocolate goo poured over and left to set. Easy and fun for kids to do. We called it “Belgian Fudge Cake” for some reason.

    PS I haven’t got *any* Donna Hay books, but I can see I need at least one on my wishlist ;-)

  24. I was just wondering why I am so hungry 2 hours before lunch, but I think I figured it out!!! This looks fantastic and makes me want chocolate for lunch today!

  25. That looks sinfully delicious! Look at all that delicious chocolate and I love that you use oreos instead. I think the oreos make it even better.

  26. Good to know something good (if you can call those sinful looking chocci wedges “good” :) )came from something bad like the refund comment. Gifts are great! Enjoy the book!

  27. Peabody, I’m amazed by the number of generous and caring people I have met through foodblogging. I think you deserve all this and much more!
    The dessert looks sensational. :)

  28. Ha! I love it Pea! Simple… looks very extravagant!

  29. That really can’t be so simple! I am thinking some nutter-butter peanut cookies would be just yummy. I’ll post some pictures!

  30. I think using oreos was a great idea – it makes the slice look so much prettier.

  31. I definitely need to save this recipe for my next chocolate attack. Which should be any moment now…:-)

  32. a dream come true for chocolate lovers~How gorgeous!

  33. Wow, that looks so good. I will have to remember this to surprise DH with it – if only I could find oreos here!

  34. Looks like the Oreo version of a Tiffin.

  35. That chocolate crunch slice looks absolutely amazing.
    Very lucky you for getting the book!

    Edna Staebler had a similar story about a reader who wanted a refund. I wish I could remember what her response was…the nerve of some people…


  36. Not only is this gorgeous and so rich, it’s great to hear that there’s another Donna Hay book on the way in our neck of the woods!

  37. Oh yum…and it is almost 1am here and now I am hungry…!

  38. oh. my. gawd. I so-ooooo see these making an appearance at my next office food fest!

  39. oh you have a Donna Hay Chocolate Book now? I so much want to see this! Beautiful!

  40. HA! Take THAT Refund Muffin Nay Sayer Person. Betcha feel a lil silly now, eh? :D

    Looks good, Gracie.. really good. Like.. death by chocolate good, minus the 3 pages of instructions. hee! You’ve sold me though – am going to check Amazon and throw a couple DH books on my wishlist. ;)

    Beautiful pictures as always!

  41. Gad! WOW! Unreal! OMG! How could anything that has store cookies in it, uses no oven, come together so easily and create such a show stopper!
    Fantastic! Never a dull moment around here.

  42. I just saw this recipe and I thought that this would also be a good recipe to use girl scout cookies in instead of the Oreos or Jo Jo’s. Try a thin mint or one of the cookies with coconut… I think it would be simply AMAZING!

  43. First, what a sweet and generous lady! Second, that picture almost made me fall off my chair. You are not helping my diet by posting stuff like that.

  44. Yes sucks to the refund wanter! We call these chocolate biscuit cakes in my neck of the woods, I guess because they’ve got chocolate and biscuits (sorry cookies!)in them.

  45. I am truly completely and shamelessly speechless. Drooling…but speechless. That Chocolate Crunch Slice just looks sooooooo good!

  46. Peabody, this is AMAZING – beautiful!! Sooo delicious and sinful too. My mouth is watering.

  47. I was just looking for this book yesterday. I recently purchased the newest fall issue of Donna Hay magazine and saw mention of this and her new chicken book. I love Donna Hay as I mentioned here before and this recipe looks divine. Now I really have to hunt this book down. Donna and Peabody…. My two favorite recipe girls.

  48. Kristine says:

    I decided to make this dessert, since it was only 4 ingredients, and it looked too easy. . . . It was just and wonderful to eat, as it was to look at. I served it at three different functions (2 dinners at our house, and a BBQ at my husbands work), everyone raved about it.

    Keep up the good work!

  49. I found this recipe today and had to try it. I bake quite often, mostly for the poeple at work. I’ve baked every night this week and, frankly, was tired of heating the already hot kitchen. This was perfect.

    The real trick will be not picking at it tomorrow morning when I slice it! It looks lovely…

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