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So I have been tagged by three people now to do this. Eunice at Lemon Almond tagged me for and 8 things meme and Lis at La Mia Cucina and Elle at Feeding My Enthusiasms tagged me for 7 things about me meme. So I will do 7 ½ . I apologize ahead of time, I am horrible at doing these and I don’t tag people. So if you read this and want to do it, then tag, you are it. :P

1. I am a card carrying member of the Official Marshmallow Peeps Fan Club.
2. I desperately miss the Muppet Show and wish they would bring it back. My guilty pleasure show now is The Girls Next Door(hangs head in shame).
3. If someone were to look at my desk they would think belonged to a 6 years old…there is the entire Star Wars Mr. Potato Head Collection, The Cookie Monster dressed up as a chicken(and does the chicken dance when you press it’s hand), a stuffed Marshmallow Peep(see number 1), a M&M’s Boba Fett(more Star Wars) figurine, a plastic black rat, a plastic lizard that barks, a mole with a sombrero from a happy meal, a match box “Mathmoblie” and a Mr. Peabody cup.
4. Before having a blog I never knew all the different types of free porn that was available to the public on the Internet. But now thanks to spam, I have been shocked by just about every variety out there.
5. I am irrationally afraid of the dentist and have to be sedated and knocked out(via IV) to even get my teeth cleaned.
6. My favorite Holiday is Ground Hog Day. It is celebrated each year by getting up early to see the ground hog on the news while eating a chocolate sprinkle donut. Then followed up by Chinese food for either lunch or dinner. I also receive cards and gifts from family members.
7. I can make a pickle glow in the dark.
7 1/2. I gave up sugar(yes, me) for a year for a bet to see if I could do it. I did. However, everyone told me how I would lose my craving for sugar, I never did. I was the biggest bitch ever that whole year and actually gained 12 pounds because I was constantly eating to try and quell my sugar cravings.


  1. I’d swear you already somehow told us about that giving up sugar. Guess that’s why it only counted half.
    The desk sounds really fun and sure has to be big to have that all!

  2. oops . . . GREAT photo!

  3. I love that photo! How freakin cute is that? =)

    And I had to laugh out loud at the dentist thing.. Kelly has a huge fear (which I just read about a few minutes ago) and I left a comment there sharing my huge fear and what has to happen for me to make it through a dental visit without having a myocardial infarction and now you! heeeeeeeee! Glad to know I’m in such good company. ;)


    PS – Not only do I watch The Girls Next door, but I TIVO it and watch them over and over again. Kendra cracks me up! And I wish I had her body. Gah.

  4. dude you were such a cool kid. love the shoes!

  5. What a fun read!

  6. 1) Your desk sounds like my dad’s office. He has every singing/dancing toy ever made. If his students don’t come to his office hours, he turns them all on to annoy the other professors.

    2) I have the same fear of the dentist. There’s a big envelope sitting on my dresser marked “Kate’s first dentist appointment in a long time” because my husband made an appointment for me. (I haven’t seen the dentist in something like 4 years, and I’ve never had a cavity)

  7. Very interesting….Dentist? What’s that?!!

  8. Wow… I’d be a bitch too if I gave up sugar for an entire year. So what was the first thing you ate once you had your “freedom” back?

  9. I am afraid of the dentist too. The Girls Next Door is my favorite too. Shh… don’t tell!


  10. Spoke with my lurker sister yesterday. She followed the meme and you are among many, many in fear and loathing of dentists apparently. I also believe that Ground Hog day should a substitute holiday for one of the winter holidays…it would spread the joy for both receivers of gifts and shopkeepers, plus some of us (like me) might not get as cranky in December. You desk sounds very cool.

  11. And what about the cheerleading pic?

  12. peabody says:

    Bri- I just thought it was a funny picture.

  13. Okay, how do you make a pickle glow?

    I too long for the Muppet Show to come back and fill up that space with The Girls Next Door.

  14. oooooooh that is such a cute picture. Nice to know you better. That’s funny about the dentist. I hate having my teeth cleaned but not enough to be sedated.

  15. That photo is just adorable!

  16. Peabody,

    My guilty pleasure is also The Girls Next Door. Unfortunately for me with all the sweets and food I eat when I’m full I will probably never have a body like them! O’well It’s okay I’m really good @ suckin’ it in and elongating my body for pictures! :D

  17. I love The Muppet Show and own season 1 on dvd. I watch it frequently.

  18. 1hollygolightly says:

    My favortie holiday is also Groundhog’s Day…normally people laugh at me for saying that. I like that it’s not a Hallmark holiday and there are no presents involved. Also was my first date with hubby!

  19. I love that photo – too cute!!

  20. That photo is great!
    OK – I have the same fear of the dentist. I need to find one that will knock me out! Drugs would make it all the more better.

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