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Well, with all of my “Fall” baking, you knew at some point you would see some pumpkin. And well, here it is. In fantastic cake form. This cake originally had many more components to it, as many of Desaulniers recipes do, but I simplified it. Now you may be looking at the recipe thinking, that is simple? I would like to point out that I didn’t say IT was simply, just simplified. I must say that this is one of the tastiest cakes I have made in awhile, and well, I bake a lot of cakes as you know. This cake is so moist from not only the pumpkin but the buttermilk(yes, again with the buttermilk). It also has a wonderful brown sugar icing(yes, again with the brown sugar icing). This icing is very different from the one with the spice cake. It is creamy, and tangy(like you would swear there is a little cream cheese in there…but there is not). It is interesting to spread though and I highly suggest you make a crumb coat. The butterscotch filling is very light and reminds me of the mousse that I had in my wedding cake. I was sooooo happy to discover this filling, for I loved my wedding cake and now that I have a filling that tastes similar I plan to recreate my wedding cake…well the flavors at least(a cake decorator I am not…if you want proof just look at the cake in the pictures). If you are at all a pumpkin fan, I know you will be loving this cake! Be warned that this cake comes from a master pastry chef and does take awhile as well as some technique.
P.S. Just 39 more days until NHL hockey starts(but I’m sure you all already knew that! :P)



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  1. Let me start off by saying that this cake is absolutely delicious… but i had a lot of trouble with it. The picture is very misleading because this cake does not come out as tall as it does in the photo… I probably would have realized that if I had read through the recipe before I decided to make it. Anyways, I only have 2 big complaints… one is the frosting… I had to add about 3 cups of powdered sugar to get is the right consistency. It was entirely too runny to spread. I have read over the recipe many times to make sure I didn’t miss anything so I don’t know how you did it. After I added the sugar it was exactly the same color as the photo and tasted amazing! Then… the walnut filling… I actually made this twice. Both times it came out very runny. Once I put the layer on top of it, it all ran down the sides. Again, it was delicious… it just did not look very pretty. I also had a lot left over.

    Also… I feel I should mention this cake took me about 3 hours to make… I will defiantly be reading all future recipes in their entirety before I commit to making something again.

    I will not be making this cake again, however I will make the frosting again with my changes.

    Thanks for the challenge!

  2. @Dallas – if you read the about pages of this blog (which I suggest doing for most blogs) it will tell you that while I give you the recipe for the full cake like the recipe intended I myself tend to make them in mini’s. That cake looks thicker because it was made in mini not in full size.
    Sorry the frosting and filling gave you such a hard time. This recipe comes from Marcel Desaulniers who is a very high end pastry chef and much of his stuff tends to take time and technique.

  3. Christine says:

    I will definitely be trying this cake soon. I’ve taken note of the comments, so hopefully I am prepared. It looks delicious/!! P.S. Shame about the NHL hockey season, and this is the first year my son is not playing hockey – I’m definitely having some withdrawal symptoms.

  4. I made this on thanksgiving…it got rave reviews:) it was a time consuming recipe, but he butterscotch filling was to die for..yummo!! I had trouble with the frosting though, I could not get it to the right consistency, and after making a gigantic bowl from trying to doctor it and make it work, I ending up making buttercream and flavoring it with the frosting that was just way too runny to use.but that was pretty good too. The cake was very moist and really good. In the future I won’t put the walnuts in the filling, got a few comments from people that don’t luck nuts, and I will just go ahead and double the cake recipe, because even though it was mentioned that doubling it was recommended, I foolishly didn’t, then had to bake another cake so I didn’t have an tiny little embarrassing cake. I was very proud of myself for making a cake from scratch though and will be making it again.

  5. Trish87109 says:

    It would be really nice if you provided the information on your site for the full recipe rather than the half. I think most people are making cakes for more than two people. You would also avoid all the comments that result from people expecting a full sized cake!

  6. @Trish87109- the recipe was not for a layer cake…but a single layer cake like it says in the recipe. I chose to make it into a layer cake so I used small cake pans. I use small cake pans all the time (which is on my about page) but do not give half a recipe. It’s not half a recipe. Read through the recipe and you will see that.


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