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If home truly where the heart is, then the food blogging community is definitely part of my home. I give thanks to many of you who have emailed me or left me new home well wishes here on my blog. They are very much appreciated. Above there is my new home(with  no window treatments :) ).
If I could of course, I would have you over for a housewarming party, pot luck style. Since that can’t be happening, I’d like to have a virtual one. So if you would like to come you simply need to bring a dish.

*make a dish and post the recipe on your blog(appetizers, main dishes, sides, desserts, even drinks!…your choice). If you don’t have a blog and would still like to participate you can email me a recipe and a picture(if you have one)
*tell in the write up why you are “bringing” that dish
*give your name, name of your blog(and your URL) and the name of the dish(and a link to the dish)

I will host my Housewarming Party on Saturday, December 8th. The deadline to “bring” your dish is Thursday, December 6th,  midnight Pacific Standard Time.  If you would like to “come” to the party please email your dish to luvbriere at gmail dot com. Hope to “see” you there!



  1. You’re home looks perfect! I can’t wait for the party.

  2. What a beautiful home-what good smells with come from the kitchen of this house! Congrats to you!

  3. Your house is so beautiful! I’ll have to come up with something wonderful for the “housewarming party”.
    I’m looking forward to it! It looks like you’ll have quite a crowd:)

  4. The house looks great and I love what you’ve done with the place. I’m bringing Baked Potato bites… hope you enjoy. Take a look at the pics on my site.

  5. I just did my post! I will be bringing Banana Cream Pudding with Pie Crust Cookie garnish.

  6. Congratulations on ur new house! Nice idea to have a house warming party – potluck style. :D I am still thinking what to bring..:)

    ~ Siri

  7. Really nice home. If I was going I would bring those bars:


  8. Bringing along some ‘Mexican Wedding Cookies’ to the party…:))


    ~ Siri

  9. Sorry I missed the party. I wish only great things for you in your new home.

  10. What a lovely home you have!


  1. […] I was just sooo not in the mood to take pictures the other day. The lighting was horrible no matter where I was, as the sky was super Seattle gray. I wasn’t actually even going to put these up, but the truth of the matter is that they are far to tasty for me not to share the recipe with you. As many of you know, I often bake for referees on nights that I score keep on. Makes them happy to work with and IF they happened to end up refereeing my game, then perhaps they will look the other way when I elbow some guy. I kid…sort of. So my poor refs have pretty much been neglected lately. What I have been making in the kitchen were not all that portable friendly and they had been missing out. One of my “regulars” let me know it too and let me know that he would enjoy something with gingerbread the next time he saw me….then he told me when the next time he would see me would be. So off I went find something with gingerbread. I wanted something simple for as much as I would like to be done getting the house together, there always seems to be something. Tomorrow I am off for a rake and a recycling trash can for our pop cans. These bars I found on the McCormick spices website. Their recipe called for using their spices, but I was a rebel and did not. A couple things about the bars: 1. I will add a little more ginger next time for a tad more kick, though the ref thought they had enough kick. 2. When I made the cream cheese mixture I did it in the bowl with the gingerbread batter, without cleaning it, so that the gingerbread flavor would come through a little in the frosting…I’m glad I did. These are quick and easy and most definitely keeps. P.S. Don’t forget I am hosting a virtual Housewarming Party on Saturday, December 8th. For more information about it go here. […]

  2. […] And since I think no one in their right mind would resist to a slice of this pizza (even though the night pictures don´t show it in all its glory), I´m gonna be taking this dish to Peabody´s housewarming party, since I´m sure it´s going to be full of sugar-ladden treats, and there needs to be something savory to start with. If this doesn´t make a good house-warming gift, Peabody, I don´t know what will! (Recipe after the jump) […]

  3. […] Just a reminder that my Housewarming Party is this Saturday! And your potluck dish is due by this Thursday. […]

  4. […] 10. She and her husband recently moved into their first home and so she decided to host a Blog Housewarming Party. I think Bakedy Beans are perfect for housewarming parties. […]

  5. […] Hosted by Peabody, at Culinary Concoctions by Peabody, another Daring Baker with a fun and drool-worthy blog! […]

  6. […] else to celebrate? Why yes! There is a pot luck housewarming party at Culinary Concoctions by Peabody! This is a blog which I have recently started to read since so […]

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