Time to make MY doughnuts…..

So I was a little boring this time around. Nothing fancy to say the least. However, I did go out of my comfort zone. See, I make cake doughnuts all the time at home, but yeast doughnuts…that was virgin territory. What I got were very interesting results. For from the same batch I had some doughnuts that rose like sky scrapers and I had some that didn’t rise at all. Hmmm. I must say that I was stumped. I mean, I make yeast bread often. And when you make yeast bread, it either rises, or it doesn’t. Parts of the bread don’t rise and other parts do, so to say I was perplexed was putting it mildly. It could have been the fact that I had to get up early to make these babies(my brain is not known to function at that time of day).
There is a sponge made, a rise for that. Add the ingredients, a rise for that. Roll them out, cover myself in flour, and then a rise for that. Well, some rise. Some just flat dough staring at me, mocking me. The ironic things was that after frying all of them up, the ones that rose the least ended up being my favorite. I mostly made plain or powdered sugared ones. I did however make two that were dipped in chocolate ganache and covered in sprinkles…for my hubby.
I’m glad that I chose to make the yeast doughnuts. I now know that I like cake ones better. I mean, I still love Krispy Krème and Tim Horton’s yeasty goodness, but when it comes to homemade, I am all about the cake. Especially since it does not take 4 hours to make. But know I know…and like GI Joe says, “knowing is half the battle.” (that dorky quote was for when my husband reads this).

Okay, I have made my doughnuts. Have you made yours? My biggest FEAR is that I have seen a few posts about doughnuts but you didn’t send Helen or I the link or the vital info. See, it’s not just enough to put it on your blog, you have to email us that you put it on your blog so that we know. I would really hate to miss out on any doughnuts that you all have made, because based on what we have seen so far there is some really great doughnuts out there….and a lot of variety! If you need a reminder, here is what you need to do:

Our only “requirements” are that your entry be a sweet one (plain, or fruit filled or other), and one you make especially for the event¢â¬¦.because…well, that’s just us!

To participate, make and post some doughnuts between now and February 12th send us your entry at mytarteletteATgmailDOTcom or luvbriereATgmailDOTcom with the following information:
* Name
* Blog name
* Blog URL
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Round up on both our blogs on the 15th!

Hope to see your doughnuts!!!

Raised Doughnuts

1 ¼ cups milk
2 ½ tsp active dry yeast
¾ cup granulated sugar
4 cups flour
¼ cup unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 egg
1 tsp pure vanilla
½ tsp salt
vegetable oil, for frying
powder sugar for dredging

Heat milk in a saucepan over medium heat until it reaches 100 to 110. Pour the milk into a large bowl, add the yeast, about 1 TBSP of the sugar, and about 1 ½ cups flour, and mix well. Cover with plastic wrap and let the dough rise in a warm place until doubled in volume, about 1 hour.
When the dough has risen, place the butter and the remaining sugar in the bowl of a mixer fitted with the paddle attachment and beat on high speed, scraping down the sides of the bowl occasionally, until light and fluffy. Add the egg and vanilla and mix well. Add the yeast mixture and mix on low speed until well blended. Add the remaining 2 ½ cups flour and the salt and mix until the dough comes together, about 2 minutes. Transfer the dough to a wall floured surface and knead until very smooth and elastic. Place the dough in a large well greased bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and let rise until double in volume, about 1-1 ½ hours.
Roll the dough out onto a well floured surface to a thickness of about ½ inch. Cut with a doughnuts cutter. Place doughnuts on a well greased sheet pan and let rise in a warm place for about an hour.
To fry the doughnuts, heat about 4-inches of vegetable oil over high heat until it reaches 350F. Meanwhile, line a sheet pan with paper towels, and have it ready by the fryer. When oil is hot, add as many doughnuts as will fit without overcrowding, and cook on one side until golden brown 2-3 minutes. Turn the doughnuts over an cook about 2 minutes loner. Transfer to the paper towels to drain, and let cool for about 5 minutes. Continue cooking the rest of the doughnuts. Dredge in powder sugar and serve immediately.
Makes 24(I got about 13…I like big doughnuts)

Source: Adapted from Caprial’s Desserts by Caprial Pence and Melissa Carey


  1. These look like perfect donuts!

  2. How could some rise and some not? That has got to be one of the odder moments in your baking life. NEVER are you boring Peabody.
    Doughnuts . . . my dad does doughnuts . . . our son does doughtnuts . . . me do doughnuts???

  3. They look terrific! I could just grab that off the screen and snarf it all.

  4. Oh my, they look good. I would so love a doughnut, right now.

    Also, we love GI Joe in our house. I guess a home with 3 small boys cannot escape it. Knowing is half the battle. :P

  5. Hold my place! I’m making my donuts today, I’m in the process as I type this, I’ll be there!

  6. They look yummy to me!!! I’ll take a dozen along with a few hockey players … :o )

  7. I was procrastinating as usual on making doughnuts, but seeing this first thing this morning gave me a kick in the pants. Mine are now taking a nice chill in the fridge. :)

  8. Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the round-up!

  9. Wonderful! You make me so hungry!! I am all about yeast donuts!! Great chatting with you last night!

  10. These look so delicious! I could eat them all. I’m super behind. I still have to make my donuts and there’s only two days left! Yum!!!

  11. Sad to say, I won’t be making doughnuts — but I’d be very happy to find one of yours on my kitchen table with a cup of coffee. Ooooh, they look delicious!

  12. Mmm your doughnuts look great! I wanted to participate in this blog event but now the deadline is coming up and I’m not sure if I’ll have time! I can’t wait to read the round up though.

  13. I bow to your doughnut making skills. These are so beautiful, even if you prefer making cake ones.

  14. I’ll take a dozen! Funny about the rising part.Your a pro at this. Cant wait to see the round up.

  15. Your doughnuts look delicious! Didn’t know you could make cake ones too.
    Made my second batch yesterday. The first ones where too airy. The second batch was good. Will post about them soon and send the link to you guys :)

  16. I made mine this morning, wahoo! Tasted great, looked like crap, but, did I mention they tasted great? Will post tonight.

  17. love your blog! i was just wondering i love cake doughnuts too and i found your recipe for apple cider cake doughnuts they look yummy by the way. However i dont really like cider so i was wondering if could just leave it out without compromising the end reasult? i really hope you can let me know as i have been looking for a cake doughnut recipe and i think yours will fit the bill. keep up the good work thank you.

  18. The local Tim Hortons is across the street…can I just smell doughnuts baking to participate :D …I didn’t think so, I will just drool over all the delicious homemade little treats :D

  19. WOW!! They look great, I wish I had one right now!!!

  20. I’m glad I didn’t read this before making my doughnuts because if I knew I had to worry about part of the yeast rising and part not, that would have added to my already existing yeast fears and I would have said forget it :) Your doughnuts look SO good. I would like one, or 3, please.

  21. I rarely eat donuts, but these photos have me craving one of yours!

  22. those look pretty darn good! and i’m a cake donut kind of girl too.

  23. Those look amazing and delicious! I’m going to have to make these sometime =)

  24. These look so professional looking! Are you sure your name is not William Rosenberg, the guy who started Dunkin’ Donuts in Massachusetts? :) Yummmmmmmy!!!

  25. Y-Y-Yummm!! Oh my goodness! I wish I could just take it off my screen and devour it! It looks beautifully delicious! Wonderful donut recipe. I must try this :]

  26. yum! these look beautiful! i am making my cake dough nuts as we speak…. hopefully they turn out decent enough so i can post about them ;)

  27. are you really sure you made these for the first time. They look freakin amazing . the last time i tried …which was also the first …it was a total disaster. I was so discouraged , i havent tried since. I think i’ll use your recipe and give it a shot.

  28. Truly amazing. I am loving those :)

  29. Those are just beautiful! I’m not the best person to put in front of a pot of hot hot oil, but you did magnificent work! Bravo!

  30. Your doughnuts look beautiful. I especially appreciate your picture of your doughnut cutter. I got a new one for Christmas I was all excited to use and it drove me nuts! Yours makes much more sense and I’ll go look for one, now that I know. (That’s half the battle, right?)

  31. Uh oh! I’m a doughnut virgin and I’m making mine tomorrow. If you had issues, I’m sunk!

  32. Great donuts! Hope to get some made tomorrow & posted…where does the time go? I know! Making DB Feb challenge…knew those hours went somewhere….

  33. Now that’s what I call a doughnut. With my name on it…

  34. OMG, they look beautiful! A tempting treat! Real doughnuts, no fake ones!!!



  35. Yum! These look amazing. I so want to make doughnuts but the recipe that I’ve been dying to make needs a doughnut pan & (what do you know?) this blasted town I live in doesn’t have those ANYWHERE!
    I definitely don’t have the courage to try yeasted ones yet…yours look like they turned out great!

  36. Oh Peabody, I hope you and Helen will forgive me for not participating. I had to nail down some cupcakes for my little business. I can’t wait to see the round up though.

  37. Wow – those are some perfect looking doughnuts!! I’ve never made cake doughnuts at home before – I think I need to make some so I know what I’m missing out on!

  38. OMG drool! They look amazing. I’m not normally a doughnut person but I want to reach into your blog and eat the lot!

  39. I love the pic with the doughnut cutters and the rolling pin! And I’ll have one of the ganache-coated-candy-sprinkled doughnuts please! :)

  40. Funny how yeast likes to mess with you like that!

  41. Great photos, as usual :) Those doughnuts look soooo good. Makes me want to make another batch, with your recipe!

  42. Oooh, what delectable doughnuts you have here, my dear.
    I love that they’re coated in powdered sugar.
    Did you ever like those Dolly Madison? (or whatever) mini cake doughnuts covered in powdered sugar?
    I did. Mmm. Don’t eat them anymore though.

  43. Argh! Gmail is being horrible and I can’t send any e-mails! I hope it’s okay to put the info here instead. The picture I wanted to attach is the second to last on the post, and if you need I can try again to send it tomorrow.

    Name: Judith
    Blog: Shortcut to Mushrooms
    Blog URL: http://shortcut-to-mushrooms.blogspot.com
    Name of Dish: Kala Jamun
    Post URL: http://shortcut-to-mushrooms.blogspot.com/2008/02/deep-fried.html

  44. i love the picture with the cookie cutters and flour (the donuts look pretty good, too).

    i’ve been reading all the donut posts, and keep seeing tony horton’s mentioned. is that a regional chain? i thought i knew from donuts, but i’ve never heard of that.

    Us vs. Food

  45. I’m also a cake donut lover, but your yeast donuts are calling to me. They say, “Eat me!” They look so delicious.

  46. They look so tall and beautiful, Pea. It’s a shame I won’t be have time to take part in the event, I had such a great idea in mind… I’ll tell you anyway: we have a sort of doughnuts here in Brazil that are sliced in half and filled with a type of curd, then sprinkled with icing sugar. The cool thing about them is their name: “sonhos”, which means “dreams” in English. :)

  47. We have donuts every sunday~they sure don’t look as good as yours!

  48. Those photos are nothing short of mouth-watering. My god, as if I need any more reasons to make more donuts…!

  49. Perfect donuts of course. I made the challenge but a day late. This was such an awesome idea.

  50. Mmmm…I can smell the coffee brewing too.


  1. [...] These doughnuts, my entry into Culinary Concoctions by Peabody’s Doughnut Challenge, are a combo of some of my favorite flavors…pineapple and coconut. They remind me of our honeymoon in the Caribbean where my dear husband and I ate delicious tropical fruit on a patio overlooking the bay right before we went on a relaxing boat ride where I got so seasick I wanted to die and my husband pretended like he didn’t know me because I was moaning but then we landed and went snorkeling and my husband lost his wedding ring which I had inscribed “Today Tomorrow and Always” but I got mad and I cried it should have been inscribed “Today through Wednesday” because that’s all the time he had it and then I got sick. Aaaah…good memories. [...]

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