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I grew up not really liking chocolate pudding. The only kind I ever had was instant and the texture just always seemed weird to me. Then I went on a diet(one of many in my life before realizing that extra cushing for the pushing was better than starving). I was introduced to the world of fat free pudding cups. Not terribly exciting but in those days it was that or diet Jello. So I just got used to it. At  no point in my life would I ever call it good. What I would have called it was tolerable. And when I gave up sugar for a year the sugar free kind was a God send I will not lie. But again, I wouldn’t call it good.
Not until I was in a pastry class and I had to make a cake with a chocolate pudding filling did I come to realize what all the fuss over chocolate pudding was. Thick and chocolate velvety goodness, this was like no pudding I had ever put in my mouth.

When I saw the recipe and saw that it called for using a food processor I decided to pretty much stay the course and not do something out of the ordinary this week. I like the use of the food processor, all be it a little odd, since it produces such a smooth pudding. I saw some people discussing that they were going to use skim milk. Just don’t. Seriously. If you are going to use skim milk just save the time and buy the Jello fat free kind. Same thing. Yes, I had to go buy whole milk, we drink skim. But whole milk has many other uses in the baking world and you can surely use it up!(jumps off of milk soap box)

The changes I did make to the recipe were the following:
I used no vanilla extract, I added 4 TBSP of Bailey’s Irish Cream instead.
I used 65% cocoa Madagascar chocolate.
I used ¼ cup more sugar due to the type of chocolate I used.
I added Bailey’s Irish Cream Caramel(recipe can be found here), this was either layered or placed at the bottom of each dish so that you got a surprise at the end.
It’s an easy recipe and I was more than happy not to have to turn on my oven this week. So thanks to Melissa of It’s Melissa’s Kitchen for picking it. If you want the recipe for it you can go to her site or go to Dorie’s own website and get it.


  1. Melinda says:

    This may seem odd but I’m commenting about one of your posts from absolutely ages ago, and I mean years. The other day I made your dried cherry and white chocolate cookies. They were fantastically great. I couldn’t find dried cherries and had to use dried cranberries, but I had a great time caramelising the sugar. I wrote this comment here because you are more likely to read it now than go back.

  2. I grew up on that pudding from a box, too, and I think it ruined me for life. I haven’t eaten chocolate pudding since, but looking at your photos, I’m wondering why not. Time to try the real thing…

  3. Yum, those additions sound great! I loved the smoothness of the pudding as well

  4. I love the dishes, Peabody! I totally agree about using whole milk too.

    Awesome job and beautiful photos!

  5. Chocolate my favorite. I will have to try this next. Btw I gave you an award over at my site.

  6. Gorgeous job! I love the idea of layering it with the Bailey’s Irish Cream Caramel – yum!!

  7. Nice looking chocolate pudding pots!

  8. Love your pudding pots! Great job!

  9. I was really surprised the 1st time I tried real pudding also. In fact, I didnt even know you could make real pudding until I was like 20!! I guess I never thought about it, but I just assumed it had to come from a box!!

  10. I love your little containers! Very cute! Bailey’s is a wonderful idea too. I thought about Kahlua, but opted for espresso powder instead.

  11. I love the tiny pots you used for the pudding! They’re so cute!!

  12. This looks so yummy! The changes that you made remind me of one of my favorite desserts from Tommy Bahama. It’s a butterscotch pudding with a chocolate ganache bottom for that “surprise” factor that you were getting at. I might just have to make it tomorrow. Great job again, Peabody!

  13. Can we still be friends if I tell you my dirty secret? I always use skim milk.

  14. I’ve always been a fan of chocolate pudding and my mum makes a yummy-to-me one from scratch.

    My chocolate tooth is still slowly returning…the shots of the puds (in those adorable pots) is definitely hastening its full return…


  15. How lovely… I almost never make pudding to eat on it’s own; it’s usually part of a trifle or something. This looks so good though, I can understand why you would have an unadorned bowl of pudding!

  16. That looks delicious!! This was such a fun recipe to get fabulously creative with- yours is awesome!

  17. I hadn’t realized until recently that making stuff from scratch that I would usually buy at the store makes a world of a difference!! I’m a huge fan of homemade pudding and have to agree that whole milk is a must (unfortunately because I drink skim as well).

  18. So clever to put the Bailey’s flavored caramel as a hidden treat as part of the pudding. My mom made chocolate pudding from scratch when I was little, so I’ve always loved it, but didn’t know about using the food processor…great idea.

  19. Great take on the chocolate pudding with the Baileys and the caramel. I did add a bit of coffee-flavored tequila to my cocoa powder for this — helps dissolve it. I debated on using the food processor, but I just couldn’t increase the number of dirty dishes without good reason.

  20. For some reason I can’t see your photographs, but your pudding sounds delish! Adding bailey’s to it would be pudding heaven for me :)

  21. How is this for a motto: When faced with temptation…yield to it!!! I agree, if you are going to have dessert, make sure it is a good one. No sugar free, fat free imitations of the real deal. These chocolate pots ARE THE REAL DEAL!!!!!!

  22. Just got a new puppy we named Bailey….The pudding looks wonderful as always and it would be perfect for the kind of weather we are having!

  23. I am so making this pudding with the Bailey’s caramel this afternoon…I knew I was saving that bottle of Bailey’s for something amazing.

  24. I love your photos and I love the use of Bailey’s! So delicious!

  25. yummm….great job on the pudding! looks grrreat!

  26. Nice looking pudding!

  27. gorgeous pudding! i also agree, baking needs FAT, if you don’t want butter or whole milk in a home baked good then you mizewell go buy some snackwells!

  28. snookydoodle says:

    that looks yummy

  29. snookydoodle says:

    Just posted my first comment . but i ve been a thruthful follower for a long time and i m always looking forward for your amazing posts. You ve also inspired me to create my blogspot which its still in the beggining. if you wish to vistit its snookydoodlecakes.blogspot.com

  30. Pudding, aaaaah… chocolate one,… aaah again. I want a soooonful :-)
    Btw, I came here through What´s For Lunch, Honey? I am hosting an event dedicated to trying foods from other bloggers. Meeta is in the spotlight for July. I really hope you can participate :-)

  31. I like what you put your pudding into. Cute! I look forward to seeing your post next week!

  32. Oh nooooo!!!! You drink skim milk?! I can’t take the stuff!! :) Hahaha. But what I can eat infinitely is your delicious pudding!

  33. I agree, the whole milk makes a much better pudding than using skim. Great looking chocolate pudding.

  34. I love it…hmm

  35. mmmmm i love your adaptations! i, however, am perfectly content i think w/my fat free pudding cups :) like i said in my post, the richness of the homemade pudding is great, but there are so many other things i’d rather eat!

  36. i am never a chocolate person.. but your Chocolate Pudding looks wonderful! Can you tell me where did you get the little milk jug for your Chocolate Pudding? Please? They are too cute!

  37. i would love to sink my teeth into this. it looks so luscious and rich..yummy!

  38. Ack! Photograzing had a pic of a splayed out cooked pig, no thanks.

    I always wondered who gingerbreadgirl was. I think your photos are just as good as the ones on Tastespotting now.

  39. I made this delicious pudding (minus the alcohol because it was for the kids) and everyone loved it. I just loved making it, it was so silky and thick and smelled like love.
    Thanks Peabody.

  40. wow, this is lovely, velvety like and chocolicious!.


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