Plum had no time to write a real post….

The quickest of posts. I even doubted it would get done.
The in-laws are in town and we have been running around. Just back from Idaho visiting my parents with them. Sadly while I was in Idaho getting sunburned the weather in Seattle was perfect for baking. Sigh.
I made a plum version of this weeks Summer Fruit Galette. I used my mother’s homemade plum jam that I stole while I was there and some simple fresh plums. For half of the batch(I made mini ones…surprise!) I used the custard and for the other half I left it out. I prefer it without.

This week’s recipe was chosen by Michelle from Michelle in Colorado Springs. To get the recipe go to her site.
Sorry that is it folks. I am super busy. Luckily, I already got my Daring Baker Challenge for tomorrow done a while back.


  1. You are a TWD Rockstar Peabody. Good lord, even gettin ‘er done with the inlaws in town.

    *I bow down to you.

  2. cute little tarts!

  3. I love plums! Now, I’m drooling…



  4. Looks super yummy!

  5. this looks delicious! hope the sunburn isn’t too painful and you get a rest soon.

  6. I love your tarts!! Try I think it is called burn gel for the sunburn.

  7. Love little tarts like this. I keep puff pastry and pie dough in the freezer all the time (storebought, I admit it), and with a few slices of fruit you can make a really elegant dessert.

  8. Too cute. I was weirded out by the custard, I have to admit.

  9. Don’t worry about the short post… though will miss your story!
    Great looking galettes! They must be super good with plums.

  10. yumm…looks great!!
    i looove the little mini ones…so cute!
    great job!

  11. oh those are cute!

  12. Gorgeous use of plums. Such pretty little eatable tarts!

  13. Love the small tarts, and I have yet to have a plum this summer. Glad you had time to share this with us.

  14. Peabody, you’re amazing – kudos to you for still completing this week’s TWD!!! Those tarts are gorgeous. Period.

    Have fun with your in-laws!!

  15. it looks amazing!!! yum!

  16. Enjoy the time with your inlaws! Your galette looks great and like you, I prefer galettes without the custard so there’s less risk of sogginess. Oh, and that plum jam sounds divine!

  17. Hah, surprise indeed ;) The fluted edge is really cute!

  18. I like that you used the pastry wheel – it’s very nice. And don’t even get me started on the DB challenge!

  19. Your galette looks great! I bet it was delicious with the homemade plum jam. The mini versions are especially cute.

  20. They look so tasty, those little minis! I am really wishing I would’ve used plums. Can’t wait to see your DB post tomorrow!

  21. How do you get everything done and still come comment on my blog!? You’re out of control! Awesome.

  22. Oh my goodness, these look absolutely delicious!

  23. lovely tarts! Came here for your gateau.

  24. Stunning, as always. I’m afraid you are a better person than me, between the big wedding and going on holidays I never got this month’s Daring Baker challenge touched . . .

  25. they still look delicious. Have a good time with the in laws :-)

  26. these looks absolutely divine. plums never get much love, and i’m not sure why…but these seem fantastic! Enjoy the visit :)

  27. I love the way you did the edges on your galettes. I made minis also, but not as cute!

  28. They look great. I love the little rolled one. And the last picture is really gorgeous.

  29. In laws in town… Poor you! :)

    Just kidding – I would love to steal some of that jam, too. My goodness, it looks delish.

  30. I’m seriously amazed by the amount of plum recipes I’ve seen lately!

  31. Your little tarts are so cute! I’m gonna try this with the kids. Thanks for the great idea!

  32. No custard? What’s up with all the custard haters? LOL. I love custard and was bummed I didn’t have room to drown my fruits with all of it. Love your little mini versions. Great job!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  33. I admit, I still haven’t done mine. And it’s Wednesday.

    Well, yours looks good, maybe that will push me to bake.

  34. Yum. Just yum.

  35. I love minis too! The plum filling looks beautiful.

  36. amazing speedy post! and I bet the (albeit, stolen) homemade plum jam must have tasted AMAZING!

  37. Oh Peabody those are beautiful! I love the different shapes and the color and composition of the photos. Wow!

  38. Love all your variations on the shapes!

  39. your mini galettes are so cute! i enjoyed the custard but it’s good to know this is still good w/o it

  40. I’m jealous of your free supply of plum jam right now. I’m guessing the plums are a million times better than the hard sad ones at my supermarket that I buy sometimes with the half-hearted hope they’ll be tasty:) Your pastry looks absolutely beautiful in the photos.

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