A berry delicious Tuesday…

Well this weeks TWD pick was by my food blogging friend Dolores of Chronicles in Culinary Curiosity. I think Dolores makes more of my baked goods for her office mates than any other reader of mine. She chose Blueberry Sour Cream Ice Cream. Which would be great minus the whole I am allergic to blueberries thing.
So I looked at the recipe. I decided I would do my own this week. Another inspired recipe like I was doing there for awhile. A Vanilla Bean Marionberry Caramel Swirl Ice Cream to be exact. It’s a vanilla bean base(still using some sour cream like the original recipe) with crushed marionberries added and then ribbons of caramel folded it. It was darn tasty. I ate it for breakfast. Afternoon treat. And some after dinner. :P
There really isn’t much to say about this ice cream other then damn it was good. End of story.

Vanilla Bean Marionberry Caramel Swirl Ice Cream

Vanilla Bean Base

2 ½ cups heavy whipping cream
½ cup organic sour cream(I use Nancy’s)
1 cup granulated sugar
pinch of salt
2 vanilla beans, split and beans scraped out, reserve pods

Place 1 cup cream into a medium saucepan.
Add the vanilla beans and pods. Bring to a boil.
Remove from heat and let vanilla beans steep for about 30 minutes.
Place back on medium heat and add sugar and salt. Whisk until sugar has dissolved.
Add sour cream and whisk until incorporated. Add remaining cream and heat for another 2 minutes over medium heat.
Pour mixture into bowl and let chill mixture for at least 3 hours.
Transfer mixture to the frozen ice cream maker bowl using a strainer to discard the vanilla pod.
Churn ice cream according to your ice cream makers manufacturer’s instructions.

Marionberry and Caramel Swirl

1 cup marionberries(or blackberries), crushed with a fork
½ cup caramel sauce(I use Fran’s), warmed so that it is fluid

After the ice cream has churned. Remove from ice cream maker bowl and place in a large bowl. Stir in marionberries so that they are fully incorporated and the majority of the ice cream has turned a purple color. Using a spatula, gently fold in the caramel.
Pour into a freezer container and freeze until hard, about 2 hours.

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  1. what a pretty ice cream. i love the idea of sweet caramel and tart berries together. good stuff!

  2. Your variation sounds insanely good!!

  3. Vanilla. Marion berries. And caramel. For breakfast.

    You ARE evil.

    Too bad it’s not conducive to carrying to work.

    On second thought, that’s a GOOD thing. More for me. :)

  4. Ah, I’ve still never had marionberries, and I’m so horribly jealous. That looks incredible!

  5. I certainly sounds damn good! :)

  6. I’m drooling.

  7. wait a minute… you put caramel in that?!?! and swirled it in vanilla bean.. arghs… that sounds terribly delicious.. *Groans*/ Why didn’t i think of that.

  8. Okay, I thought I had seen every really great looking ice cream on the blogs this week, and then I come by here and realize “Well, no, no I haven’t,” as this is one great looking dish of ice cream. I usually don’t drool…but I am making an exception. Great post, photos, etc.

  9. Okay, so that looks obscenely delicious. But you’re crazy imaginative like that. That caramel…jeez. And I totally get the ice cream for breakfast concept. You know, because it was there. Uh-huh.

  10. I don’t even know what a marionberry is! ;)

  11. I m always amazed by your creations. you ve really got a natural talent. This look really delicious. Ideal for summer. caramel ahhhhhhhh :-)

  12. And it was actually warm enough for ice cream yesterday! Not that temperature really would have stopped me. :-)

  13. You are always going against the grain.. trouble maker ;)
    This ice cream sounds amazing. I have never had this kind of berry before.

  14. I’ve never had marionberries, but this ice cream sounds fabulous. I love berries and caramel together.

  15. Really and truly delightful. Great backdrop for the picture too – makes it all the more appealing.

  16. I love the colors of this ice cream and the backdrop makes it all so psychedelic – beautiful job!

  17. I saw your ice cream on TS or FG or both, can’t remember which! Fantastic photos, I could lick the ice cream off the screen it look so good!

  18. Anything with caramel is good! Looks delish. Love the photos, and the background is perfect with this recipe.

  19. It looks fantastic! I’ve never heard of a blueberry allergy before. You poor thing!

  20. Yum. What more can I say?

  21. Love the photos! As I see all these berries in the ice cream: Weren’t they frosted so that the ice cream was smooth but hat these hard frozen berries in it? I left some blueberries whole an added them which made the ice cream a bit uncomfortable – but still delicious …


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