Life with a teenager….bunny that is…


I don’t have kids and yet somehow I got stuck with a teenager.
You see, Little Fuzzy Bunny was suppose to be “fixed” a couple months ago. It gets done right around the time their hormones kick in, at the six month mark. But because LFB was in a waiting pattern about her eye we have not done the surgery yet. See it’s not recommended to put two pound bunnies under anesthesia that often, so we waited to see if she has to have the eye removed (which as of yesterday she does not…she gets to keep the eye!).
What that means is that I have been stuck with a teenage bunny in all her hormonal glory. Now, it’s not nearly as bad as if she were a human teenager. She can’t scream at me that she hates me, though I do get that message when she claws my arm to a bloody pulp that she is unhappy with me at that moment. She doesn’t make me walk 10 paces behind her when we would go to the mall together (I had several friends who made their mother’s do this). She doesn’t beg me for a cell phone and texted her friends 24/7 running up my phone bill to a cost level that makes my blood boil. She doesn’t beg for money (just food). I don’t have to worry about her drinking or getting knocked up. So all of that is good. But she is without a doubt moody. One minute letting me pet her lovingly the next minute biting me. Or digging into me like I am a flower bed.
I am glad it will be resolved soon as I was not cut out for moody pets. There is only one person who gets to be moody in my house and that’s me. ;)
Speaking of moods. I really wasn’t in a bread baking mood (even though technically this is a cake), especially yeast. I just didn’t have 4 hours to wait around and punch down dough. But I have been a bad TWDer as of late and I knew I needed to get off my butt and make this weeks pick. Yolanda of The All-Purpose Girl chose for us to make Kugelhopf.
I had problems right from the start. Number one I had no pan for the bread (there is a special one) and I had no milk. So I went with what pan I had and I used apple cider instead of milk. So that meant I was going to be changing the flavor of the bread. I added lots of nutmeg and some cinnamon as well. I skipped the raisins as I was out of those as well and added chopped walnuts instead. This bread/cake takes many hours to make, 2 for the first rise, another 2 after that, then in the fridge overnight and another 2-3 hours after that. I am not quite sure it is worth it to be honest. I mean, it produces a good product, but it’s a lot of time. I do however plan on making bread pudding with it, I think the bread/cake would be excellent for that.

Instead of the 1/3 cup just-warm-to-the-touch whole milk I used apple cider, and yes you warm it.
I added 2 tsp freshly ground nutmeg.
I added 1 tsp ground cinnamon.
I omitted the raisins and added ¾ cup walnuts.


  1. Wowsa, it’s been too long since I stopped by…your new digs are lovely! I spiced my kugelhopf up too, and I’m glad of it!

  2. Awww, LFB ;-)

    Love your version of the kugelhopf!!

  3. I made mine in mini brioche tins as well. I agree – I’m not sure it was worth the effort either

  4. You are so resourceful, I wish I had brains like you! And I wish you the best with your teenager, I know those years can be ruogh, I know, because I left them behind only 4 years ago, and look back with some dreaded memories :)

  5. Good luck with your teenage bunny, sounds much better than a teenage person though! Lovely brioche looking kugelhof!

  6. I’ve really got to get some mini baking vessels of some sort (other than the usual muffin pan)! The cinnamon and nutmeg sound great for this, as does the cider.

  7. Your kugelhopf looks beautiful, especially the photo with the molds and the confectioner’s sugar.

  8. I thought it was a lot of work,too.I made bread pudding this afternoon and it just came out of the oven. I think it will be good!

  9. From one hormonal bunny mom to another… I feel ya! Just be thankful your hormonal teenage bunny isn’t 15 lbs! Yeah I still have the scars to prove she was crazy… moody. But you can’t help but love them anyways. Is that how human teenage girl parents feel? HAHA. Your mini kugelhopfs are adorable. Now I am wondering what apple cider sub tastes like. Unfortunately I wasn’t a fan enough to try it again. Too bland, kinda dry, no frosting? That just aint my kind of cake. Oh well… can’t like them all right? PS. GL on LFB’s surgery.
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  10. Good luck with LFB – it’s crazy to think that something so cute could get so nutso and moody (this is exactly what my mom used to say about me). :)

  11. Your bread came out beautifully! Love the powdered sugar sprinkled on top. And I agree–this would be perfect for a bread pudding!

  12. I would definitely rather live with a teenage bunny than human, but that’s still rough!

  13. LOL! Your bunny troubles! Does she slam the door in your face and scream “you just don’t understand?” Your minis look adorable and what a nice sub with apple cider.

  14. I hope that LFB achieves some equilibrium soon! I love your kugelhopf minis. Nice substitutions — I would think that the apple cider would add a great flavor to this.

  15. Hi there, I came across your blog through Merlins Menu and I love love love it…I’ve been here an hour! LOL!

  16. Love your idea of cider and spices! I’m so glad to hear that LFB’s eye is better.

  17. I like the pans you used! I think they are cute and pretty now :)

    Love the teenage bunny story…can I buy the movie rights? ;)

  18. I’m glad to hear that LFB can keep her eye! Your post made me laugh ;-P…

    My kitties aren’t teenagers anymore, but they sure act like a bunch of crazy teens at times!!!



  19. Looks beautiful! I love all your creative changes – I bet the apple cider was delicious in there. Can’t wait to see the bread pudding! And I cracked up about LFB being a teenager – so glad she gets to keep her eye! :)

  20. I think the rise can be slowed in the fridge if you feel like making over the span of a few days instead :) Well, it looks beautiful– love the overhead dusting shot.
    It could be worse– LFB could be a dog!

  21. Your kugelhopf looks so good! Sounds better without raisins. My son had 4 bunnies a while back and they are adorable!!

  22. I’m always happy to see how you make it so your own Pea. Beautiful last photo.

  23. Great job on your kugelhopf. I never made these. They do look good. I don’t know if I would invest in all the time thought.

  24. Those look super yummy! I need some of those cute little pans STAT!

  25. i did not know that bunnies scratch–although i guess it makes sense, but i never thought about it. love the fall flavors you used! i thought, too, that my kuglehopf would be perfect for bread pudding.

  26. They look so cute.

    I love the cider and spice way you went with it.

    I had problems with this myself.

  27. I don’t have a Kugelhopf pan, either, Pea. But I do plan to buy one. I don’t know where I’ll store it, but that’s fine. :)
    I like your version very much, they turned out so petite and delicate!

  28. I love these pans and the speckled background but the 2nd photo on black is my favorite, very artistic. No it didn’t get baked on Monday, I went to bed. The only part I didn’t like was the rise time. This only my 2nd TWD so I wasn’t sure how much if any tweaking we could do so I followed the recipe as is and oooh the sugary crust. I love bunnies, I haven’t had one since I was a kid on a farm.

  29. I LOVE that picture with the sugar and the dark background. Very cool! I feel a DMBLGIT coming on for you.

  30. Aww, our guinea pig hit the same point–what a brat! True though, at least with these little furry guys we have the size advantage and they can’t exactly talk back :-). I think you did an awesome job with the little pans you had–they look so delicious, and I’ll bet they will make an awesome bread pudding!

  31. i am glad lfb is keeping her eye…at least now you won’t have to call her lcb (little cyclops bunny).

    the first photo is super adorable and i can’t wait to hear about the bread pudding it will become.

  32. Peabody, Will you please come over, I need your help!

  33. Ha you poor bunny think how she must be feeling :) Those mini kugelholph look yummy :) Surely I don t have the patience for bread to rise either

  34. Yay, so happy to hear that LFB gets to keep her eye! Hopefully she will calm down soon for you too. LOL

  35. We were going to breed our dog until his teenage tendencies kicked in. It was straight to the vet to get him fixed, and I haven’t regretted it!! I love the mini size of your bread.

  36. Your bunny sounds so cute :) I like how you bake by the seat of your pants. Sounds like a more interesting recipe!

  37. You mean you didn’t get to deal with the bratty teenage dog stage? Where they forget all their basic manners? Consider yourself lucky.

  38. This recipe has always been one of my “to do’s “.You sound like your hands are full with the bunny and dog.

  39. I’m glad LFB gets to keep her eye and hasn’t turned into a slutty teenager bunny. :)
    Your mini breads look cute anyway.

  40. Love the additions to the dough. I can see that being a hit with my parents while they have acup of coffee.

  41. I remember my little bunny until I got her (which turned out to be a him) fixed. When those hormones kick in, dang, bunny crazy!

  42. Despite the “problems” you had, it turned out beautifully! I tell you, your pictures are always perfect! I admire you Peabody! Simply, admire! :)

  43. i’m glad that LFB gets to keep her eye :)

    i love how you made this recipe in those molds! don’t you have a bundt pan? i would think that you would, you seem to have everything ;)

    great idea to turn it into french toast. my hubby didn’t care for this stuff at all…

  44. Oh teenagers are soooo awful. just hearing this makes me not want children. i do. but i don’t. you know.

    These little buns look delicious. Love the pan. Am going to treat myself to a set.

  45. See now I need those pans. My Christmas list just keeps getting longer!

  46. This is the greatest version I’ve seen! I have a big bottle of apple cider in my fridge begging for me to try this now!

  47. These are so beautiful~love the photo with all the dusting! Need to get some of these liilte bakers~ you are so talented…

  48. These look lovely!

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