I’m a one trick pony…

“Hey, you should do that” was what I was told. They were in reference to the Pioneer Woman’s website. I just laughed hysterical at them (if you have never seen it you really should).
First off I told them she has like 5 sections to her website. I don’t know 5 things. I was trying to think of 5 sections I could even have. Baking/Cooking. Okay, I already do that.
Photography. I just fumble my way through that so I wouldn’t really be of help to anyone else. Plus I don’t have neat stuff like Photoshop or anything. So scratch that.
They are remodeling a beautiful lodge that is pretty much to die for. I live in a 1 year old home that doesn’t need renovating and I don’t even have pictures on the walls (exception of 2 rooms), nor do we have any walls painted. So scratch that.
She has a confessions section where she shares her life. I already kind of do that in my posts. So if I had a separate page for that my primary page would suck even more. Plus her confessionals are interesting. If I had to confess stuff it would be boring crap like, I didn’t get out of my pajamas until 3pm today. Or I hid the last cookie from my husband. Or the ultra controversial, I was too lazy today to separate out the laundry and just did whites and colors together (ala college days). Yes, people would be flocking to read that.
Her husband has an interesting career. I mean he is a cowboy. A cowboy. And she used to be a city girl. I was a suburb girl. I am a suburb girl. Whoo. My husband is a computer programmer (which is interesting to him, but they don’t make calenders of computer programmers with their shirts off). She takes cool pictures of her husband in his chaps roping cows and stuff. I could post photos of my husband from different angles of him on the computer. He’s not wearing chaps but t-shirts from some geek conference he went to. So scratch that.
She has huge give aways. I mean she just gave away a laptop. She gives away Kitchen Aids. She gives away Photoshop. Hmm, I’ve got some used Kleenex I could send your way. See, again, not offering much of what the people want.
I guess I could have a section on training your dog to be a ninja, though that is going poorly. Though after seeing Kung Fu Panda I have renewed hope. :) I could have a section for confused bunnies who have identity crisis’s. Or how to train your bunny to clean it’s own cage. That is also going poorly. I could have a section on how to spend money you don’t have. ;) .  And then I can offer tips on how to gain weight.
So basically, I am sticking with what I know and not branching out. Much to my friends dismay I will not be the next PW empire. Sorry C.  I will just stick with things like these sugar coated brownies that require a pound of butter (take that new years resolutioners)! Now I will confess that I only made a half batch of these as I did not need 22 brownie sundaes for 2 people, might have wanted 22, but didn’t need. ;) This recipe halves nicely so there is no problems there.
The sauce that comes with it calls for ½ cup of whiskey. Oh my. I so did not use that much, I used 1 TBSP (which if you are making the whole recipe you would use 2 TBSP). With just the small amount I used you can taste the whiskey so I can’t even imagine what ½ cup tastes like. Holy knock me out Batman. It also called for walnuts but I only had pecans. I think any nut would be fine.
These taste pretty much how they look. Soft warm brownie that has a crispy sugar crust, topped with vanilla ice cream (I was lazy and just bought some vanilla bean at the store) and then topped with gooey caramel and pecans. And yes, my husband ate these. I knew he would, that is why we had them for New Year’s Eve.
For those of you counting I believe this is 412 Weight Watcher points..for 3 bites.



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  1. well-worth those 412 points. well-worth.
    and i’m perfectly content with what your blog offers–it’s completely wonderful just the way it is. :)

  2. Do you think the woman confesses sometimes to washing her husband’s chaps with her white laundry? That would wildly exciting.

  3. I love your blog and I love PW’s blog. No need to change.

    You comments about your husband and his sexy computer programming pictures killed me. I live with someone very similar.

  4. Well, you are certainly funny, so maybe it’s at least two tricks ;) The brownies are ooot of this world! I would maybe even make the whole batch of brownies, then leave the unused ones in the freezer for random mackin’ :)

  5. Does it come with a CPR card?

  6. omg! this looks sinfully delicious!!!!! soo delicious..i need to make these….now…

  7. Ummm…YUM!!

    Keep on doing what you’re doing the way you’re doing it – it’s working well for you and we all love it! :-)

  8. I laughed all the way through your post, except when I was drooling! That looks fantastic. Maybe in February when my jeans aren’t tight anymore ;)

  9. I for one nearly fell off my chair when I read your nice comment on my humble new little blog.
    It’s as if Ina and Martha and Jamie had shown up at the door.
    Humbly..and full of admiration for you and your blog..

    I halve a lot of things too..Just J and I..
    He would love these.

  10. What a hilarious post! Loved it, and oh wow, those brownies look delicous!! Love the caramel and nuts!

  11. Wow…looks delicious, especially the sauce!

    Have a great new year, P!

  12. i think 200 of those weight watchers points come from just looking at that picture.

  13. Found your site via Tastespotting and I am already 5 pounds heavier!! You don’t need to change anything- your recipes make me drool and your photography does them justice… and your confessions crack me up!

  14. OK, it official: you have the most beautiful, mouthwatering presentations I’ve ever seen. This looks AMAZING! I’m in awe!

  15. Why try to be someone else when you’re so good at being who you are?

    The brownies are amazing. More points (weight watchers) is better, right?

  16. I know…I could never do a blog that involved. I can barely keep up with my current one! I think that you could very well do a photography section, you could even have a hockey section. However, this one is pretty good alone! As to the 435 WW points…that is HILARIOUS!

  17. Jerzee Tomato says:

    I have to say this. P, we dig you! You do not need to give away anything. No bribes are required. I like reading Ree she is quite a storyteller. I often disagree with some of her cooking, but the recipe for her cinnamon rolls had the best dough ever and I have to give her props for that.
    Not everyone has to offer things or even give great recipes. The food blogs offer the distinct talent of a person. P, you have talent, I read you every couple of days and that is not changing anytime soon. I know I am a lurker and do not post often but I am here.
    I always read anyone Nicole from Baking Bites suggests. I have been reading her the longest.
    Even if you did giveaways, that is not what I am here for, I have plenty of everything I need or want. Some of us just like your distinct take on what you do best. Please do not get into rut.
    My husband also a IT geek is very sexy. When I was a young girl I dreamed of a geek of my own. I think there actually is a geek calendar someplace.
    Our husbands are talented men. I am also allergic to horses.
    Food for thought.

  18. Warm caramel sauce on melting ice cream…mmm… That look so good!!

  19. This looks so perfectly decadent! I also don’t think you need to change anything on your blog. I love reading it and your recipes are hard to beat. You are doing a wonderful job!

  20. I’m glad I wasn’t drinking milk while I read this post because it may have come out my nose. Funny stuff! I don’t think you need to change a thing; I had just as much fun reading this as I do reading PW’s posts!

  21. That looks divine! Chocolate and nuts? I’d like a piece of that.

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog: I feel as if a popular kids said “hi” to me in High School :)

  22. Hello, I just found you via Photograzing. Nice site!

    This looks REALLY yummy, a little sinful. I love all the caramel.


  23. You had me giggling for sure. I’ve got nothing interesting to confess either. I keep hoping I can win one of PW’s cool giveaways but I guess the odds are just too poor.
    Anyway, I think this recipe would make PW proud.

  24. minus the nuts, i’m drooling over that :) i love ice cream with anything :)

    oh and i love your site as it is. don’t change it!

  25. it’s never about comparing ourselves to others because we are all so different. this lady surely has some beautiful talents and her site is gorgeous, but you have other attributes and a different style. but it is hard sometimes not to compare ourselves to other, hey i do it too. but just keep doing what comes natural to you and you will be fine.

  26. You may not be PW, but you’re still just as funny as her…

  27. You may not own your own lodge or have a chap-wearing husband but I think you’re pretty darn entertaining and I like you just the way you are!

  28. wow…that looks sooo amazing! i wish i had one right now! thank you for stopping by my site and for the nice comment…hope you had time to make some caramel corn of your own…so addicting! happy new year!

  29. I wouldn’t care if this was 1000 WW points, I’d eat it in a heartbeat. And just so you know, PW Bookmarks? 3 – Your recipes bookmarked, er, maybe I should change that to NOT bookmarked…maybe 4? :) I want to eat everything you post!

  30. Brownie sundaes are one of my favorite things ever, and these pictures have my mouth watering!!

  31. Oh, darling, we love you, one trick or 200. :D
    I am in love with this book and can’t wait to use it again (I made madeleines from it).
    This is some scrumptious dessert, I’ll say. And that’s what matters. :D

  32. This would be worth the hour on the treadmill. And its ok to be one trick. It’s easier sometimes.

  33. Hi Peabody

    I just read this post and it made laugh a lot! BTW I am not showing these brownies pics to my husband, otherwise I’ll have to make them, and I don’t do treadmills….

  34. OMG – these brownies are to die for. If this is your only trick, I could watch it all day – who needs anything else?

  35. Hi Peabody,
    PW does have a cool site, but you don’t need to change a thing! (I’m sure you weren’t serious about it anyway.) Honestly, your photos literally make my mouth water AND, I’m not even a sweet eater.

    BigSis and I love your site! You are very talented. Just keep doing what your doing.

    I love how you combine some story telling and humor along with your recipes… You don’t need a separate section.

  36. I think you and your blog are great just as they are. No need to change such a good thing!

  37. I am catching up with your fantastic blog, love the brownies and thanks for the link to PW. You are so talented and fun to read, please do not stop!!

  38. Saw PW talk about you on her blog!
    I love your writing … and your food… OMG!
    Thanks for the inspirations!

  39. You’re a genius.

  40. Your photos and recipes are beyond fantastic. And I nearly fell off the chair with laughter reading your post. Sooo funny. You are a talented gal and I’m glad I just found your blog. Keep on keepin’

  41. OMG, this is my kind of dessert! Love all your desserts!!

  42. for some reason they didnt come out like brownies. . they were really cakey i guess you would say and gooey and all over the place. . .help? please? lol

  43. @Taylor I’m a little confused at cakey and gooey? Usually cakey is that you baked it too long and gooey is not long enough. When was the last time you had your oven checked for temperature control. For example when it says 350F on my oven, my oven thermometer that I bought and that you put in oven reads 341F. That might seem like much of a difference but in baking it’s a biggie.


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