The role of Peabody will be played by…

Sometimes I get little polls sent to me on email or via Facebook. They ask questions, sometimes silly ones, about your life so that people can get to know you better. I am always stumped by the question, “what actress would play you in a movie about your life?”
First off, if someone made a movie about my life it would either A. Go straight to DVD. Or B. Become a made for TV movie on either Lifetime or the Hallmark Channel. So that really cuts down on my actress choice. Because really, does Kate Winslet want to be in a made for TV movie, I think not. And though if I were picking a body to play me I would choose Kate Winslet, the reality is (other than she looks nothing like me) is that as lovely as she is as a person, she is not quirky enough to play me. Let’s face it, I really need someone who is a little off center.
In a face recognition program I match up with Hayden Panettiere (the cheerleader from Heros), she would so have to pack on some serious pounds ala Renee Zellweger for Bridget Jone’s Diary to play me. She is far too famous now to pack on the pounds for a made for TV movie. They don’t give out Oscars for that. And now a days the only reason to show yourself naked (tastefully) or gain weight is to try and get and Oscar.
Oh well, I guess I still can’t answer that question. What about you? Who would play you in a movie of your life?
Speaking of things that should be in a movie. This super yummy Snickerdoodle Blondie. I had a reader write me and tell me that though she was a fan of the refund muffin she would like for me to make a new Snickerdoole baked good. So off I went. These are something I so wish I didn’t make. I know that the pan, the whole pan, will be going in my stomach. No amount of gym time will be making up for me eating the whole pan, but darn it, these are good. Especially warm, with slightly melty ice cream.


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  1. Ooh! I’ve made Snickerdoodle Bars before, but never with mascarpone! *bookmarks* :D

  2. Your posts are always so fun to read :)

    My only saving grace in this would be that a lot of great actresses are the same wee size as I am … but looks wise, not so much. Though, I bet those actresses are pretty darn quirky.

    Those blondies look awesome … thankfully for my waistline, they look far too difficult to make dairy-free, so I have an out!

  3. everytime I turn around there is a new way to use snickerdoodles…a blondie is something I never would have thought of

  4. OMG! Those looks porntastalicious! I think that I could make them only if I was immediately going to take them somewhere otherwise I would eat all of them too. *drools and saves off recipe for later, nefarious purposes*

  5. Snickerdoodles used to be my favorite cookies to make until I moved to the mountains where elevation has plagued my cookie-baking. Blondies don’t seem to pose nearly as much trouble and I love how you combined the two! I’ll have to try it out.

  6. See, I knew I should skip this one! Those look super good . . . now if only you’d thought to call me, I could have helped you with half the pan and saved you half the calories. Now I’ll be stuck with the whole pan too.

  7. Looks great – I’ll have to try this one out. What program did you use to match your face with Hayden?

  8. That is a tricky question, Pea – I would love it to be Kate Winslet, too (love her), but no way… It would have to be someone loaded with freckles. Any hints? :D

    I think that Renée looked prettier with the pounds she added for Bridget Jones.

    I love anything snickerdoodles – will be trying this one here!

  9. Those look good! I like the sound of serving them with ice cream.

  10. I made these this weekend and they were absolutely amazing. perfect texture and flavor!

  11. I love this. It’s my favorite cookie and in a bar form this looks even better.

  12. You know I’m going to have to put the whole pan of these I make into my stomach too! Such an enabler…

  13. I brought a pan of these into work with me and they were gone in an hour. luckily I made sure my bosses got first pick, otherwise I never hear the end of it if they wait too long and miss out.

  14. Jeff made these for us last tonight to celebrate our V-day at home. It was really good.

  15. I made these yesterday and they are SOOOO good! I could totally eat the whole pan by myself but I won’t do that…I’d be a bad example to my patients if I did. :-)

  16. Oh my gawd!!! I made these last Friady and they are fabulous. I wish it was all edges and that part is the best. Of course no one is forcing me to eat the middle and it is mostly gone too. Even hubs liked them and he is such a Brownie fanatic that I wasnt sure he would. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. This is a keeper.

  17. I just made a dairy free version of these and my family absolutely loved them!

  18. Oh my goodness – these are fantastic! I am a huge blondie fan and these will be entering my rotation. Make sure that you put plenty of cinnamon brown sugar on both the pan and the top – it’s puts these blondies over the top!

  19. My kids loved these, but next time I think I will not add the nutmeg.

  20. Ooh, these look dangerous!

  21. I made these recently and they didn’t last very long in our house, will definately be making them again!

  22. I made these and they are delish!! Thanks! The whole fam loves them; they’re dangerous.

  23. My family LOVES Snickerdoodles. I can’t wait to make these

  24. These were incredible! The smell of them baking had my family salivating in expectation and we devoured them straight out of the oven with vanilla bean ice cream. Amazingly, all 8 of us loved them, which is uncommon. I did substitute cream cheese for the mascarpone, but I can’t imagine it made a big difference. Next time, I will use a higher ratio of cinnamon to sugar and possibly add some toffee chips. Thank you for this recipe. It’s a keeper!


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