Wednesday, Bloody, Wednesday…

Since the US economy is in a bit of a blood bath, I thought I would make a dessert in it’s honour. Well, I don’t know if honour is the right word. Blood Orange Sorbet. It’s light, refreshing and low in calories (holy cow, I can make something healthy). Nice and simple and only uses three ingredients…so everyone can make it, well, if you own an ice cream maker.
And simple is good right now. I am on round two of antibiotics since the infection just doesn’t want to go away. My tooth is better but randomly likes to have shooting sharp pain from time to time throughout the day just to let me know it’s still there (how nice of it). I go next Wednesday, which hopefully wont be a Wednesday, Bloody, Wednesday :S to get my root canal (throw confetti).

Blood Orange Sorbet

3 cups blood orange juice, freshly squeezed
1 cup orange juice, freshly squeezed
1 cup granulated sugar

Put sugar in a small, non-reactive saucepan. Add just enough juice to saturate the sugar well. Heat, stirring frequently, until sugar is completely dissolved.
Whisk sugar with the remaining orange juices.
Chill thoroughly, then freeze in your ice cream maker.

*Note that the color of your sorbet will change every time you make this depending on how “bloody” your oranges are.

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  1. I can think of a few folks who deserve a good old-fashioned trip to the stocks so we can pelt them with rotten blood oranges.

    Good luck with that root canal!

  2. This looks delicious! I saw blood oranges on sale yesterday at the grocery store and thought about blood orange sorbet. I think your post is going to give me the push I need to go make it!

  3. Wonderful, refreshing treat!!

    You KNOW I’m praying hard that your pain is 100% gone as soon as possible!!

  4. That is one gorgeous-looking sorbet!! Hope you’re feeling better soon…

  5. I’m obsessed with making sorbet in the summertime. It’s so nice when you aren’t in the mood for something heavy, but still want something sweet. The color of this is just stunning!

  6. A delightful sorbet! I love blood oranges!



  7. Very appropiate Peabody! Looks lovely!

  8. I love the photo, Peabody! I love blood orange, so I’ll have to get around to making this sometime this spring. Thanks!

  9. When my little sister moved to Sicily (newly married) she told her mother-in-law she thought something was wrong with the oranges she had given her. She had never seen a blood orange before.
    My sister said she wanted to crawl in a hole when she found out they were suppose to be that colour.

    Your sorbet looks devine!
    And bloody wouldn’t you know it, I still don’t own a blasted ice cream maker! *@!!x

  10. I love blood orange sorbet; it is very refreshing.

  11. That looks amazing and the photos are gorgeous as usual. I hope your tooth gets better soon and that things settle down for you! :)

  12. Oh yum! This looks perfect for today! Nice and light sorbet for a warm day! Sounds refreshing!

  13. I just lucked out and found a bag of blood oranges yesterday. This sounds like the perfect way to enjoy them! I hope your tooth decides to calm down until you can go in to have it fixed. Ouch!

  14. Love citrus, your photos are stunning! That sorbet looks so refreshing and delish!

  15. what a nice and bloody sorbet :) this looks so nice. Hope you won t be in more pain with that tooth. good luck !

  16. There is something so wonderful about blood oranges; wonderful in a way regular oranges are not.

    We haven’t gotten around to playing with fruit yet at school (I’m a culinary school student), but when we do, you know I’ll horde all the blood oranges for my dish!


  17. Those oranges are some of the prettiest fruits in the world – such a fabulous color combination.

    Feel better soon!

  18. Mmm this looks really delicious and I love the color.

  19. Looks refreshing and far healthier than the bloody economy! Does eating very cold things like this not hurt the tooth? Hope that is the case. Really pretty color and I love the photo with the scoop on the slice of blood orange.

  20. Mmm, bloody delicious! Seriously, this looks super good. I hope that the dentist next week goes great, and until then, here’s hoping that intermittent shooting pain starts to disappear.

  21. Glad you’re surviving the dental crisis — it makes me cringe just to think about it. On the other hand, that sorbet would go a long way toward making me feel better. The color is beautiful and makes me think of summer.

  22. Ha, how appropriate. Love blood oranges, they’re one of the [few] things I’ll miss when the season finally changes.

  23. This looks so delicious and refreshing! I think that, like pomegranates, blood oranges are breaktakingly beautiful fruits. They are like fruity jewels.
    Hope the tooth gets better soon!

  24. It looks so refreshing! We got an ice cream maker for our wedding, but I still haven’t used it – you’ve inspired me to find it :)

  25. I wish we can get these bloody oranges here too!!!

  26. Yummy yummy blood oranges! I was just thinking about making something out of blood oranges the other day. When I went to my local market there was a whole bunch of them and I’m pretty sure they were calling my name…

  27. Those are the bloodiest looking blood oranges I’ve ever seen!
    The sorbet is the best orange color I’ve ever seen.

  28. i am in a citrussy and tart mood at the moment. and so am savoring all things citrus. this looks d’lish!

  29. Ooh, Love the macro of the blood orange slice!

  30. hungry is not the time to click on to your blog! beautiful!

  31. Where did you get those gorgeous oranges? They are the reddest I’ve seen outside of Italy!

  32. Don’t you just love sorbet? Simple and easy to throw in the machine. And it’s low fat!!

    I made a similar thing a couple of weeks ago, but I added POM juice to it. Good stuff.

  33. Your sorbet looks bloody good. I wish it could fix your tooth pain for you!

  34. Ack, not a root canal! Poor Peabody. :(

    The title of your post did make me chuckle though, albeit grimly.

  35. I love the tartness of blood oranges- this must be so refreshing… also, the picture of the cross sectional is awesome!
    Also, for anyone who doesn’t have an ice cream maker, you can still make this, though it will be granita style and will have a different texture, almost akin to snow cones.
    At the point where the instructions say to put it in the ice cream maker, pour it into a wide, shallow container (don’t use one of your non-stick pans) and stick it in the freezer. Every 30 minutes or so, for 4 hours, or until it’s completely frozen, go in and break it up with a fork.
    Alternately, you can be super lazy about it, and just freeze it solid from the get-go, and then to serve it, scrape across the surface with the edge of a metal spoon, creating shaved ice.

  36. That sounds as good as all the “bad” stuff. I’ve probably commented a couple of times, but just wanted to mention that your blog is one of my absolute-regular favorites. When I open my reader and it is full of posts, yours is one of the top-most-likely to be read (after my sister, cause I have to keep up with my nephews).

  37. Wow! This looks great. I love the blood oranges.

  38. Sorry, forgot to wish you good luck with the root canal!!!

  39. I’d take a big bowl of this!

  40. Nothing like a bloody good orange! Looks delicious!

  41. Hope all goes well and you have a relatively pain free weekend. It always seems that’s when things kick back in, over the weekend!

  42. Hi Peabody, Just a follow up – I’m churning a batch of this right now and man is it good!

  43. Great photos…and a great idea..I am off to buy blood oranges!

  44. These are my new favorite photos- I love them- and I love that recipe- David Lebovitz is one of my favorites. I hope things with your tooth work out- tooth problems are no bueno.

  45. This is so gorgeous! And it reminds me of Summer which I am so ready for as of late! -e

  46. Pea, I absolutely love simple yet amazing recipes like this one, here. And I have been using my ice cream maker a lot – the poor thing. I’ll be trying this sorbet, for sure.

  47. Beautiful color on the sorbet, I hope it helped numb that tooth.

  48. This looks fabulous. Such a simple recipe but with such delicious results!

    Thanks for the idea ;)

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