Baking from my home to yours…this time not at my home

It’s been several years now, I’m not even sure how many to be exact (gee I’m getting old) that Tanna (My Kitchen in Half Cups) came to visit the Seattle area and we decided to meet up for lunch. She said, “can I bring Cookie Baker Lynn?” “The more the merrier,” was my reply.  And so we lunched.  Who knew from that I would end up with such a delightful friend and baking buddy.

We were out for coffee (though we both had tea…so very not Seattle of us) and the idea of us baking in each others home came up. And I am so glad it did. The baking days we have had have been two of my favorite days in the 09 year.
The first time around Lynn came up my way back in September. We were suppose to meet at her house in October, but my husband was switching jobs at the time and needed the car. Which worked out anyway because Lynn thought she would be trendy and get the flu and would have been out that week anyway. So we finally got to do it in November.

I think this picture pretty much says it all.

Her house definitely has more bustle than mine, though she does not have a crazy cocker spaniel trying to kill her at all times by hiding down by her feet. What she does have is an amazing family that you can tell love each other very much. And I must admit that I had a moment of really wanting to go back to teaching junior high after spending the day with her youngest daughter. But then I had to remind myself that her daughter was the exception and not the rule to the children we had when I taught junior high. One can dream. ;)

In case you are wondering, we ended up making a Fall Brioche Coffee Cake (get recipe here). Using the pumpkin brioche recipe from Sherry Yard ( it’s such a great recipe). Well, Lynn ended up making. I mostly watched and talked. I know it’s hard to believe I am a talker. ;)

The cake is very moist and the struesel was a little confusing when we made it(wet and sticky) but it made for a yummy topping so we must have done it right! The key though is to have the right size pan with this baby as we found that out the hard way. You can go read over at Lynn’s what the hard way was. :P You can also get the recipe there.

Thanks for the fun day Lynn. I look forward to many more!


  1. Seriously, you and Lynn ROCK :)

  2. Great pics and a fabulous looking cake. Looks like you both had a great time.

  3. That sounds like so much fun! Love the photo. I usually bake alone, but I baked banana bread with my sister the other day and it was pretty darn awesome.

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun. And the cake looks delish.

  5. Looks like you had a great time. My blog began as a way for my daughters and I to bake together (Daring Bakers). Nothing like company in the kitchen.

  6. Sweet it looks like you guys had a real good time. I’m kinda surprised that flour didn’t end up somewhere though :)

    Beautiful job on the cake… very Fall-ish if I may say so :)

  7. Oh, fun fun! These pictures put a smile on my face today, no easy feat ‘cuz of the sickness.

    BUT! WHERE IS THE RECIPE? Admittedly, I’m totally doing that half-squint-with-one-eye-completely-shut because I may or may not have took more Nyquil, but I didn’t see it. :(

  8. So fun and the cake certainly does look de-lish!

  9. No recipe? Boo :(

  10. I have had to honor to bake with only one of my food blogging friends and it really is the best thing!!! Great post!!!

  11. How nice! It’s nice to bake with someone as passionate as you about baking. Wish to too :)
    The cake looks delicious and that streusel really makes it special ,

  12. Wowza! That looks good. And I finally had brioche for the first time, it was the bread for a sandwich at brunch on Saturday!

  13. Great picture and delightful creation!

    Cheers and have a wonderful week,


  14. So mich fun when too excellent cooks share a kitchen.

  15. I love you both. What a fun day in the kitchen!

  16. That is so lovely. Isn’t great that we’ve met so many friends through blogging.

    Your cake looks amazing!

  17. Oh, you girls are adorable! I wish I could visit you, too, Pea. And Lynn. Who knows… Maybe one day, right? :)
    You’ll have to bake me something delicious like this, too. ;)

  18. Sounds like a very fun day :)

  19. Sounds like you had a great day.

    The cake looks amazing.

    love the photos

  20. You guys were having such fun! It shows in the pictures.

    Love that cake!

  21. So fun! Lynn is always so sweet to me when I leave her a comment.

  22. It was great fun. Thanks so much for coming down for a kitchen play date!

  23. Looks like you guys had a great time :) The food doesn’t look to shabby either!

  24. RYC: “discipline before desire” was absolutely the exact thing I needed to hear. Thank you! ;-)

  25. How fun!!!!! I wish I could bake with you all! Oh well – for now I will just drool all over my screen at that cake… :)

  26. That is so cool, and the picture is definitely worth a thousand words.

  27. Looks like so much fun! The pictures say it all =D.

  28. I bet you two were a scream together. Would have loved to be there when the pan over flowed in the oven. (really funny)
    I am hoping we can get together too, when I am in Seattle some time/whenever.
    I love this pumpkin brioche recipe. In fact that is the very first time I read your blog, when you made it way back when then. I made the brioche and even bought Sherry’s book because of you.
    I bet the brioche cake with the topping is delicious together.
    By the way, you are looking very svelte,Pea!

  29. Oh wow, this looks so good! And it looks like you had tons of fun making it :)

  30. What a fabulous friendship! :)

  31. What a cute pic of you two! How fun you have a baking buddy :) Your coffee cake looks so fabulous!

  32. Aw, you guys look so cute together! How nice to form lasting blogging friends- and sharing great (real, physical) food with them too! :)

  33. I just made this cake for Thanksgiving, and despite having three other desserts, this one is almost gone! It was absolutely fantastic, as were the pumpkin dinner rolls that I made out of the mounds of extra dough. Thanks for a great recipe!

  34. What a great postbthis is!!

    A lovely picture of you 2 too! The cake looks just so appetizing!!


  35. I love these collaborations that you do! Must be a lot of fun!

  36. Great company and equally great cake–you are just the coolest, Peabody. Come over and bake anytime Chez Spy!

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