Prove my mother wrong…

So this is a non-food post. I don’t do them often so this is probably important. :)

See that crazy woman with the jellyfish on her head that was meant for little kids at the aquarium (no, not me in the yellow, the other crazy one). Well that crazy woman and I have a bet.

See, as many of you know my mom is a breast cancer survivor. Every year she participates in the Relay for Life. Every year she raises money like crazy. Except this year. About 6 weeks ago my mom had her toe removed. Yes, you read that right, her toe removed. Up until a couple of days ago she was in a cast. On June 4th and 5th my stubborn mom is insisting on participating this year and will be wheeling herself in a wheelchair/and or walker for the race. Yes, insanity runs in my family.

My mom’s a little bummed that she hasn’t been able to get out and fundraise (or do anything else for that matter) and so I told her I would ask my readers if they would be willing to help. She laughed. And from that the bet was on. I rarely ask for anything of my readers but I am asking for help with this. So if you are out there and are willing to donate even $1.00 or heck less (*Edit, darn it all, you can’t donate less than $10…sorry, didn’t know that…but reader Robin W. pointed out that there is a form you can print out and mail in any amount you want), we will take it! If you are willing to help, here is the info:

Relay for Life Bonner ID

Click on donate:

It will ask you to search for a particpant and ask for first and last name. Her’s is Jane Gould.

Her team CAL will show up. Click on that. They have large amounts of money to donate. You can ignore that and put how much you want. They also have a section for Name Recognition. You can either put my mom’s, Jane Gould. Or Carol Bair who was my mom’s life long best friend who died of stage four cancer.

If you are nice and donate, I may be willing to give the recipe for this cake. :D


  1. So, I just had this conversation with my fiance:

    Fiance: What are you doing?

    Me: Donating money to the American Cancer Society.

    Fiance: Why?

    Me: Because someone on the internet told me too!

    Fiance: :: rolls eyes ::

  2. My grandmother is a cancer survivor and I’m happy that I still have her in my life 4 years later. Congrats to your mom and it’s a great post to read. Hope you win the bet!

    PS. It only allows a $10.00 minimum and won’t let you submit with a lesser amount. I did donate.
    Best wishes.

  3. Samantha says:


    I am so glad that I came across your blog. My grandmother is a survivor as well and it’s so great to see so many strong and courageous women out there…. so I am happy to help as well.

    Best of luck!

  4. It says there is a $10 minimum– do I ignore this if I am unable to donate that much? I am a poor graduate student so $10 is worth more than it’s weight in gold to me!!!

  5. My mom is a 35 year survivor. She’s got my support – moms are important!

  6. I raised money for my first marathon through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (Team in Training) and so I know how hard it is to do, especially in this economy. Good luck to your mom! She sounds like a trooper. I just went and donated!

  7. Hi Peabody, remember me? The girl that hated math?

    I think you are doing a great thing here! I am just done donating. Hope they reach their goal.

  8. You don’t know me…but my husband lost his dad to cancer five years ago. Definitely a worthy cause to support! Good luck to your mom!

  9. A strong mum!

    Wow, that cake looks terribly scrumptious!



  10. I just donated…my mom is a fellow two-time survivor and I loved this post. Go out there and kick some butt Peabody’s mom!

  11. If you don’t want to do the $10 minimum, there is a form to print out and mail.

  12. done and done! It’s the least we can do for all you give to us!

  13. I hope your mom is cheered up by all the support – I will try to get my company to match my gift!

  14. Done. Happy to donate as we all have family members and friends who have had breast cancer.

    Your mom has guts, my dear! And she looks like a million laughs too. You had to get it from someone! :)

  15. Happy to help!

  16. Sunshine says:

    I always like to help you win a bet Peabody.

  17. donated!
    I love you blog so it is the least I could do for all the great recipes you have given!

  18. My pleasure…

    My Mom’s a survivor, too!

  19. Done! You’re a good daughter! :)

  20. Katherine says:

    Oh my that cake looks sinful! Please post the recipe!!

  21. I think that recipe is worth $10.00….hehehehe

    Happy to support your mom!

  22. Go Mom Go Mom!

    and go peabody for winning this bet!

  23. Are you trying to create calendar designs with your posting days? sorry, I study everthing especially when thre are numbers involved…

  24. “done and done! It’s the least we can do for all you give to us!”

    THIS! :)

  25. Julia M says:

    The donation I made was well worth the effort and time your mom is giving for this wonderful cause. Not to mention all that you do to keep us entertained and inspired! Thanks!!!

  26. Done! As someone who’s lost their Mom to cancer, I think it’s fantastic at how you support your mom and she supports that organization!

  27. this is a great photo

  28. Happy to help. My Mom is also a survivor. She finished her radiation in November.


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