Peabody the Spider Slayer…

So one of the main reasons one gets married is so that you have a full time bug killer. I for one, fear spiders. Each time I move somewhere I make a loud announcement to the spiders of the apartment/house that I don’t care if they live there (as they kill other bugs) but that if I see them or they touch me, they are fair game to be dead. I realize I am mental.

Anyway, since moving I have had to kill two spiders as well as some sort of beetle shaped bug. Now technically the beetle was already dead but still, the fact that I had to wad it up into a tissue is upsetting. Because at any time it could have taken on zombie form, come back to life, and tried to eat my hand off. Just saying.

Now I could have done what I did and covered the spider with a glass when my ex would be gone and wait for it to die. But sadly these suckers have been in my tub. Waiting for me. Apparently my apartment if full of pervert spiders who just want to see me naked. ;) So if I wanted to bath, the spiders were going to have go, and trust me after moving boxes up three flights of stairs (that alone is another post), I needed a bath. So I tried my first method of a blood curdling scream in hopes of scaring the spider (and usually the neighbors) but sadly, that never works. I like the hair spray method, because that freezes their legs up pretty good. And we all know that the legs are what they jump and get you with. Then I find as much tissue as I can to squash the spider. Which never seems to work either. I swear, when spiders are young they all get pulled off to the side and are taught how to escape wadded up tissue paper. So then I have to try again and again. Finally succeeding, but traumatized nonetheless.

After a hard afternoon of spider slaying, one needs some serious comfort. Cookies and milk is always comforting. Ice cream is always comforting. Ice cream sandwiches, even more comforting. I chose to use the same method of making ice cream as I did with the candy corn ice cream, except this time use candy canes since we have moved on to that holiday now. And what goes best with candy canes but chocolate! So I made little chocolate cookies filled with candy cane ice cream. Truly worthy of a single spider slayer.

Candy Cane Ice Cream Chocolate Sandwiches

Candy Cane Ice Cream

2 cups Heavy Cream

1 cup Whole Milk

60 miniature candy canes.

Pour 1 cup of the cream into a medium saucepan and add the candy canes. Warm over medium heat, stirring, until you start to see the candy canes dissolve. Turn heat off and let cream come to room temperature. Add the remaining cream and milk.

Put into an air tight container and refrigerate overnight, at least 12 hours. When you can remember to, shake the container up to get the candy canes loose.

Remove from refrigerator and strain the milk/cream mixture through a sieve or really small strainer to catch the candy cane pieces that did not disintegrate.

Freeze in your ice-cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Top with crush candy canes if you would like.

Chocolate Cookies

1 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
2 eggs
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tsp. baking soda
1/4 tap. salt
1 cup mini chocolate chips
Preheat oven to 350.
Cream butter, sugar, and eggs until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes.
Add flour, cocoa powder, baking soda and salt and mix until combined.
Fold in chocolate chips. Roll into balls and set on baking sheet (I use the super mini ice cream scooper…about the size of the small side of a melon baller)
Bake at 350 for 6-7 minutes.
Let cool on rack.

Take a scoop of ice cream and put it between two cookies…you know, make a sandwich, hence the name.


  1. okay, I *LOVE* that you use hairspray… I really thought I was the only one to do this (it freezes them in place!!).

    I completely understand. I almost didn’t open this post, thinking there was a possible spider photo here. :D


  2. Generally in life, I’m pretty nonviolent. I’ve been called a tree-hugging hippie before, and that’s fine. But spiders? Oh, no. If there’s no one around to kill them (in which the carcass MUST be flushed down the toilet – just in case it’s pregnant), I spray the Raid, yelling, “Die, bitch, die!”. It’s a charming scene, really.


    But now I have to worry about zombie spiders. Fabulous. ;)

  3. Oh, man, I want an ice cream maker so badly so I can try this recipe! I love the flavour of candy canes!

  4. You can suck them up with the vacuum, no close contact! The basement I lived in while I was in grad school had the biggest spiders I had ever seen. It was a nightmare.

    Those sandwiches look great! Making ice cream is so time consuming when you don’t have an ice cream maker.

  5. Ha ha ha, one of your best posts ever. That was so funny.

  6. Oh, I’m with Ashley. Those look and sound great!

    Though, I personally inform the spiders that if they want to live they should move out of my house immediately.

  7. Mmmmm. Candy cane ice cream. My favorite mint chocolate treat this season has been getting Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers, covering them in minty melted chocolate and topping them with crushed candy canes. Dorm friendly holiday cooking at its finest.

  8. Those look heavenly. I love peppermint ice cream. I hate spiders too. When I moved here after college I had never seen gross spiders like they have here. I wad them up in tissue and flush them, while watching closely to make sure they get sucked down and don’t escape.

  9. Ever since the original Charlotte’s Web movie I have been unable to kill a spider. After all these years I can still remember being about 7 years old and my parents carrying me outside as I sobbed at the end the of the movie. I am always the one that everyone calls to dispense of their creepy crawlies.

    I think after dealing with this situation you deserve a treat. And we all benefit because you are such a good sharer.

  10. Hairspray!!!
    Thanks for the tip :)

    I love the colour of the ice cream

  11. I love spiders. Unfortunately, I am the bug slayer at home…

    Lovely sandwich cookies! So scrumptious.



  12. Oh dear.. i swear, when you least expect it, one appears in front of you.. o.0

    I usually jz grab some newspaper and slap them on (mostly around) the spider. With my eyes closed.

    and oh, Nicole, I’m always scared to vacuum them up, corz my brother once scared me about them finding it cozy inside the vacuum bag, and will have lots of babies and take over the whole house.
    Talk about traumatizing a kid.

  13. LOVE love the hairspray idea! Wow, I never thought of that before! I am also a freak about bugs…and I moved to Australia (I am Canadian too). It’s been a constant panic attack. I’m pulling out the hairspray from now on! I typically, if there is no husband around to do the killing, wrap a book in some newspaper, and throw the book on the bug (a book belonging to Hubby). And Hubby gets to clean it up later if I kill it.

    PS. Awesome recipe too!!! :)

  14. Ooooh – I’m so with you on the spider issues… But, I have a solution!

    My fiance bought this for me the first Christmas we were together – for those times he couldn’t be there to save me:

    I’m sure you’ll be able to fint something like this in the States as well.

    Merry Christmas! :)

  15. “Because at any time it could have taken on zombie form, come back to life, and tried to eat my hand off”

    THIS. Made me laugh out loud in the office just now. And then I had to pretend there was something funny in an EU report, which is hard to do…

  16. In my house they are known as Monsters. And their webs are Monster Houses. And if I find either one, I stand and scream “MONSTER! MONSTER! MONSTER!” until the man comes, rolls his eyes and squashes it for me. He must then remove it and all traces of it before I can go back into the room. Yes, I realize how childish that is. I’d love to be able to say I’m ashamed of my behavior. But I’m not. Those fakking things are EVIL. They spawn from the fiery depth of hell and I don’t care that they are good little hunters and keep the house from other bad, bad wiggly things. I HATE them with a burning searing passion.

    I’ve found monsters in my tub before.. and you’re right. They have no fear of the scream.. in fact, I think they get a good giggle out of them. I find that taking a very heavy book and dropping it a good 5 feet over their evil disgusting bodies does good. The THWOMP sound from the book slamming the porcelain is the perfect accoutrement to the banshee scream I let rip as the book leaves my hand. ;)

    I want cookies and ice cream now.. I deserve it after what YOU went through. :D xoxoxoxoxo

  17. Recipes like this remind me that I need an ice cream maker!

  18. Love the ice cream, brilliant.

  19. In my house…my husband is scared of spiders so I have to get those. Now if it were a snake …that’s whole different story.

  20. I think it’s breyers that has a peppermint ice cream that’s seasonal, and I am like a raving lunatic when it finally hits the shelves. Your candy cane ice cream sounds fantastic, and like it would hit the spot! I hate spiders too – and the fact that no matter how many tissues I get, I always get bug guts on my hand somewhere. It’s nauseating.

  21. OK, so one of my favorite ways to kill/dispose of spiders if they are anywhere near a sink or tub is to wash them down a drain with many gallons of the hottest water possible. And I mean enough water so that they flow as far as the ocean, so they can’t come back up the drain!

    I’ve had spiders escape the tissue… so I understand the terror.

    Going to have to try the ice cream after I finish the eggnog ice cream I just made. Thanks for the great idea! :)

  22. You know what works even better than hairspray? Conditioner. Instant kill. I now keep a cheap bottle just for spider killing purposes. Of course since buying a special bottle for it I haven’t needed it but it’s there just in case.

  23. a very traumatizing day indeed… cookies look great :)

  24. Whenever I have to kill a spider I always say the line from a movie (Last of the Mohicans) “We’re sorry to kill you brother” & squish & squish & squish him in a wad of toilet paper. I just know somehow, someway the spider (who’s mad at me by now) is going to crawl out of the garbage can.

  25. I’ve never commented on your site before but have been following you for months. I laughed and laughed at this post. It was comforting knowing that someone else had all my same issues with spiders. How I hate them!! I never thought of zombie spiders, but I am convinced if you don’t flush them down the toilet, they will crawl out of the tissues and jump on you if you just put them in a waste basket. I work in a dermatologist’s office and people are always coming with with spider bites to be treated, so I KNOW FOR A FACT they can get you. Your pictures of this ice cream are beautiful–now I want some, thank you very much. I wish you much cheer in your new apartment and in the next episode of your life and I hope you continue to share your fears and joys with all of us.

  26. My neighbors can always tell when I’m killing a spider or bug. There are either very loud thwacks from my shoe being slammed against the wall, or there’s a thump, followed by a scream, another thump, another scream, as I keep throwing my shoe up at the ceiling in an attempt to hit the spider. The more panicked I get, the worse my throws, and the more screams/thumps they hear.

  27. I can’t wait to make this ice cream~!

  28. I can’t wait to make this ice cream~!

  29. Loving the Peabody Method to Candy-Flavored Ice Creams. Wonder what other candies would be good…Licorice, if you’re into it, maybe?

    I like spiders, they eat the creepier things.

  30. this looks wonderful! and hey, i’m married, but i’m still the bug & spider killer (and “handy-man” and cook & maid and all that kind of stuff) in the household. my husband is terrified of spiders. weirdo.

    best of luck as you make these life-adjustments!!

  31. There are some days when I have no problem killing bugs and others where I seem to have gained a huge fear of them. Spiders are the worst.

    But I think these ice cream sandwiches would make up for fear of any kind. Those chocolate cookies look especially fabulous.

  32. When I got a divorce, one of my fears was getting a mouse in my apartment. I am terrified of those awful things. 7 years later and by a true Miracle of Jesus, I haven’t had a mouse. I hope I’m not cursing myself by writing this. Buy more hairspray and let ‘em have it!

    Very pretty ice cream :o)

  33. Love the Hairspray trick! Works every time. MY huge fear is June bugs, and if I find one burrowed in the dirt while I’m gardening- I will proceed to enact the shower scene from Psycho and hack it to death with my trowel. And I wonder why the neighbors give me odd looks…..

  34. I *hate* killing spiders, and my least favorite part is picking them up, even with lots of tissue. So, I’ve taken to vacuuming them up with the vacuum hose and a really long attachment. Works like a charm, even if they’re on the ceiling!

  35. If there’s ever a spider or whatnot in my bathtub I run water in the tub and then let the water carry the creature down the drain. Then, theoretically I don’t have to touch it or anything. I hate spiders too!

  36. Unfortunately, I think my husband is more scared of spiders than I am! But I’d gladly kill a spider if that meant I’d get one of these ice cream sandwiches to calm me down afterwards!

  37. I firmly believe that the only good use for a Swiffer is as a bug killer. I have fondly nicknamed mine Excalibur, and I highly suggest you keep one around. It allows you to kill on most surfaces without getting anywhere close to the insect, and you can usually scrape the remnants off into the trash without having to get close enough to pick them up in a kleenex. You’ll feel a lot better knowing you have a long range weapon around.

  38. That post was hilarious! I also hate spiders and cockroaches, and am glad my hubby will get rid of creepy-crawlies for me when he’s home. But unfortunately he only kills the cockroaches. He thinks that killing spiders is bad luck. Ooh I had a gigantic cockroach in the bath once and I screamed so loud I think my neighbors across the street probably heard me. This year we also had a very large spider residing on our screen door to the patio, which always grossed me out, but it eventually disappeared. I definitely agree that you needed ice cream and chocolate after that, just reading about it makes me want some.

  39. I used to be afraid of spiders, or pretty much any bug for that matter, and I would kill them. Now I realize how easy it is to put a small glass over them, I use a glass votive holder, then I slide a piece of mail (postcards work great!) under the glass so I can carry it to the window or door and release it. With the exception of centipedes!!! They are creepy and run towards me super fast, so I have no mercy for them. Yes, I do feel guilty. The ice cream looks yummy by the way!

  40. In one of the houses we lived in there were some gruesome-looking bugs with a million legs….always in my bathtub. I have always been terrified of them. Found out later they were centipedes. The name doesn’t matter…I’m still terrified of them. Thankfully, I haven’t seen one since I moved to Florida. Here, I have to deal with other bugs, equally frightening. Never thought of hair spray. Thanks for the tip. Lord, it never ends. (and there’s no husband to deal with them, either)

    The ice cream looks gorgeous…such a color!

  41. I have a myriad of spider-slaying techniques, all of which don’t require squishing necessarily. I don’t like that you can feel their crunchy bodies between a wad of tissue. I’m like the princess and the pea in that way. Balled up sticky tape, long piece of cardstock (like walking the plank), mason jar with card and so on. You get the drift. Hairspray I’ve used before but I find it a terrible waste of hairspray!
    I love the pink and brown colour combinationnof your ice cream sandwiches!

  42. Thank you for not posting a picture of a spider!!!

  43. Argh, I hate spiders! There was a ginormous one on the wall in my room a few months ago, and I completely doused it in hairspray. It curled up, but I just let it stay there instead of doing something about it. BIG mistake. The next morning it had moved elsewhere. D:

    I love your candy-flavored ice cream making method! These sandwiches sound amazing.

  44. I hate spiders. When I’m home I’m the biggest baby in the world. I will not kill anything. Unfortunately at work I’m the “adult” and have to kill things. One time there was a massive spider that I stood over for 15 minutes before I finally screamed and smooshed it. Sooooo freaking gross!

    Ok now onto the delicious dessert. That ice cream sounds amazing. I’m starving right now and could gladly go for some ice cream for breakfast :)

  45. YUM!!! That peppermint ice cream looks absolutely deliciousness, especially nestled between those chocolate cookies.

  46. Get a cat. No, seriously, our cat is the chief spider killer. Bug killer. Fly killer. Any little thing that movies killer. Toes too actually. If it moves, she stalks it and kills it. Okay sometimes she eats it but I won’t begrudge her a little taste (as long as I’ve left the room and am not watching).

  47. Spiders – ugh, yes! My husband and I have a clear understanding that I don’t do spiders. My shrill, terrified cries will bring him running from the other side of the house with a tissue to remove the 8-legged Buick from the wall. Euww.

    Love these ice cream sandwiches! My sister just asked for a peppermint ice cream recipe, so I’ll pass this along.

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