Pinch this….

Now I super-duper, big puffy heart love my dog. But I am a realist about her. She is not bright (but is good at sneaking food). She is hyper and easily distracted. She is clingy and needy and has abandonment issues. BUT she is also loving, loyal, sweet, and a super cuddle monster. She is patient with kids, not even blinking an eye when my friend’s kids tug on her long cocker spaniel ears. She is a real sweetheart (see picture below). She turned 11 on Sunday and her arthritis is starting to kick in a little so I have been upping her walks when the sun has come out…she refuses to walk in the rain. We were out on St. Patrick’s Day when what I would guess would be a 10 year old boy (based on my teaching years) and his mom were out too. The boy politely asked if he could pet the dog and I said yes, thanks for asking first.

Next thing you know this little brat of a kid pinches my dog so hard that she starts yelping. Yelping like I have never heard her yelp before and looking up at me with those sad little eyes asking what did I do wrong? She was a good dog and didn’t nip or anything. The kid starts laughing and screaming “she’s not wearing green, she’s not wearing green”. It really took all that I could not to punch the kid in the face. I keep waiting for the mom to scold the child and apologize but no such luck. She didn’t even have a look of horror in her face like I would have expected. I of course then exchanged some pleasantries and basically let her know that if her kid comes near me or my dog again it would not be good. She said nothing to me just gave me the evil eye and walked away. I so wish that Crazy Cocker Spaniel had a full poo baggie…if so, it would have gone flying.

I was fuming, fuming, fuming I tell you. There were so many F-bombs coming out of my mouth I would have made Andrew Dice Clay blush. I was in desperate need of sugar but was out of eggs and flour (I’m running low on baking supplies as of late). But I had some left over cheesecake filling and decided to try out the Popsicle maker that one of my readers who works for Williams Sonoma sent me. It’s really cool and freezes the pops really quick. I felt sorry for that Popsicle as I am sure I took my aggression out on it. I kept mumbling bite me, while biting the Popsicle. Had really wished that CCS would have bit the kid. Though of course that is just the type of mom who would have sued saying my dog was viscous and would try and have my pup put down. So my answer sadly from now on, is no, you can’t touch my dog.

It just added to my already crazy week of strep throat, carpet beetles in the apartment (afraid to find out how much that will cost), half a filling falling out on Tuesday (oh good more $$$), then that kid being a meanie to my sweet girl. Grrrr. Hope everybody else had a better week than me.

Cheesecake Pops

Makes 3

2 cups prepared cheesecake filing (or scoop out the middle of a cheesecake)
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/3 cup graham cracker crumbs
Slice strawberries
Combine the cheesecake filling with cream until fully incorporated. If still super thick, add a little more cream.
Using a Popsicle mold (I used Zoku maker) place a strawberry slice at the bottom. Make sure sticks are in place. Pipe some cheesecake-cream filling into the mold, filling half way up, and then add some cracker crumbs and another strawberry. Fill remaining mold up with cheesecake-cream filling.
Wait until the firm up and are ready to remove. If you use a Zoku, it’s about 10 minutes. Traditional pops take longer. You can add more berries and crumbs if you like; this is just what I did.


  1. Reminds me of my dog Chooey :D

    GORGEOUS cheesecake pops – wowza.

  2. OMG peabody, i wouldn’t have blamed you had you decided to drill the little jerk!

    I too work with children but that does not make them immune to learning a good lesson! Harming an animal and showing no remorse is an awful foreshadow of that boy’s future! Im glad you chewed out his mother, and I can promise you I would have done worse to her if it was me. No one should get away with harming your pet. If anyone tried that on my dog, im pretty sure i’d be locked up for a night.

    sounds bad but your pets are your family! I know this from experience. My dog too, while not the brightest crayon in the box, is my whole world right now. and if some snot faced brat walked up and hit her, he’d be seeing stars!!!

    good for you for restraining yourself, but I wouldn’t have turned you in ;)

    give your pup a big squeeze and kiss for me – she deserves some extra love :)

  3. OH MY GOSH!! that infuriates me!! I don’t know if I would have been able to keep from kicking that kid. UGH. What is wrong w/parents these days?!?!

    Glad you could turn your frustration into delicious popsicles, and give your pup extra cuddles for me!

  4. That rotten, obnoxious little !@#$! I would have had serious words with him and his mother, to blazes with her reaction. It’s a matter of safety and respect. Ooooo, that steams me, I can’t even imagine how ticked off you are still because I am hot about it just reading that. And the little turd is going to be deservedly bitten someday, treating dogs like that and I hope the medical bill is outrageous. Grrrrrr. And his mom is even worse for not seeing the danger and reprimanding him heavily and demanding he apologize.
    I hope those delicious looking cheesecake pops cooled you down a bit! ♥ Glad to know they work in a zoku, that is the best invention ever!

  5. She obviously didn’t know how awful her kids was…and for that matter how awful her lack of response was. I would definitely have had to break that down for her so there was no question. I despise when parents let their kids misbehave without correcting.

  6. I have nonidea how someone can think that’s ok? I have two boys and would never have aloud that to happen. Although they love animals as much as I do. The pops look delicious. I hope you have a better week!

  7. Man! That really pisses me off that some mother would stand by and let her rotten little crotch dropping do that!!
    That kid is VERY lucky that your dog only yelped rather that using her only defense and biting the little brat!
    **I know that there is a possibility that the kid may have had some emotional or intellectual development issues, but I’m thinking not since he knew enough to ask to pet your dog first.

    Now I’m all fired up about someone pinching your dog I want to eat those cheesecake pops too!!

  8. The nerve!! MMmmm those pops look good. Hope your sweet doggie is feeling better.

  9. I am so sorry your baby had that happen! My pets ARE my kids and I have become an overprotective mother because of mean kids like that!
    I now say no when asked if they can pet my dogs, since I have had some rough kids get their grubby hands on my babies…so sad.
    Anyway, now I need to go kiss my babies and see how I can make those popsicles!

  10. If that isn’t a serial killer in the making, I don’t know what is. But,omg,your popsicle looks fabulous!

  11. What an evil little brat! I love your blog but haven’t commented before… but, that story about the boy being mean to your puppy really got me going. My two dogs are the loves of my life, and if someone had done that to one of them, I would have actually punched them….

  12. Wow. I am just floored by that kid and his mom! Give your pup an extra hug from Iowa and good job on the popsicles!

  13. I’m sputtering obscenities as well. Who the hell pinches a dog?! Gah! I’m appalled and look forward to taking over the world, and kicking that kid’s ass. I firmly believe that anyone who hurts an animal should have the exact same thing done to them.

    Do snuggle CCS for me. And yes, that cheesecake pop looks amazing. :)

  14. The mom is what gets me. Kids are stupid and do stupid things – mom should have known better. Hell, mom should have taught him better to begin with.

    Which WS pop maker is that? I’m looking for one and haven’t decided what to get yet.

  15. @Zazzy- It’s called Zuku. It freezes really quick. I have been happy with them so far.

  16. OMG! Poor puppy! If a kid did that to one of my babies, I’d cuss them out, follow them & call the cops to report animal cruelty. I’m sure nothing would come of it, but it might scare the little brat. Ugh.

  17. Apples don’t fall far from the tree. He’s lucky he isn’t my kid. Poor doggo :(. Does she take glucosamine tabs yet? They helped our Jones for a couple of years. Nice frozen treats. Love the berry chunks.

  18. @Kelly- yeah, she has been on those tablet for years now. She just doesn’t like exercise so it gets a little stiff from time to time depending on the weather.

  19. From her reaction I’d say this is not the first time her child has been a complete brat. Your dog was way more well behaved than that kid will ever be. I seriously hope they do not have any pets at home because I would really fear for their safety. Give your pooch and extra cuddle from me, she deserves it.

    I have seen these pop makers at WS and have been tempted. Cheesecake pops sound so decadent.

  20. Definitely give your baby extra cuddles and some extra treats! I resolved some time ago that if anyone were to do such a thing I would call the police and report them for animal cruelty. My pets are too good to deserve that sort of thing. Or you could just go the not-so-polite route and tell that little sh*thead not to touch your dog again if he doesn’t wish to be pinched/spanked.

  21. Christine says:

    What an evil little sh*t! It’s unbelievable what some parents consider acceptable behavior. Sorry that (and the rest of your week) happened – hopefully things will turn in a positive direction really soon.

  22. oh man, this could get me going on a huge rant myself! What on earth is wrong with parents these days? I just don’t get it. No wonder there is so much anger out there – people just are inconsiderate and rude – adults and children alike! Poor doggie!!

  23. Ugh, that stupid kid! You would think a 10ish year old kid would know better. Gah, now I wanna punch the kid in the face >:( I’m sorry you had a crappy week; I had a stressful week because teachers decided to give us a bunch of tests and stuff due before spring break. But these pocicles look creamy and delicious! I want one :)

  24. I would have been infuriated if someone did that to my dog! I can’t believe the mother just stood there and didn’t do a damn thing! Poor Crazy Cocker Spaniel. :(

    Those pops look delicious! I may just have to try them. I know my nephew would love them because of the fruit. Maybe it’ll be a summer treat.

  25. Love your cheesecake pops!

  26. Little f@*#&er. I don’t know that I would have been able to restrain myself. I know my dog would probably bite someone who did that, so I guess it’s good your dog is mellower than mine. At least no one gets sued this way. People suck.

  27. I totally would have punched him. On a similar vein…Husband had an 11 yr old – just last night – tell him he was the worst soccer referee ever, along with some other smackdown type words. Husband said back to the 11 yr old – he’d take advice from a fat ugly 11 yr old when said 11 yr old could play soccer. Well, yes, he did kind of stoop to the child’s level, but the mom never said a word to her son for speaking to an adult as he did but went off on my husband for calling her son exactly what he is…bad refereeing is subjective, fat and ugly – objective!

  28. What better way to enjoy summer!

  29. It would be hard to imagine going on a walk and meeting two bigger idiots than that parent and child.

  30. My dog is like my child. I would have totally let the kid and his mom have it. That mom is the reason that kids are out of control these days.

  31. I commend you for keeping some semblance of cool re: the boy. A boy once came over and kicked my 12yr old dog (who was doing absolutely nothing – literally just sitting there watching a squirrel) and I went Ape S$*t on the mother who was standing nearby ignoring her kid while she chatted away on her cellphone. Not my finest moment and that kid now knows a whole slew of new curse words.

    Thanks for the recipe – I was just saying how I needed to try out a new recipe in our Zoku this week. Cheesecake it is!

  32. What is WRONG with parents these days? My kid would have gotten a slap across the face for that. And I’m not typically a violent person. But your dog is just too cute for all that.

  33. What the what?! Little jerk. Even worse is the reaction (or lack thereof) of his mother! What a gem of a mother.

    Your pup looks like such a sweetheart! Cocker Spaniels give the sweetest puppy dog eyes!

  34. Think of what this brat would do to another child.

    The mother’s non-action gives some idea of his social teaching.

    As long as your “baby”survived theincident with no harm.

  35. That a child would harm an animal is bad enough, that the mother all but condoned his behavior is unforgivable. My cat would have clawed the crap out of him.

  36. That shows a lack of respect and manners. I would seriously worry about what that child could do to another child, if he is capable of treating a lovable animal in such a way. Also, it’s not the child’s fault for behaving that way, as clearly he gets his attitude from his mom and/or dad. What a society we live in today!! I have two cats, and if anyone mistreated them, they would have serious damage to their persons!! Kudos to you for reigning in your temper. Have a good day.

  37. I would have hit the mother!!!

  38. You prove yourself better then me again Peabody, because I would have lost my shit on them. No one is allowed to touch my animals harmfully without risk of broken digits or worse. I have no restraint when it comes to my pets (hell, it doesn’t even have to be my pet), so that you were able to stand there and not punch the little brat is amazing. I would have.

  39. Your poor pooch! Some kids and parents are just f+++wits!! You showed amazing restraint – I thinks I would have kicked that kid in the nuts! Not to mention what his moron of a mother would have copped!! Deep breath……!

  40. That’s terrible! That mother better teach her brat a thing or two about how to treat animals. So frequently childhood animal tormentors graduate to harming humans. Poor pup :(

  41. What a sweet puppy! I’m so sorry that some meanie made you and your puppy so unhappy, that’s the worst. I’m glad you were able to show restraint, that’s a lot of willpower. I hope things turn around for you and you start having a better time – when it rains, it pours, you know? It’ll turn around!

  42. I would have just pinched that kid back. Somebody needs to teach him a lesson, since his mother is apparently doing a HORRIBLE job of it.
    I hate to see what that kid is like in 10 more years….

  43. OMG!!! What a poor excuse for a mother. It’s her responsibility not only to teach her son right from wrong, but to teach him respect and compasion. Shame on her. I wish there was something in your waste bag to fling at her.

  44. That is horrible! I don’t know why anyone would want to hurt another living thing on purpose. What else does the kid do for kicks? Punch a baby? The mother is ridiculous. You should have hip checked both of them. My family of hockey refs agree :)

  45. I definitely would’ve put a verbal smackdown upon the woman and her vile spawn.

    On a lighter note, have you looked into Duralactin for your pup’s arthritis? It’s a supplement for chronic inflammation and it has worked wonders on one of my girls. One of our rats (yes, that was ‘rats’ with an R) is an old lady in rat years and arthritis was setting in, so I started giving her the canine/feline liquid and she started running around again within 4 days. No, I don’t receive any compensation from Duralactin for my endorsement; I just like being able to help out animals however I can. :) Oh, and it doesn’t require a prescription and it can be ordered online for less than what a vet would charge.

  46. aw! somehow I missed this post?

    and *GAAH* you are a better person than me, Peabody. I would have yanked that kid away for making my Basil Pup yelp. good for that little sweetheart for not biting – she is a better person than me, too, it seems. :)

    I love cheesecake. I have molds. I will be making these this summer!

  47. what a cute little angel pup! how awful of that little worm child. it always makes it so much worse when parents don’t care about the kids inappropriate actions!

  48. I’m with those that said he’s probably going to grow up and be a serial killer…and take his mom out first….

  49. When my niece and nephew were wee ones at the sametime we taught them to use “indoor voices” we also taught them to use “soft” hands when petting animals. I would have been on my cell phone calling 911 to report animal abuse while glaring at both mother and abuser.

  50. You should have pinched the little brat back and then pinched the mother who knows nothing about raising kids and demanding respect from them. Boy I just read your post and I was seeing red. That poor puppy. Your dog has more class then the mother. Shame on her. Oh I love the cheesecake pop. Paulette


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