Another one bites the dust….

You’d be frowning too if your mom had you dressed in a button up shirt and pants in July in Phoenix.

Anyway, another one down and hopefully at least a few more to go, eh?



  2. Happy Birthday!



  3. Happy Birthday! Wishing you many more!

  4. That is an awesome picture! Happy Birthday to you!! (and many more)

  5. Happy Birthday!!

  6. Happy birthday!!

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Aww, you were so adorable :) (It’s sad that you are frowning though :( )

    Happy Birthday, Peabody! *<]:o)

  9. My mother loved to dress me up in things that made me look like I was from the 20s. I think it’s like a game for them :). Happy Birthday!
    P.S. What are you sitting on?

  10. Happy birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday!!

  12. Happy Birthday Peabody :)

  13. Happy Birthday! So what is your cake of choice for your day?

  14. Epic trousers those. Happy Birthday! :D

  15. Happy (now belated) birthday Peabody! Mothers do crazy things to their kids, don’t they? My mom used to make me have bangs that piled up at least an inch off my head. It’s still unclear why she thought that was acceptable.

  16. Happy Birthday Dear Friend! Hoping this is your best year yet and that each year one surpasses it! That last line so truly Canadian btw lol

  17. Happy Birthday Peabody!

    Wishing you many more happy, healthy (and wealthy?) years. Hope you have a great day. Are you sitting on an elephant?

  18. I love that picture; I believe you have shared it before. I have a picture of my brother of about the same vintage and he is wearing the red version of that shirt!

  19. Victoria says:

    Happy belated birthday!!

  20. Happy belated birthday Peabody!!!

  21. happy belated birthday! and as a person who does not do well in the heat, i can feel the pain you were suffering in that picture.

  22. Better late than never! Hope you had a deliciously great time celebrating your weekend Peabs! :)

  23. Wooo! Happy belated birthday!

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