I can’t even blame the dog this time…

The Red Velvet Massacre of 2011…

Please ignore what appears to be a dirty floor…clearly the camera filter made it look that way. :D


  1. Melissa says:

    The cake is beautiful, I love peppermint, and I really needed the divorce pep talk today. So, it all hit the spot!

  2. Haha! Oh on, that looks like a murder scene!

  3. death by chocolate??? sounds yumm~e

  4. Yikes! What happened?? Everybody OK?

  5. My gosh. It looks like there should be yellow tape running accross your kitchen. Is there a chalk outline of a cupcake?

  6. Hehehe, LOL!



  7. @Lynn- that’s just cake batter

  8. call CSI!!! There’s a crime scene here!

  9. Oh no not another case of domestic cake violence!! Sorry for your loss!! lol

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