Way Back Wednesday…the Refund Muffin

I think of all the things that my blog has been known for over the years, I think nothing more controversially than what eventually became known in the blogging community as the Refund Muffin. Which started out as a Snickerdoodle Muffin, which I loved. And so did many other people…but not one person. Who wrote this oh so wonderful letter:

“Dear Mr. Peabody (first off Peabody is my first name and I am a woman…just want to clear that up),

I recently made your muffins that were so highly recommended. One blog even said they were the best muffins ever. Well mine turned out horrible. I am an excellent baker so I know that I did nothing wrong, it must be your recipe. I wanted to bring these to a potluck and so I made a double batch. I wasted $7.30 on making these. Enclosed is my address, I would appreciate a refund for the money I spent on the ingredients. I will take a personal check if that would be easier.


At first I thought this person was kidding…but turns out they were not. I told them they would get a refund as soon as every cookbook publisher gave me a refund for every recipe I tried and did not like. I haven’t heard back from them since. I have to say this is by far the strangest email I have ever received in regards to my blog. Keep in mind this is the second email like this from this individual….the first time they only suggested I should give people back their money and did not give a bill and an address.

So after receiving this let me be the first to say that if you try something and don’t like it or it doesn’t turn out…I am very sorry. I will be more than happy to work with you to figure out why it didn’t turn out right. Also realize that some flavors I like and you don’t…so some things I say I love and I think is the best, you might not like at all. With that in mind I wish you all happy baking and I hope you certainly find something on my blog that you will like!

These muffins are too good and the letter is too good not to feature on Way Back Wednesday.


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  1. Ha!! I remember that. I had a friend who had a similar thing happen. She has a great recipe for strawberry glace pie and someone was like THIS WAS TERRIBLE I WANT MY MONEY BACK (which is stupid because the pie is SO good).

    Oh, the internets! Sigh.

  2. What the what? Who does that?

    This was the first recipe of yours I ever tried, and they were wonderful.

  3. I missed the Refund attempt, but what a novel idea! We’d ALL be rich if we could go to a recipe writer with such a complaint! Unless of course you happen to be the original author of a recipe, in which case you’re SOL.


  4. I have never heard of someone demanding such a thing! I hope you’re able to just laugh it off as someone else’s peculiar personality. Now you’ve got me intrigued to try these for myself. Too bad I’m on a diet and a budget at the moment or I’d rush home and do just that.

  5. I am a new reader to your blog…love love love it!
    I am a decent cook, but I have had my share of desert disasters in trying recipes from different blogs. But in now way could I ever think it was the blogesses fault. I mean seriously?
    Can’t wait to try these and I am sure they will turn out great.

  6. Haha, I remember this story from way back when…too funny! I have also tried those muffins…they are SO good…must have been user error! :)

  7. I’m wondering how she came up with that total. I hope she costed out that recipe before she sent you that bill because I find it hard to belive that it will cost you $7.30 to make 12 muffins.

  8. What a novel way to extort money! I would never have thought it. Nonetheless, I love snickerdoodles and these muffins sound pretty darned good. If I don’t like them I won’t ask for my money back. Promise!

  9. That’s funny, I remember reading this story too. I still think it is funny. Some people are truly incomprehensible. :/
    Oh well, for what it is worth – we think you are great :)

  10. Still waiting on the snickerdoodle cookbook or ebook? If you need a partner in crime for that, Im in. ;)

  11. This recipe has become one of my family’s favorite things-these muffins are wonderful! I haven’t made them in a while and I’m happy to be reminded of them and of the nut with the refund email.

  12. The things I have made off your website were great…so that individual was just in a sour mood.

  13. Wow. I cannot believe that that is serious. I wish I could get a refund for every recipe I’ve made that I didn’t like. None from here, so far, though. :)

  14. I STILL get a kick out of this one! AND I also still LOVE the muffins! :-)

  15. Well, after I vote all I ever see is “Thanks for your vote. You can vote again tomorrow.” I want to know where you do all your beta testing because I want to be on the testing committee starting with some of these muffins? (lol)

  16. Melinda K says:

    So does this mean the readers should pay the blogger for every recipe that turns out great? :) I haven’t made these yet, but they look tasty. I won’t blame you if they don’t turn out, since I’m not very good at baking…I much prefer the tasting part.

  17. This was the recipe that brought me to your blog. They were so good, I had to take the rest to church ASAP!

  18. Just letting you know I tried to vote today but I keep getting a message saying that the verification code I entered was wrong…which it wasn’t. Not sure what is up, but I’ll try voting again later.

    Oh, and everything I’ve made from your blog has turned out wonderful and I just might have to try the refund muffin. Sounds super yummy!

  19. Perhaps you should send me that person’s email address so I can write to them and demand a refund that covers the amount of time I spent reading their stupid email!
    Some people are so ignorant.

    I havent tried your recipe, but if I do and it sucks, then so be it. You’re a cook and a blogger, not God! :)

  20. Thats ridiculous! Your recipes ALWAYS come out great when I try them, which is more than I can say for other food bloggers. But its not their fault; you’ve just really idiot proofed your recipes for people like me ;) That person must have been in the clouds while baking.

    By the way, your mini chocolate muffins with chocolate frosting you have so long ago in your blog? I make those really often. EVERYONE loves them and my boyfriend requests them :) So thanks for giving me a recipe I will hand down for years to come!

  21. You shouldn’t ever apologize just because someone doesn’t like your recipes. You can’t please everyone. And if they have such a problem with you let them go elsewhere.

  22. Hahahahahahah, this is hilarious that they wanted a refund. Not everything turns out right every time. I remember I was trying to make some caramel recipe that you had posted and it just WOULD NOT solidify. You kept giving me ideas of what to do. In the end it didn’t solidify. :-/ but damn was it tasty still!

  23. When I first read that letter on the origional blog post, I laughed. Just the thought of refunding people for ingredients if something doesn’t turn out right is just down right funny to me! Anyways, awesome looking muffins; they really do look like snickerdoodles when you look down on them.

  24. as someone who worked in a customer support center (answering calls & emails) for a company who released recipes for their own restaurant items as a promo, i can sadly say this person is not alone in their entitlement-craze. one customer i remember wanted us to pay her for the cost of the recipe (because she didn’t like it), as well as the cost of her medical bills (because she burned her hands and mouth attempting to eat it straight out the oven). She admitted up front that she did not wait the suggested 45 min cooling time before burning herself trying to eat it, but still felt it was the company’s fault. Some people are determined not to take responsibility for anything.

  25. voted

  26. If anything we should be paying you for these awesome recipes! I’ve never had one of your recipes turn out less than excellent, and these muffins are next on my “to bake” list. I don’t really have any cash to send you, but I have been voting every day! :)

  27. Oh boy do I remember those! We love those muffins here, and I posted about them on my own blog at the time. Haven’t made them in forever though, so thanks for the reminder!

  28. This story is hilarious! I think you responded to that outrageous claim just right. I’ll try to make these muffins as soon as I’ve found ‘cream of tartar’ in a Dutch shop.
    Voted for you today again of course.

  29. Oh Man!! That’s HILARIOUS!! Now I’ve GOT to try these!! (Let you know how this comes out and I’ll send you the receipt *grin*) :-}

  30. Wait, this is serious? Perhaps they would like to pay for the hundreds of recipes you put out for free?

    I’m thinking baker error – that recipe looks pretty flawless and awesome!

  31. Oh I remember that letter – and totally remember those muffins. I blogged them way back when after you wrote about them and remember being so proud of my picture (which now I look at and want to hide :) )

  32. PattiTaylor says:

    We love snickerdoodles, I can’t wait to try these they look delicious. I will have to wait until the blueberry muffins I made are all. People still continue to amaze me, sorry that you got that perplexing e-mail.

  33. Hilarious! There are some odd birds out there. These look incredible. Thanks for bringing them back.

  34. I swear, when I think I’ve seen it all, someone shows up and amazes me even further!

    Indeed, there are plenty of odd birds out there…

    these muffins look simply spectacular!

  35. What wonderful blog fodder your unhappy reader provided! The poor slob is actually hilarious in her inimitable attempt at extortion. Amateur!

  36. If the refund thing worked than Martha Stewart would owe me a lot of money!

  37. Made these this evening as a mini muffin. I was pretty sure the girls liked them when I didn’t see a crumb on their plates, but I was absolutely positive that they loved them when I noticed the 4-year-old was licking crumbs off the table…

  38. hey i was wondering if i sugar/cinnamoned the muffin tin after i sprayed them with non stick cooking spray, if that would work in lieu of rolling each one in the cinnamon sugar. i’m gonna try it when i make this recipe.

  39. Peabody says:

    @Brigit…only one way to find out….give it a shot.


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