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This pretty much says it all. Back when I was really into the gym nothing would stop me. If something came up that day I would set my alarm and go at 4:30am when they opened. It was important to me back then. Right now sleep is more important. :P

I bring this up since some people were commenting that they weren’t stay at home moms and were in great shape (I know a lot of out of shape stay at home moms too). Yes, I totally know this. And you don’t need a trainer or even a gym. Though it was a lot easier when I did have all that! I don’t have the drive right now because other things whether I wanted them to or not have had to move to the top of the list. Because working out is a privilege not a right. :)

I have two kids (though not kids…in their early 20’s) that I used to skate with. They both wanted to skate again this season but neither had a job. One kid went and got two jobs. Not glamor jobs at all. One is even fast food. The other kid is holding out for the right job. The right job? One that pays money is the right job. When I asked the one kid about his jobs he seemed a little embarrassed but followed up with “hey, I’ve got bills so I have to make money”. Why yes, what a concept. If the other kid spent half the effort that he does coming up with reasons why he doesn’t have a job on actually finding a job, he would have a job. Heck, we have people all over the hockey community that could offer jobs. I asked for him. Did he thank me? No, he freaked out. Um, I thought you wanted a job dude? In order to get a job you have to actually go look for one. But since he lives at home and has no rent and mom and dad are helping out right now he is in no rush is my guess.

On days when I say I don’t have time to do things (like clean) I find it interesting that I somehow had time to be on Facebook or Twitter. :P Same with other people. We find time to do the things we want and we make excuses for what we don’t actually want to do.

The only time I have a valid excuse for not baking is when it’s too warm. Which the weather can’t seem to make up its mind what it wants to do. I think Mother Nature is having mood swings and should consider a little lithium to help her out with that. :P It’s going to be 80F. Which doesn’t sound that hot to people but it’s muggy too, so it just seems so much warmer. Which means no baking. Which means all you get is this post and a random photo of the bunny since it is fur baby Friday. It’s of Little Fuzzy Bunny last winter when it was a little too cold for his liking. Caught him snuggling under his t-shirt.


  1. Peabody, I totally agree with you. I am a new mother, but am on committees, etc., because I find a way to do that and raise my child.

    One tiny nit-pick: given the context, stay at home moms should be plural, not possessive. Sorry to be a grammar troll, but you write so beautifully that the error really jars me. It is like listening to a great LP and finding out halfway that the record is scratched.

  2. Awww, little Fuzzy Bunny is TOO cute :)
    I am a great procrastinator. Rather than find time for things I really want to do, I tell myself I can do those things once I finish the things I NEED to do. But a lot of those things I need to do I don’t WANT to do. Then, instead of substituting things I want to do for things I need to do, I waste time on time-waster things that I don’t really care if I do or not — like check on my email or facebook. This avoids the feelings of guilt that would come with substituting a want for a need, but instead makes me mad at myself because I’m not getting anything I want or need done! Now I’m beginning to feel guilty though (after ‘saying’ all this out loud) so I will go start cleaning the basement so the furnace guy can actually get to the the furnace later today. Dang that guilt! And procrastination. And broken furnace ;-)

  3. This is an important message. When I am struggling with things, I often think I am stuck but really only I have the power to change myself.

    This weather is bad for baking. It looks cool and cloudy but it so warm and muggy. I hate it, too.

  4. I agree completely. It’s funny that you started off talking about working out because I’m struggling with that right now, where sleep is starting to become more important to me than exercise. I’m still doing it, but not with the same gusto.
    People these days fail to realize that most of the time it’s their fault. If you want something you have to work for it. And if you work hard enough, there’s a good chance you will get it. Excuses seem to be a defense mechanism to make us feel better for not succeeding when we should have. If you didn’t think you could do it then who cares that you didn’t? Why make the excuse?

    Never forget Yoda: “Do or do not. There is no try.” :)

  5. I totally agree with the saying. Unfortunately, coming to that realization means that everytime I’m midway through an excuse, I realize that it is just an excuse and then I have to stop talking. What’s the use of coming up with excuses? If it was a priority it would get done? What’s the use of trying to make up reasons?

  6. Hiya Peabody!
    Did you make the poster at the top of this blog post? If not, where did you find it — I’d like to get one for my office. Thanks!

  7. @Deb- I did not make it. A friend sent it to me about a year ago and while cleaning up some image files I found it again. Love it. I wish I could tell you because I would love it as a poster too. Might get me cleaning. :)

  8. Awesome post! And wow, the kid with the jobs has certainly got the common sense down, good on him. I don’t suppose the other kid’s folks are doing him any favors by not lighting a fire under his britches. Real life is a cold shower for the sheltered and/or naive. And I love your bunny, what a cutie. :D

  9. I totally agree. i am guilty of this too! I can find time to do all kinds of useless activities – Hello Pinterest!!! But some how switching the treadmill collects dust.

    I love the bunny! I want one but I keep being told my two cats are bad enough without adding a bunny to the mix. I’ve decided then that a dog is Ok. ;)

  10. Awwwww! Little Fuzzy Bunny is so cute and precious! I love him!

    And I know exactly what your talking about with the whole “if it’s really important to you” thing. Last year, I was really into working out and I would go twice a week when school work allowed the time and now, I think the last time I went to the gym was about a mont/month and a half ago.

  11. P.S. As I am surfing the internet, I am typing my paper that is due online by 11:59 tonight, yay for procrastination, and shiny things!

  12. Peabody, It is currently 10pm and it’s finally below 80 here…hee hee. Unfortunately, the humidity has been in the 80%+ for the past week or so. UGH.

    That saying in the top image is going up on my motivation board!

  13. This is an important post because these truisms, once learned, can change your life. Love the poster and the Yoda quote.
    Be honest with yourself, it makes you a more genuine person

  14. Great post. And adorable bunny!

  15. Amazing! I have decided to forgo sleep for exercise in summer when my kids are less needy.The second part- the person holding out for the job and the one with two jobs- that has been on my mind A LOT. Watching friends in that boat refusing to make getting a job and supporting themselves while others bust tail to work, and then the jobless friends complain that they have nothing. Life IS what you make of it. And, Peabody, please stop peeking in my brain and posting about it. :) Unless you want to suggest a cake to make for my birthday Saturday that goes with cannelloni (no tiramisu or cheesecake, please.)

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