Donger need food… Way back Wednesday…

This was not only a good cake but a good post so we will revisit both. Sixteen Candles is one of the best movies ever.

Oh the movie that gave every teenage girl hope. Hope that the hottest guy in school would leave his well endowed, hot girlfriend for geeky, no body you. Did I mention he is not only hot, but rich and drives a Porsche? Oh yes, this was the modern day Cinderella story that every female teeny bop was waiting to happen. Unless of course, you were the well endowed, hot chic at school…then it was already happening to you (bitch).

That being said, I would never give my undies to a geek. Or anyone for that matter. Now perhaps back then, when my undies were bought by my mother and were ugly (probably the 20 pack from Costco) I might not have cared as much. But gosh darn it, now a days, good looking undies just cost too much to be giving away. Or ripped off for that matter. Granted this did not happen in Sixteen Candles, but it happens in a lot of movies. Sure it isn’t sexy to have to stop to take off your undies, but really, it probably hurts to have them ripped off. And hurts even more if they are La Perla and you paid $45 for them. Now, that hurts. So girls, keep your undies. Or if you do give them to a geek, work out a payment plan with them, and charge interest.

Boobs. Now I am a reasonable person. But for whatever reason, I thought for sure I would wake up on my 13th birthday with boobs. When that didn’t happen, I knew for sure it would be my 16th. For sure. There is a part in the movie where the main character Sam is standing in front of the mirror checking out her lack of bod. Oh how I related to this. When I woke up on my 16th birthday rationally knowing boobs did not grow over night, I still had to look. And look I did, all day. Thank goodness my birthday is in the summer, I would have hate to have been caught starring at my own chest in school. That would have been cool. Not.

Alas I am still waiting on my boobs. Oh sure, from time to time if I gain enough weight I can get some bigger boobs, but then I just get bigger me and so they don’t really look all that hot. So in honor of the boobs I never got and only get when I gain pounds…I made pound cake. ;)

This Brown Sugar Almond Pound Cake is nice and simple…and loaded with calories…3 sticks of butter and 3 cups of sugar. Surely you can pack on some boobs (and stomach, thigh and butt) with this yummy treat….after all “the Donger needs food”.



  1. That is a divine combination! Just terrific.



  2. Ok, you totally made me laugh. I just watched that movie the other day for the 15th million time. So classic. I had boobs long before 16. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be ;)

  3. Hi Peabody! Long time reader, first time commenter. I love your blog! :)
    I can relate to the boob thing, I also expected mine to appear over night when I was a teenager. I’m in my twenties now and I’m still waiting :D

  4. What a beautiful looking treat, I love your pictures of the apples on top of the bread. Gorgeous :) Pinned!

  5. Haha – great post!

  6. Oh wow…that looks so amazingly delicious :) Beautiful photos!
    P.S. – you are too funny!

  7. I love Sixteen Candles and immediately started cracking up when I saw the title of this entry. :)

    And the pound cake looks yummy!!

  8. Oh how I loved that movie! As for the boobs, I was the girl with HUGE boobs when I was in daycare! I developed way early in that department. Now, after having two kids and nursing them…I have NOTHING on top! My husband calls it the bait and switch. Good think he loves me anyway!

    The cake looks amazing!

  9. I always figured the flat chested women had it made… nothing there to have sag down to your knees and flip over your shoulders as you age. :-D

    As for the pound cake… ummmm… all I can say is yum. And I want it. Now….

  10. Wow that looks like a great pound cake. And I remember watching 16 Candles last summer on ABC Family. I thought it was kinda funny and it was weird to see Molly Ringwald so young…but not young, I mean she looks exactly the same, it weirded me out.

  11. Sadly, when I indulge in goodies, all the calories seem to head to my thighs. I wish I could redirect the calories once in a while to even things out. :)
    I have to confess that I’ve never seen “Sixteen Candles” in full, but this is the second time this month someone has mentioned the movie. Adding it to my list of movies to see!

  12. I’ve never seen ‘Sixteen Candles’, either. It has not even been on the telly. I do love ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’. It just seem to highlight all the things that seemed so important at 17 but seem so silly once you got older. I was the nerd, flat chested, wall flower girl at school.
    While I was in Seattle I decided to go buy some pretty bras from Victoria Secret. The kind that click together in the front. The gal said she thought she should measure me up first and said I was 38 DD. I knew the puppies had developed a bit but had I been wearing a size much smaller. When she pulled out the bra, it looked more like a hat for someone with two heads. But when I put it on, it fit like a glove…er, a bra that fit properly. And for the record, I don’t regret being the wall flower nerd at school. It has kept me well grounded. My husband is the man of my dreams, even though he doesn’t drive a Porshe.

  13. Now that is how to enjoy some pound cake all covered in tender sauteed apples and ooey gooey caramel sauce!

  14. One of the best movies of all time! If I catch it at any point on tv, I have to stop and watch it… I know all the lines – still!

    Now that cake with the sauteed apples… well, that’s something worth remembering and making soon!

  15. hahahhahha! I love that movie so much. And that sweatshirt with bib that girl wore? Oh hilarious.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    pound cake…how do you spell? You don’t spell it son, you eat it!

  17. @Elizabeth- hahahaha

  18. Melinda K says:

    That is such a great movie! I’m 32 and still waiting to be blessed by the boob fairy. I put on 20 lbs in a year, and NONE went to that area…just my dough belly. The pound cake looks awesome, I want a piece!

  19. Love Sixteen Candles! In fact I found it again just a couple of weeks ago and have watched it twice since then.
    It was funny and certainly gave us all hope…

  20. Lucy in AZ says:

    Sixteen Candles is my all time favorite movie! Back in the day (this is wayyy back) I taped it off HBO onto a Betamax tape (my dad thought he was onto something when he bought us a Beta player rather than a VHS player) and I think my friends & I wore out the tape over whatever summer that was. “oh sexy gulfriend”

    I enjoyed the post so much, I forgot to check out the recipe! Oops!

  21. You really can describe almost anything in such a humourous and striking way.
    This cake looks delicious, I’m putting this one on my ‘to bake’-list.
    thanks for the story and the recipe

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