Dear Santa….

Dear Santa,
A few weeks ago my porn arrived in the mail. Most people know it as the Williams Sonoma catalog, but for those of us in the foodie world it is our version of porn. I turned the page and there it was in all its glory…the new Kitchen Aid 7-quart Mixer. Now I of course already own a Kitchen Aid Mixer, two in fact (one Artisan that was my first and is 15 years old and a Professional 600). :) But this, this mixer has a 1.3 horsepower motor, makes 14 dozen cookies and 8 pounds of dough!!! It truly was lust at first sight.

I thought nothing of it as the price tag was mighty steep and of course only Kitchen Aid and Williams Sonoma are carrying it. Le sigh.

But then while shopping for others; I decided just to see if they had one, to see it in person. Sure enough they did. I caressed the metal and got a little inappropriate with it. It was hard not to. I again looked at the price tag and sighed…heavily. But then I looked. And there in the corner was a little tag saying that it was 25% off. I quickly did the math and realized that was a good deal. And while I was pondering the sales lady could tell I was getting weak. So she threw in the “oh and there is a $50 rebate as well right now”.

I struggled and struggled, as most of people know, I don’t usually spend, I save. Save for the rainy day. But one thing only about 4 people know is that I never let my savings account have less than the cost of a replacement professional mixer (tax included). Plus I still had most of my prize money left from my Better Homes and Gardens. And with that, like an outer body experience, I heard myself telling the sales lady I would take one in red.

So Santa I know you weren’t bringing me one in the first place. You tell me I drop the F-bomb a little too much to be a good girl. But if you could throw a little unsalted butter in my stocking know that it will get used. ;)
P.S. If your wondering the other one is still on the counter. I can easily use both…it’s a sickness, I know!

Love you Santa,


  1. I have two KA mixers myself. the 4 1/2 qt that my then boyfriend/now husband bought me for a housewarming present 11+ years ago, and then the 6 quart professional that came out about four years ago. Then they brought out the glass bowl model? Oh my drool! I couldn’t justify it, even though I inappropriately caress it each and ever time I’m in Williams-Sonoma. And now the 7 quart? Le drool.

  2. Pretty!!!

  3. That’s one sexy mixer!

  4. Congrats! It’s definitely well deserved. The mixer is totally swoon worthy :).

  5. Happy that Christmas came early for you! :D

  6. A glorious machine! I love my artisan KA and would also love that one…



  7. This is gorgeous! I’m drooling over your new “girlfriend”! :D So, what’s her name? I bet she’s your new best friend in the kitchen now! Envy!

  8. KitchenAid should have sent you one – plus one to giveaway they do for many other bloggers and you definitely deserve it. It’s beautiful.

  9. I have two mixers on my counter, an Ultra and the Pro600. And I work in a high end kitchen store, similar but smaller than WS and make a point of telling anyone who goes near our KA stuff about the mail in rebate. We carry the 7qt as well, but only in boring white and black. If I could get red, you’d be sure I would be considering retiring one of my mixers in its favor.

  10. Don’t you love buying yourself something special at Christmas? I always do it and it’s just so satisfying to me. I know you’ll use and love the new mixer. It’s beautiful!

  11. Pretty pretty! I don’t have one but my boyfriend has the Artisan and loves it but always drools over the 7qt (which he calls the uber mixer). He makes his own pasta and is afraid of the Artisan’s motor burning out when rolling the pasta sheets. When the Professional was on sale a couple of weeks ago on Amazon, he had a hard time not buying one (Christmas, snow tires, and buying oil so he could have heat won out). Use and enjoy! And don’t make the Artisan jealous!

  12. My kitchen counter is mixerless but perhaps Santa will be generous this year and bring me both a new computer and a mixer:D

  13. Ooooh I’m jealous! My KitchenAid is my very favorite thing in my kitchen… my husband let me use every gift card we were given for our wedding 7 years ago to buy myself one. I always tell people it’s worth it’s weight in gold! Enjoy your new toy!

  14. How gorgeous!!!!

  15. It’s…so…BEAUTIFUL.

  16. I am so jealous!!!!!

  17. if only i could have just one….someday i hope to have one. they are pricey aren’t? but oh so fabulous.
    congrats girl!

  18. Yay for you! You’ve had a lot going on this year & definitely deserve it!

  19. Oooh, so nice! I don’t have a stand mixer at all, but I saw a deal for a Pro600 for $250 yesterday. I’m still thinking about it. How often does a deal like that come up, eh? Plus, I make a ton of bread so that would be awesome, but I’m a saver too, it’s so hard to turn that off for a minute, haha. Have fun with your new baby!

  20. That is swweeeeeeeeeeeeet.

  21. That is pretty hot. LOVE the red! And holy giant whisk!

  22. Fuel for my lust!
    You are just so bad for me Pea.
    … red, yes it’s my color …

  23. Can we talk about how jealous I am?! And if you ever, you know, need to adopt one of your others out to a good home… I’m your girl. :P

  24. it would look so right next to the white one … yes?

  25. Great Christmas Present!

  26. I actually gave away my 5qt when I got the 6qt (it went to a good home with someone who would really use it and appreciate it) .. I think I’d best avoid Williams Sonoma for a while.

  27. I’d love to have just one… *sigh*. Maybe someday. They’re just so expensive!

  28. Ooo she’s so pretty!

  29. Merry Christmas to YOU! She’s lovely!

  30. I did the same thing when Amazon ran their sale on the 6 qt Professional 600 on Cyber Monday. Couldn’t resist the allure of the stand mixer any longer. I now love my saucy cinnamon-colored mixer more than I love some of the people in my life. ;)

  31. Congratulations on your new baby! You seem like a sensible sort of gal so I think you’ve sufficiently justified the purchase. Enjoy it!

  32. This year I finally broke down and purchased a Kitchenaid. Best. Decision. EVER. I tell everyone who will listen to get one :) I use it all the time. Your red one looks very fancy schmancy. I’m jealous!

  33. I am also guilty of having two. I see it as an insurance policy incase one goes on the fritz, like one of mine did over the weekend.

  34. I have the “normal” one but in the same colour. It works for me, but then I’m not so much of a baking addict as you!

  35. That is beautiful.. so jealous!

  36. I pine for a single mixer. Dear Santa…. dear, dear, Santa…

  37. Wowsers! She’s sexy! Perhaps you’d like to paint ‘er up like this one:

  38. Wow, very sexy and now I want one!

  39. Love it… for the first time in my life I have felt the need to say “you go girl!”.

  40. Oh, look at that whisk… jealous

  41. Ohhh, very nice! Can I borrow it?

  42. I also have two, but then I justify by the fact that I have worked 2 and 3 jobs all my life and my kids are grown and “I deserve it!”. Got both at the KA outlet sale in Greenville, Ohio, at different years of course, and at a FANTASTIC price —– remember outlet. Every year in July….. Anyone close needs to experience the out of body experience of this sale………WONDERFUL

  43. I know how you feel. When I got my 600 pro back in May, I just sat and staired at it :). And congrats on the new mixer :)! That this is a monster :).

  44. You lucky dog! :) I guess I’m just stuck with one, lonely KA mixer over here… (6qt, bowl lift, 450 watt Deluxe). I do want to replace it at some point because I stupidly chose an odd, rough finish that doesn’t wipe down easily – I need a glossy finish!

  45. Okay then, since I don’t have ANY mixer, can i just sign up for one of your old ones?!

  46. Ah…drooling. I have a ho-hum grey KA 600 and a very old (30 year old) Braun. I think I “need” a bright red one too. Sure could make a lot of cupcakes and cookies for single people, and anyone else too.

  47. @shelley- sorry the spare one is spoken for

  48. Holy crap Peabody! CONGRATULATIONS!! I have been super busy and haven’t been to your blog in a while (I’m sorry) so I’m catching up & just saw this. I have only read about the 7 qt, haven’t seen it in person (& it’s best that we keep it that way) but I have been dreaming of it. I have the same collection as you had( pre-7qt), and trying to tell myself that the 6 qt is perfect, there’s no need for a 7 qt, blah blah blah but we all know how that’s going to end! :) I’m so happy for you!!!!!

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