Furbaby Friday….Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know what you are going to say. I haven’t been on my best behavior as of late. I will not confirm nor deny that I dragged the trash throughout the house to get the paper towel covered in bacon grease.

I will not confirm nor deny that I licked a batch of cookies when a certain person wasn’t looking.

I will not confirm or deny that peed at my grandma’s house at Thanksgiving which I have never ever peed inside before ever.

I will not confirm nor deny that I lunge at people’s hands in order to catch them off guard and they drop food and I just happen to pick that up for them with my mouth.

I will not confirm nor deny that I roll in the clean laundry pile before it is folded.

I will not confirm nor deny that I went on a hunger strike because I became a snob over food choices.

I will not confirm or deny that I keep scratching up mom’s dining room chairs while begging for food which I know I am not supposed to do.

Despite all that…look into my eyes. You know you can’t resist those Santa. Please bring me chicken strip treats and a subscription to the bacon of the month club. :D
Love and slobbery kisses,
Crazy Cocker Spaniel


  1. Santa doesn’t stand a chance :)

  2. OMG, I totally thought it was *you* writing that letter…until I got to the part about scratching chairs. I was picturing you licking baked goods & jumping at people to get their food & I almost woke everybody else in the house lmao.

  3. i like to roll in clean laundry too…especially straight out of the dryer in cold weather.

    and i may or may not lunge at people on occasion.

    but, i definitely never look that cute :)

  4. OMG CCC is the cutest thing ever! I love her and her little confessional to Santa.

    Funny thing is, like Panya, I thought this was your letter and when I read the part about peeing at Grandma’s I was a little confused. I was wondering if maybe your Grandma didn’t allow people to use her toilets :P

  5. After seeing that picture, I feel like I should be sending chicken strip treats as well :).

  6. My 4 year old said to tell you that you’ve got a pretty cute dog there. I would agree! I think CCS deserves treats from Santa just for wearing the reindeer getup.

  7. Dear Furbaby, You can have what ever you want.
    Helplessly Yours,
    Santa’s helper x

  8. Most puppy-eyed puppy I’ve EVER seen! You must have a very strong will. Like you mom, I’d be sneaking treats to your Furbaby all the time!

  9. Toooo cute! I hope Santa brings CCS everything on the list plus more!

  10. If I were Santa, I’d give in to those eyes!

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