Weekend at a glance…

This is my mom’s Navy Bean Soup…kind of. The base is her recipe that I grew up on but I changed it a bunch…including adding bacon. :) If you want the recipe let me know and I will post it on here. Great way to use up Easter leftover ham.

One of the great ways to save money and still go out is by going to a local brewery or tavern and see if they have a sample. It’s a cheap way to sample a bunch of beers and you might just find one you like!

There was much hockey watched this weekend by the dog…she loves it. :P

Another tip for saving money…split it. Most places make portions sizes way too big nowadays and charge an arm and a leg. If you split it that’s two for the price of one and you don’t have that bloated I ate a giant sandwich feeling when you are done.

Because I don’t want you thinking that all I get is weird email/hate mail from people I present this. This was supposed to be two bags of Swedish Fish Eggs that a reader was nice enough to find and buy for me. She offered to ship them but since she is local we decided to meet up. When I got there…all of this was for there for me!!! Including a gift card to get some butter! I see something with Nutella in our future on this blog! I also learned that I am not the only budget nerd out there as this blog reader and I both love the Til Debt Do Us Part and Princess shows (they are Canadian). I love the women who does the shows Gail Vaz-Oxlade, she is far more my style for budgeting over some of the more popular people.

And lastly more hockey for the dog. She was turning her head in disgust here as the Pens who normally aren’t that dirty of a team were kind of making the Flyers look good…and that’s hard to do as many of the Flyers are goons…I can say that since they are my team.

That was my weekend…how was yours???


  1. My weekend was boring… but definitely post the recipe! I always enjoy when you post the occasional non-sweet thing :)

  2. That soup looks delicious! Would love the recipe. :D Just had a random burst of colder weather here, and the idea of warm beans, broth, and ham…

    It takes me back to a soup my mom used to make. *Deep sigh*

  3. I would definitely love to see that soup recipe. I’ve never had navy bean soup, but I’m always up for things with bacon! Thanks Peabody!

  4. Navy bean soup, that was my mom’s treat when she came home from school. So when she lived with us I made it for her often. Love it. Yes, let’s see the recipe.

  5. Pens vs. Philly, crazy game. I could not believe it. So much upset in the playoffs right now (though admittedly I hope Philly win…and LA too). I’m a Boston gal born and raised! Thanks dad :P haha

  6. I can totoally relate to that bloated sandwhich feeling. It’s so weird too because I’ll make like the same exact sandwhich at home and not feel full at all. I wonder how restraunts do it :/ And that was nice of the person to give you the Sweedish Fish Eggs, plus all of that other amazing stuff.

  7. YES! Please post the recipe! I have a hambone leftover from Easter & was looking to make a soup just like the looks of yours! YUM! I also cleaned the fridge out from top to bottom today & found store-bought bacon I’d forgotten I had. These days I get my bacon from my farmer (CSA) and it never lasts very long! Certainly not long enough to make soup out of! Looking forward to the recipe!

  8. Looks like you had a great weekend! I would defiantly love to see your Navy Bean Soup recipe. Please share!

  9. Please post the recipe before my ham goes bad!!!!

  10. Stephanie says:

    I’d love to see your soup recipe as I have a piece of ham in the freezer! I had a great weekend. My mom made pecan pie!

  11. That soup looks so good! If you want to post the recipe, I’d love to see it.

    I think the blog followers who love your blog are just less vocal than the complainers!

  12. Love your blog, love your honesty, love that you love hockey (although I could relate a little better if if was basketball – collegiate level). Please stay with us and post the bean soup recipe. Happy blogging!

  13. People are so sweet. Giving you an Easter Basket! I love that you say the good stuff as well as the bad. It balances out & it also helps me to look at the good in my life, even if the only good thing that happened that day was a delicious piece of chocolate.

  14. Just found your blog today. Love what I’m seeing. Would loooove the soup recipe!

  15. I wish I had the discipline to split entrees…somehow I always find a way to shove it all in :)
    Super cute pics of CCS.

  16. Recipe, please!

  17. I’ve followed your blog for several years — please keep up the good work — but I don’t believe I’ve ever commented before. Don’t be discouraged by the drop in comments — some of us are just quiet :) And, most importantly, please post the soup recipe!

  18. I love ‘Til Debt Do Us Part AND Princess.. I didn’t realize that they played those in the States as well. Whenever I watch them, I feel much, much better about my own spending habits..

  19. go bruins….

    : )

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