How I Roll…


No really…it has wheels. It’s my portable baking center! You know you want one.


  1. I had one of these and loved it. When we moved it got destroyed. I want to order another one. I also have the one that’s for the laundry room real narrow and have the size.

  2. Ooo I do want one!

  3. Ha! I work in a kitchen supply/equipment store and can get everyone of those items when I go into work tomorrow. That is not a good idea for me right now but I love it anyways!

  4. Actually, I do want/need one. I get one little corner in the pantry for my baking supplies. It’s very unoraganized and it makes me uncomfortable.

  5. Darn right…I REALLY want one! That would be so great!

  6. Can you come organize my pantry?

  7. Peabody says:

    @Heather- I barely survived this one. :)

  8. Nice! I really DO want one!!

  9. Whoa! This is great! I totally need one of these!

  10. I’m jealous! I have a tiny kitchen but I’m still jealous. :D I could just roll my pantry up right behind me and never have to leave the counter…and bake until I run out of stuff.

  11. Why yes, I do want one!

  12. yes, want so so much! Eventually I’ll do something like this, and now I’ve seen the exact thing I want!

  13. That reminds me of the kitchens on some cooking shows like Chopped or Top Chef!!!

  14. Ha, I also work from home & have the EXACT pro’s & con’s you do. (my MIL asks me to do crap for her all day long, like I don’t have a job). I’m also coincidentally eating a pop tart as I read this! (S’mores flavour). You RULE.

  15. oops, for some reason this posted here… I meant it for the Strawberry Shortcake post *blush*

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