In with the new….

In case you haven’t noticed I am sporting some new digs. There are a lot of new changes ahead for me in the coming months but this is the first one. I figured since I was going into my 7th year of blogging and my 40th year of life that I should probably change things up on the blog. Do a little less is more. Plus apparently those cute little picture squares I had were quite the coding nightmare for updates. Opps. Who knew.

My awesome redesign or as I call it an make-under was done by a CCbP reader and blogger who I found out did this for a living. Everyone give a shout out to Pass the Sushi for new look! And of course thanks to the Picky Eater for having to coordinate all the back end stuff with her so that they could go live with the site.

To honor the launch of the site I figured go with something simple yet incredibly yummy…and according to MDP very, very messy. There may or may not be random pieces of marshmallow fluff still being found. I call it a scavenger hunt for the dog. :) I had seen people make a version of this but I wanted a peanut butter cookie version. I’m very happy I went the peanut butter route. I don’t know what the plain ones taste like but WOW.


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  1. lucyinaz says:

    Love the new look!!!

  2. LOVE the new design! And oh man, those look so yummy. Adding peanut butter cookie to a s’more is inspired!

  3. it looks GREAT around here, Peabody! you are one of the first food bloggers I read way back when… feels nostalgic :)

    and peanut butter in the s’mores!? this will be made here soon.

  4. Love your new digs! And, those s’more bars look divine!

  5. Love the new look (can you come redo my blog LOL). But Peanut Butter S’Mores? Drool. I like the look of those very much!

  6. Pauline says:

    Love the new look! Also, I think I know how I’m getting my s’mores fix :)

  7. Pretty!! I love it!

  8. Stacy T says:

    Love the new digs!

  9. Fluffernutter s’mores! Brilliant!

  10. I love your blog’s clean new look. Very comfortable to look at. Yes, this new design is totally “less is more”.

  11. I think I need to do this with sugar cookie dough. I’ve been wanting s’mores off and on lately, but I never have been a fan of graham crackers, although I suffer through them to eat s’mores… I think I will hold a lighter to the edges of my piece though, just to get the toasted marshmallow flavor :D

  12. Oh wow!!!!! So snazzy :D

  13. I like it!

  14. These look amazing!!!! Love the new site design. Congratulations!

  15. Nice new look! I like the Print feature.

  16. I love your new look:) Is it ok to say I’ll miss the old look popping up when I click on one of your links? I’ve been following you for a long time and think you are one of the best out there:):)

  17. I love the new look as well! It’s very homey and welcoming, and very ‘you!’

  18. LOVE the new look!!!!

  19. Look positively delicious! Oh, and so do the s’mores bars! :-D

  20. The site redesign looks good Pea!

  21. I didn’t know what to expect when you said you were getting a new look, and when I opened the page I was like WOW! The new site looks great!

    And delicious looking s’mores bars :)

  22. Love the new look, but in florescent lighting the font color is a bit hard for me to read with the grey/light blue background. Just saying my 50+ bi-focal eyes are squinting.

  23. Love the new look!! The blue background is gorgeous!!

    Love the s’mores bars too (duh). I think combining them with peanut butter cookie just might be genius.

  24. Love everything about our new look! It is very fresh Can’t wait to hear more about other changes that are in store for you. All the best and thanks for taking the time to reply to my email regarding Seattle restaurants.

  25. Awesome new look:)

  26. Love the new look too! I would feel bad abandoning my original website designer, but I might have to give Kita a try whenever I decide to change things up. And I want these bars right now, like maybe even an hour ago for Breakfast

  27. Wow!! Nice look! :) And those smores bars need to get in my belly!

  28. Ashley M says:

    Have been following your blog since the beginning of time and have witnessed a couple different facelifts. This looks fantastic and I’m still enjoying your posts as much as ever <3

  29. Looks great! The blog and the smores. Change is always good. (I need to do that with my blog, too!)

  30. Love the blue background.

    I wonder how the bars would be with chocolate chip cookie dough. I may just have to try it.

  31. I love the new look! What a nice surprise this morning :)

    I love the font that is used and the spacing in between the lines – very easy on the “getting older” eyes ;)

    These cookies look delicious!

  32. Audra Blair says:

    Groovy new look Peabody! Very easy on the eyes – what a nice surprise this morning!

  33. uhhh, I think I need these…now.

  34. I love the new design!

  35. Love the clean and organized new look here, and this recipe looks so awesome, I want to lick the screen to have a taste.

  36. Wow! These look delicious! Your site looks fanatastic!

  37. Shiny and new! Very nice!

  38. Great new look! I tend to like the “less is more” look when reading blogs these days. :) Now those s’mores cookies bars are to die for!

  39. Pretty!

  40. I love the new look, but I’m especially in love with the look of these treats! Yum!

  41. Great make-under! Lovin these bars. The hubs likes Smores with Reeses Cups rather than Hershey bars, so I think this will be a hit around here. Thanks for sharing!

  42. Victoria says:

    Loving the new set-up! Along with those peanut butter s’mores bars. Those look soooo tasty! :)

  43. LOVING the new digs and that recipe :)

  44. The place looks fantastic :), much better than just adding a bunch of throw pillows and a TV news reporter :).

  45. I like it a lot. I think your site is where I originally came across Pass The Sushi as well.

  46. I absolutely do not care WHAT you do with your web design as long as you NEVER LEAVE WEB-LAND! I do like that the comment section immediately follows the recipe now though! You know…because I’m lazy! Hey, less IS more!!

  47. Love the new look and the cookies!

  48. It looks fab! Happy almost birthday!

  49. Wow! I like this new look. Great job. I have to mention that I have made the Lofthouse suger cooky bars many times since reading yoir post. I have also made other of your recipe posts but that one most often. Thank-You!

  50. PB + s’mores = match made in heaven! Blog looks great!

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