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It has been a chilly one as of late. Which normally I love though watching MDP’s poor step son out playing goalie on grass that was still covered in frost was kind of sad….and he has an even earlier game next week. Yikes. Those kids all looked so cold. And while they get fruit snacks and cookies after the game we should probably be pumping hot chocolate into them.

Growing up (and well as an adult now) I was one of those that loved the marshmallows and the whipped cream far more than the actual hot chocolate itself. I always keep refilling my marshmallows or whipped cream as the cocoa cup would dwindle. That’s the best part. Why not just eat a handful of marshmallows? Because it’s not the same and you know it. :)

Since I am pro marshmallow I figured for my first batch of marshmallows for the season (I make them all winter long) I would go BIG and peppermint since I really kind of want it to be Christmas already (don’t shoot me). Marshmallows at home scare people. If you own a candy thermometer and a stand mixer they are easy peasy. If you don’t you really should consider getting both! Put them on your Holiday wish list!

But it’s not Christmas yet and so I will continue to round out my list of blogs I am thankful for:

Blog #9: The Daybook. It’s not a food blog but a life/fashion blog. The girl is the size of my thigh and cute as a button and yet I still like her. :)

Blog #10: Noble Pig. I was fortunate enough to finally meet Cathy this year at IFBC! Her blog is super funny and she makes yummy looking food. Oh and she happens to be a wine maker…which is always a plus.

Blog #11: Use Real Butter. One of the better content blogs out there. Jen makes some great food and is a super down to Earth person with an adorable dog and a love for snow (skiing).

Blog #12: The Spiffy Cookie. I must admit that I started first reading Erin’s blog because she was always reading mine. And commenting on mine and Pinning and Tweeting. But she has fun with food (funfetti too) and runs a delightful site…so I’m glad she kept leaving comments on mine!

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  1. Hahaha I weaseled my way into your life! But seriously, I super love that you enjoy my blog and included me on your list today! That’s definitely a highlight of the year :-). As for marshmallows, I’ve never made them myself before. I always want to but I worry my entire kitchen will be a sticky mess if I do.

  2. That is one giant marshmallow! It looks SO tasty…yum! Love the red swirl on top.

  3. @Erin- ha! I love that you are the first comment!
    You didn’t weasel :-) I was just pointing out to people that if they comment on my blog I tend to go and check them out. And sometimes I like what I see :-)

  4. These look amazing! I love making marshmallows, and I have to admit that I do the same you do with marshmallows and hot chocolate. You can never have enough–especially when the marshmallows get all melty and gooey. I think I’ll make some hot chocolate topped with marshmallows when I get home…

  5. So yummy looking!

  6. Oh, theses marshmallows look so fluffy and puffy and… marshmallowy! I love them. I tried making marshmallows once. It was an epic fail. Martha Stewart failed me :(

    I love the melty chewiness marshmallows have once they are in hot cocoa. It makes it so much better, like liquid s’mores! Maybe once I”m reunited with my stand mixer this December I’ll try again.

  7. Your marshmallows look like peppermint pillows of perfection!

  8. Aren’t you a darling person!! So glad we got to finally meet! I can only assume you will be at IFBC in Seattle in September right?! I will be there too. And seriously these marshmallows…send me a box !!!!!

  9. Wait. You mean the hot chocolate wasn’t MEANT to be an excuse to stuff my face with marshmallows and whipped cream?? My childhood was a LIE.

    Haha, not quite, but I did love the toppings more than the drink. I used to also love stirring my cocoa with a candy cane to make peppermint hot chocolate. These marshmallows would’ve been perfect on top! :)

  10. @Cathy- yes I fully plan on being at the Seattle IFBC next year!!!

  11. @KG- I always have a candy cane in mine as well. Have you tried Steven’s Candy Cane Hot Chocolate? If not find it and buy it!

  12. I am making these ASAP! They look like Christmas, and I love that :)

  13. That is one big marshmallow. Love it.

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