I want S’more mint…

I’ve gotten a slew of emails as of late as people seem to be under the impression that my life is exciting. I can assure you it is not. :) But I figured I would go ahead and answer the most asked questions.

#1: What does MDP do for a living? He is an electrician…very good with his hands ;) (bad I know but come on…had to go there).

#2: How’s the foot? The foot is pretty good though for the first time in forever (ironically the day I was “cleared” to play hockey…yes I have been playing for 5 weeks already) it started hurting. But other than that it’s been pretty good.

#3: What do you want for Christmas? I really don’t know actually. I am in love with this idea but it’s highly impractical for a stuffed animal. I wouldn’t mind Sorrel Joan of Artic Boots in gray even though I already own a pair of Sorrels. They are just a great boot I guess you can’t own too many water proof super warm boots when you live where I do.

#4: Does MDP get along with his ex as good as you and your ex? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Um, No.

#5: How is the wedding planning coming along? Find a dress yet? Well with the loss of the job wedding planning has kind of gone to the waste side a little. Still getting married just probably going to have to change some things. Doesn’t mean I can’t plan my dream one on Pinterest. :) Which if you are on there you should be following me.

But with the fake wedding planning came the idea for these S’mores. Someone had a hot chocolate bar and S’mores bar at their wedding. They used Giant Marshmallows just like I did. I figured go chocolate peppermint for holiday time. The crackers are thicker than they should be but were awesome all the same. These were just down right good.

Also if you truly are interested in my unexciting life you can follow me on Instagram…I’m the same on there as I am on Twitter…bakerpeabody.

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  1. A great idea – those s’mores look amazing! There are so many variations on s’mores out there, but this one definitely seems like a winner…chocolate + peppermint can’ t be beat, especially at the holidays.

  2. That is one massive s’more. Exactly how it should me.

  3. Holy Moley! Those have got to be the biggest s’mores I have ever seen! Really. But is sure does look tasty and marshmallowy. Oh man, I can just imagine the amount of marshmallow gooey squeezing out of those giant chocolate grahams. Mmmm :)

  4. Has the planning itself gone by the wayside, or has the event just been pushed back? I’m really curious about your plans for the cake.

  5. @Rodzilla- the planning has not gone to the wayside and the event has not been pushed back…just made much, much smaller. I’m making my cake but still not sure what I’m doing for that.

  6. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your life.

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