Fat and Happy…

So you may recall years back my rabbit had a problem with his eye (in fact back then we focused so much on the eye we thought she was a girl like they told us). Anyway a few months back the eye started getting much worse and it spread through the eye quickly. Last time it cost $1000. I simply don’t have that this time to try and save the bunny. Heck I don’t have a $100 to save the rabbit at this point.

So I figured he would start to lose his appetite as the eye was progressing quickly and probably die in a few weeks. We told the kids that Little Fuzzy Bunny was probably going to the great carrot patch in the sky and that was okay because he lived a full life. And my theory was if he is going out why not go out fat and happy?

So I fed him. And fed him. And fed him. He still is more than alive. He never has lost his appetite and he has double in size. Oops. But he is happy. He is one happy rabbit. :) And amazingly still alive.

I often think if I only had a few weeks to live what would I be shoving in my mouth? Well one of those things I found out was Apple Snickerdoodle Dump Cake. I love Dump Cake that my mom makes with cherries and pineapple so much so that I won’t make it at home. I will eat it. So I am not sure why I thought this would be any different especially since I eat almost any apple dessert known to man.

It all started because I had made Eggnog Ice Cream (I’ll post recipe this week) and wanted something to go with it. I had just got a shipment of Harry and David Fruit of the Month Club Honeycrisp Apples and decided something with apples it would be.

MDP was in shock at how something so easy to make tasted so darn good. And he is not a huge sweets guy but couldn’t stop eating it at well. I couldn’t stop eating it. No one else got to try it because we ate it all but I bet that if someone else tried it they couldn’t stop eating it either. Seriously. Make this.

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  1. Okay, that looks & sounds fabulous. I’m in!

  2. That sounds amazing, and super simple. I like the idea of simple tasty desserts, especially around the holidays!

  3. Mmm…any apple dessert that’s ala mode is yummy!

  4. Mmmmm, wow!!! Looks amazing! So glad the bunny is still going strong too :)

  5. Happy to hear that your rabbit is ok and enjoying his food…

    Whaat an amazing cake!



  6. I’m sorry to hear LFB has a sore eye, but it’s good news that the eye problem isn’t affecting it :)

    Nice cake recipe too :)

  7. Your rabbit sounds like the canary we had years ago. We found him wandering around our yard, and we think someone let him go because he had a tumor. The vet said he wouldn’t stick around long, so we bought the smallest bag of birdseed we could. He then proceeded to live a long and happy life with us. :)
    That dump cake looks dangerously delicious – adding it to my to-bake list! :)

  8. That sounds like one happy rabbit! :)
    And that cake sounds AMAZING…so easy and so yummy, I love it!

  9. Will be trying this. Thanks

  10. I think I just found what I’m making for my family’s annual holiday bake-off! My husband is one of the judges and he too is an apple dessert junkie! Looks amazing!

  11. Looks delicious! I’m not sure about the word dump (hee hee) in the name though.

  12. Talk to me about “snickerdoodle cookie mix.” Like from a box? I have no shame… I just bought candy cane jello from Amazon for one of your cookie recipes…. :D Just want to know how to replicate this one.

  13. I made this last week and absolutely loved it! I did make some changes based on what was in the pantry and posted my version here. Thank you for the fantastic recipes! :)

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