Valentine Quick Fix….

My uncle’s advice to me when I was in college and in love was to go on a road trip that was more than 8 hours in a car and that will tell you if you are compatible with someone or not. It’s actually a really good indicator he is right…so is spending 5 straight days with someone in a city you’ve never been too…and a 6 ½ hour flight home when you are both tired.

When you can spend 5 days with someone and enjoy them the whole time and not at some point wish they would go away…that’s a good indicator. In fact you leave the vacation wishing you had more days together…and we’ve spent the last 4 days discussing how we miss not spending all day together (feel free to vomit at this point). Being in mushy minded mode has reminded me that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. I’m not the biggest fan of this day as I feel men get screwed but since I have a valentine I will be doing something. In other good news I normally get my dieting readers back at that point as well. :)

Did I mention I went to Philly and ate all that food and lost 2 pounds that weekend…seriously people…eat food (and then walk everywhere like we did).

I had seen Oreo Bark on Cookies and Cups and decided to Valentine it up. MDP has a secret (not so secret now :P) love of Strawberry Nesquik. Not exactly a manly drink but it makes me giggle that my strapping hockey player when drinking a milk product goes for the pink stuff. :) So with that in mind I added it to a beyond sweet Strawberry Oreo Cookie Bark made with white chocolate, Strawberry nesquik, Double Stuff Golden Oreo’s (seriously why do they make the original kind anymore?), double stuff filling, and M&M’s (they keep running ads on my site and keep making me crave them darn it all). If you have Strawberry Nesquik fans on your hands this is a valentine sweet you should treat them too.


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  1. I have to ask – is Strawberry Quick supposed to mean Strawberry Nesquik? Because I searched what Strawberry Quick was and came up with a bunch of links to strawberry-flavored meth. Somehow I doubt that’s what went in here. :P

    V-Day is my day for giving my mom and brothers treats. This has been bumped up to the top of my list now. They would all die for this. :) Though, for my mom, I’d use regular stuff oreos because she likes them better. That’s why they don’t just make double stuff.

  2. Yes, Nesquick

  3. This looks so good, but (believe it or not) I am the only one who likes white chocolate and Oreos so I would have to eat the whole pan, ok so now that I type that it doesn’t seem so bad…

  4. Ohhhh, the double stuff filling. Sheer awesomeness.

  5. I can’t wait to try this! Strawberry milk reminds me of being a kid. My Mom never let us have it but my Dad did! : ) And of course it was Nesquik (I mean really is there any other brand!?!).

  6. This is just insane! Wow.

  7. It has never dawned on me to use Nesquik in a recipe…brilliant!!!

  8. OMG…..this is gorgeous. I love just looking at it!!!!

  9. Aww I love how lovey-dovey you are right now. It’s good that you are happy and want to spend time with MDP, especially now when people marry for money/looks/for the heck of it and then they divorce each other like 12 months later.

    This looks delicious! I love strawberry flavored deserts. My grocery store in Colorado has strawberry cookies next to the doughnuts for little kids shopping with their parents and those things are the best thing ever!

  10. Is that the prepared strawberry milk, or the powdered mix?

  11. Powdered

  12. Funny, my hubby and I spend all day together, and it is fabulous, but put us in a car together and all hell breaks loose. We both HATE car trips, so I think it puts us in a foul mood and all the bad stuff that can be dealt with easily otherwise rears its ugly head and we fight and bicker the whole time.

    We fly places… =)

  13. FINALLY getting a chance to catch up on your posts – I’m sorry I’ve been so silent lately, hope you don’t think I forgot about you or the blog :( I’m loving all the colorful bark, cake, and cookies recipes especially – YUM. And your Philly trip looked fun!

  14. Sooooo, went to get all the stuff to make these today, and forgot the nesquick! D you think it would work with powdered strawberry kook aid?

  15. I don’t think kool aid would work

  16. Alison Banck says:

    This recipe didn’t work for me period.
    What dimension on sheet pan? My filling was crumbs…no way to spread.
    Won’t make again:(

  17. @Alison- sorry it didn’t work for you. I used a standard sheet pan. If you filling was crumbs then adding some more liquid to the mixture would have helped it spread more.

  18. stephanie says:

    I am going to try a cake batter re-mix…sort of a funfetti spin. That will work, right? I have no balls to switch up recipes, I guess.

  19. I’m guessing using white chocolate flavored almond bark is a nono? I tried with it and I got lumpy top and bottom layers that turned brick hard as soon as I placed the layers over the already cold layers. Am I missing anything? Also is there a way to get the Oreos smooth? I have a big clump of cookie crumbs and cream. I really want to make this but am starting to think I’m an idiot and missing something! Please help!

  20. @Erin- I’m sure you are not an idiot. I have no idea if chocolate flavored bark is a no-no, I don’t use it often as I prefer white chocolate. If you look at my bark closely it’s not smooth. It has chunks of oreos in it. I didn’t have any issue with the layers turning into brick before I got them spread out. Perhaps put in fridge and not freezer (as your freezer may be colder than mine?)


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