Got Crabs?

So I will admit that ever since Kristen packed her knives and went I have been not as interested in Top Chef Seattle. I’m happy that she is still kicking butt in Last Chance Kitchen but I’m bitter about it all the same. Like bad arugula bitter. If she doesn’t win I guess I will be routing for Josh because of how much he likes and uses bacon.

This last week they left Seattle (boo and lame) and went to Alaska. They had to use Alaskan king crab to make something for the quick fire. While we can get king crab fairly easily around here most of us go for Dungeness because it’s from our reign and therefore more economical.

We have a local place that makes Lobster Mac and Cheese and that inspired this Crab Mac and Cheese I made quite a while a go over on Northwest Noshings. It was popular over there so I thought in honor of the quick fire challenge I would feature it here. It would be equally great with king crab I am quite sure…or whatever crab you have around your parts. Try not to use canned crab…go fresh please.

They are down to just three now on Top Chef Seattle…if you are watching who do you think it going to win the whole 9 yards?

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  1. Well, I’m a little vexed that you’ve made a recipe that I’ve been fantasizing about the past week – but I suppose you saved me from developing the recipe myself. Looks great and I think that rich cheese sauce would pair wonderfully with crab. I’m thinking it might need some garlic, though.

  2. I just made mac and cheese for lunch, I even had crab thawing in the fridge….dang.

  3. Aargh, crab is one of my favorite things ever, and pairing it with pasta anc cheese and toasty, buttery golden breadcrumbs? I need this in my life, stat. :P Too bad I live in the southwestern desert. Fresh crab just doesn’t exist ’round here.

    I’m watching Top Chef and I still think Kristen will come back from Last Chance Kitchen and win the whole thing. It would make me mighty happy if she did too! :)

  4. What is the calories for one serving?

  5. Now that is truly comfort food – and fresh crab meat is really the only way to go!

  6. I have no idea how many calories is in this.

  7. I’m still hoping for Kristen to come back and win the whole thing, but in her absence my vote would go to Brooke-she’s kept away from drama and consistently brought out well executed dishes, unfortunately a sure-fire recipe to lose Top Chef…

  8. wow i wish i ate seafood! this looks awesome! will have to try it with a substitute! thanks for sharing!

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