Is that even legal???

So one of the highlights of our Philly trip was me experiencing the Peach-Butter Pecan Pie Milkshake that Franklin’s Fountain made. I knew I had to try and recreate it. And yes they really do serve it with a whole piece of pie on top…not to mention the pie in the actually milkshake as well. Pure genius. Evil genius, but genius nonetheless!

It’s not exactly peak peach season right now and I never like to make things exactly how I had them anyway…. so I switched the peach out for apple because I love me some apple pie. And instead of butter pecan I added caramel to it because caramel makes everything better…well it doesn’t make clean up better.

Now I made the ice cream and I made the pie for this. As I mentioned on FB I have been wanting to bake/cook big time just haven’t had the time. This weekend is my first time where I didn’t have anything! Don’t you just love those weekends? I don’t get them often so I am relishing that big time.

While it might seem like overkill adding the extra piece of pie I can assure you it is the best kind of overkill. It taste as good as you would imagine ice cream and pie swirled together with a little milk then topped with whipped cream, caramel sauce, and more pie would taste. FREAKING AWESOME!

If you want to be lazy feel free to go buy the ice cream and buy the pie. But if you go that route at least splurge on the higher quality stuff. Also if you buy the pie try really hard to get a tart apple pie. Since it’s going into a milkshake the tart apples really do help cut the sweetness. I have to say that no offense to Franklin’s Fountain but I like my creation a little more than theirs…not by much but it does win out. :D


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  1. :DDDDDD


  2. Holy cow, that sounds and looks just incredible. And there are so many flavor variations to try! Maybe it’s crazy, but I’d like strawberry ice cream with key lime pie…:D. Okay Peabody, no print button on this recipe. Are you prepared for hate mail? ;) I hope you don’t get any!! :D

  3. Oh. My. God. This is beautiful. I love that there is a whole slice of pie as a garnish.

  4. Want this for breakfast right now!!! Holy deliciousness.

  5. hahahaha, that is amazing.

  6. That looks seriously amazing! Too bad I just had major surgery and am on a clear liquid diet for 5 days! What brand of vanilla bean paste do you recommend?

  7. I believe I could safely sacrifice all my calories for one day for this masterpiece and still not be hungry by bedtime! Gorgeous!

  8. I would kill to be able to cram this in my face right now. :)

  9. This milkshake needs to happen in my life.

  10. To really guild the lily, I’m thinking you need to try blending up the milkshake with a shot or two of bourbon. Michael Symon serves one this way (bourbon optional, of course) at his local Cleveland burger chain, and it’s amazing! (He doesn’t have caramel sauce in his, though. That’s a genius addition!)

  11. I know you’re really proud of this pie-shake, but I’m not much of a fruit pie person. Instead I am mesmerized by the fishy cup it is in :) It’s cute and pretty and adorable!

  12. @Kim- oh yeah, bourbon would be fantastic in this.

  13. @Chelsey I buy from these guys. When I worked for a bakery that is what we used.

  14. @Caley- haha…opps I fixed that. I don’t need the no print button hate mail. :)

  15. this looks incredible!! also, cute glass (:

  16. Wow, just wow.

  17. Helen in CA says:

    I’m finally starting to “get” how hockey helps you be able to be in the same room as some of your concoctions, let alone eat them. This looks amazing……but I’m gonna have to come up w/ some kinda major activity so I can eat this.

  18. Amy Schleider says:

    Goodness Gracious Peabody that IS illegal. that is a dessert within a dessert with dessert on top. ha ha
    WOWzers. You could definitely use your leftover holiday pie and turn this into the grand finale to your left over turkey sandwich. he he

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