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It’s seems like a lifetime ago and yet just like yesterday all the same. It was a big year for me. My birthday was in the summer so I was 15 as a sophomore (most of my friends were older and getting to drive…not that I am bitter or anything). Fifteen was the year of my first real boyfriend. He was a senior. He looked like Goose from Top Gun. I’m still surprised that my parents let me date him. Though in their defense I was a really good kid. Never got in to trouble, didn’t drink or do drugs, and always had good grades…the only time slipping in Geometry to get a boy I like to tutor me (Hi B…he reads the blog). That ploy didn’t work so I went back to just getting good grades in that class. :P

I have to say he was the worst kind of boyfriend to have as a first boyfriend. Why? Because he was actually a good boyfriend. We went out on fun dates like horseback riding, nice dinners, tons of movies, and skiing. He bought me flowers and stuffed animals and called me from pay phones when on vacations (yes I’m so old cell phones and text messaging was not around). After that for years it was all a downhill battle…until I started to date him again in college. :) Then I got jewelry. :D He’s married now with a lovely wife and family and I of course am friends with him on Facebook.

MDP’s kiddos turned 15 yesterday. MDP feels old. Since he has one boy and one girl it is often hard to find a cake that will kind of fit them both. I love them Muppets. Their Dad loves the Muppets. The kiddos like the Muppets. So when I came across The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me cake I knew I wanted to make it.

In my family for special occasions you made recipes that took a little time to show that you really cared. Let me tell you that if this cake represents how much I like those kids….I REALLY like them. I figured on this taking about 2 hours. It took twice the time and twice the frosting to get this cake done. It got to the point where I started to call it the beast as I had to keep taking it in and out of the freezer plus flipping it around, layering, you name it. Oh and my hand went numb while making it too.

This cake is proof that I probably shouldn’t make my own wedding cake. :P But the kids appreciated the effort and when we first cut into it they thought it was really cool. And that made any amount of time spent on it worth it. That and it tastes good….or so I was told. And since they keep eating it I am feeling comfortable that they meant it. The original cake called for lemon extract but they aren’t big on lemon so we went for good ol’ vanilla!

The wow factor this cake provides is well worth it. So here is to 15…I hope it’s their best year yet!


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  1. Absolutely beautiful! The creation of the cake and the expenditure of energy shows the love. Anyone could buy it, but making it…ahhh! Nice job!

  2. Isn’t that one of the best cake cookbooks? Love how your cake turned out. Wish I had a piece right here, right now. ;)

  3. @Judy- yes it is a GREAT book. If people don’t own it they should. All of Gesine’s books are really good though.

  4. This cake is beautiful! Perfect for a teenager’s birthday.



  5. Lots of work, but at least they appreciated it :)

  6. I love the rainbow inside this cake! Definitely a lot of work, but when you are doing it for people you love, it’s not so bad! :)

  7. Why do you think this cake is proof you shouldn’t make your own wedding cake? I think it’s great!

  8. This is probably the most magnificent cake ever! Yes, some people can decorate cakes like no other, but the inside on this one is just way too cool. I wish I had bakers in my family so they could do this for me. Instead I just bake my own cakes. It’s fun :)

    Happy Birthday to the twins! :)

  9. Ah, Nostalgia. I remember calling my folks from pay phones. And the muppets were so much better than Sesame Street for me. I have the sheet music to Rainbow Connection. :) Beautiful labor of love cake!

  10. This cake is full to the brim with awesome, because you made it with them both in mind and you cared enough to put effort into something beyond the basics. It’s beautiful. :)

    Unfortunately, now I have that song stuck in my head, banjo and all.

  11. Oh, wow! Majorly fun and a ton of work I’m sure! Now I also have the song stuck in my head :)

  12. Wonderful birthday cake and story :)

  13. Keri Cupcake says:

    Loved the post! as always :) , Making your own wedding cake isnt such a bad idea I plan on making my own…I just know no one is going to be able to get it down to what I want so I have to do it myself lol!!

  14. It’s so cute..I know what you mean by it shows how much you care!

  15. Beautiful cake!!

  16. Beautiful and delicious looking cake!

  17. Ummm forget that we are probably the same age – will you adopt me?

  18. @Joy- how about I just adopt you on your birthday each year

  19. I totally agree, baking, especially a homemade cake, is such a great way to show your love for someone. I have made two wedding cakes and three groom’s cakes for both my sisters and my best friend. And those will totally be the last wedding cakes I make because it was so stressful (but they were so grateful)! That is until my brother gets married, but he has requested just a cookie cake for his wedding… I hope his future wife agrees!

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