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I’m not sure if my mom is weird (well actually I know she is) but growing up every holiday came with the full meal but she always made appetizers as well. I am learning that most people don’t do this. I think it started because us kids would get hungry smelling the food cooking and then annoy the crap out of my mom asking when we would be eating…enter appetizers.

It’s smart if you think about it…the food smells really good if you are cooking it right. :) So everyone is hungry and sometimes you aren’t moving quickly as the hungry peeps would like (my mom always tells us 20 minutes…that turns into 2 hours). It’s a tradition that has just carried over to me and so I am always on the lookout for new appetizers and dips to serve.

The first time I served this I came back to check on it after 15 minutes and it was completely gone. It gets requested A LOT around these parts. It’s a shrimp dip but I have tried it with crab as well and have had equal success. And the one time I did have leftovers because I made a huge batch we served it with pasta and that turned out to be a fantastic idea!

So am I weird? Do you serve appetizers before your big holiday meal? If so what kinds of things do you serve?



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  1. This sounds so good! I live in New Orleasn, so usually shrimp is cheaper than beef. I’m always looking for new shrimp dishes. Not sure I would call it scampi- that’s just butter and garlic (right?). This is getting made for Easter Sunday! Sometime we do appetizers, sometimes not. I love appetizers, so if it’s at my house, we are having them!

  2. @Melissa- yeah this is so much more than scampi but the book I adapted it from calls it that. It’s good no matter what you call it. :)

  3. Mmmm, this looks fantastic…what an awesome dip! :)

  4. You’re not weird – I serve appetizers for holiday dinners too. Never occurred to me not to

  5. We always have appetizers too! I thought everyone did! Or maybe Jews just like to eat a lot.

  6. Always have appetiizers with holiday meals. My mom always made them and the tradition has been passed down.

  7. I can’t imagine a holiday meal without the “appetizers”, though we refer to them as “whores derv-is” (yes, pronounced exactly that way! I, too, have no doubts about my mom’s sanity, or rather, lack thereof.). I look forward to them more than the meal most times! Cream cheese with pepper jelly and wheat thins, spinach dip, devilled eggs, Cajun shrimp dip…yum yum yum!! I’m usually the adventurous family member that brings something different each holiday and I can’t wait to try this recipe out!

  8. We always have cheese and crackers at least. If my four year old is hungry and I tell him dinner is not ready he asks if we are having appetizers.

  9. I don’t think it’s that weird! To this day my mom still insists on making cream cheese and olive stuffed celery and deviled eggs on every single holiday (even though I don’t care for dairy and don’t eat egg yolks or mayo). My brother and sister and I have all told her that we dreaded those items each year as kids, but that hasn’t stopped her yet – God love her!

  10. My mom usually has cheese and crackers and some grapes laying around for her and my dad to snack on while the roast/turkey/lamb/whatever is cooking. I don’t eat appetizers mainly because I don’t like appetizers and partly because I would rather eat my entire burger and feel very very full than eat and appetizer until I’m full and then eat my entire hamburger until I have to take off my pants in order to exhale. :P

  11. Absolutely, you have to have appetizers. Cocktail shrimp and a really great dip (can’t wait to try yours) are the minimum. Oh, and stuffed mushrooms. Something with pastry too. And don’t forget cheese. Devilled eggs. Whatever great new thing(s) you’ve found on the internet. Then take a break, drink champagne and visit. Then the main event, which should include a roast AND lasagna. Another break/group nap. Finally desert, hopefully several. It’s supposed to be crazy. That’s why it’s a holiday and not just Wednesday. Not having all this would be weird to me.

  12. Depends on the holiday whether we’ll serve appetizers or not. I don’t like to serve heavy appy’s unless that is going to end up being the “meal” (and I can totally make a meal out of appy’s!). This dip looks amazing and I’m sure we’d have everyone fighting over it!

  13. what??? every special meal be it holiday or other reason doesn’t start w/ an appetizer or two? our’s always did. veggie w/ dip, chips and cheese and salsa, shrimp, cheese and crackers, warm brie and toast, cookies at christmas, etc. oh and don’t forget the chex mix – essential – both as an app and throught out

  14. Appetizers are a definite “must have” before our family holiday meals. My sisters and I compete to see who will come up with the best (read: first to get eaten entirely) appetizer. Stuffed mushrooms, dips, phyllo pastry cups filled with gooey yummy things, usually nothing “healthy”….

  15. Delicous!! I love the idea of providing an appetizer, great way to keep everything entertained :)

  16. growing up we always had appetizers to graze on all day… even in shifts! we still do this, it’s my favorite part (not only because I am meat free and do not eat the main entree…) ;)

    we often have things like my caramelized onion dip, olives in cheese dough, brie en croute, cheeses and crackers, pan fried liver bites (from the turkey… I used to LOVE these as a kid!), the list goes on… and on… and on… we love our snacky foods, and give them as much planning as the main event.

    this dip? looks amazing.


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