Everything but the…

First off if you are not loving this Ben and Jerry’s week I’m not sure we can be friends. :) Second if you haven’t seen what the others are doing you are missing out big time. I’m so making Shelly’s What a Cluster Bars for the hockey team and Kristan’s Cherry Garcia Cake is a thing of beauty (I almost wouldn’t want to cut into it…almost).

So when I got to pick my flavors I knew Phish Food obviously but didn’t know what I would do with that (clearly I figured that out) but my other flavor of Everything But The… I knew right away I wanted to do a layer cake. Here’s my random thoughts on today’s concoction:

1. I always like the idea of a layer cake until I am actually having to make the layer cake. I only remember this while in the middle of making the cake. I think this is what my friends are talking about when they see a baby and want one. :)

2. This cake became a religious experience for me as I am not sure I have ever prayed to God so much in a small amount of time as I walked across the room with this cake in my hand while my dog did her best to trip me. But clearly God wanted me to photograph the cake and so that worked out…clearly though God does not love the Toronto Maple Leafs…at least not this year (if you don’t follow hockey you have no idea don’t worry).

3. Yes I used cake mix for this. Here’s why: consistency in texture… having to do the swirls I need cake batter that would bake up evenly. Also I am using candy and a lot of it so I think high quality cake doesn’t need to be a giant priority. And of course the majority of the people who ate this cake were kids….whom I sent off to their parents when done because I’m mean.

4. The pink that you see in the background is my 53 inch stuffed Moose that was what one might call an impulse purchase at Costco. His name is Daryl after the Newhart Show (most of you will not know that show). It’s pink because I have him wearing a Hello Kitty Snuggie. And I had to laugh because we were out with MDP’s kids to Costco and there was a giant 53 inch puppy dog and MDP’s son turns to me and says “no Peabody you already have a giant moose we don’t have room.”  I about died laughing as the 15 year old was being the responsible one. :) Don’t worry we are a one giant stuffed animal family only. Unless I find a Hello Kitty in that size…at a Costco price.

If you are not familiar with the flavor (I was not but the name sounded fun) Ben and Jerry’s describes it as a collision of chocolate & vanilla ice creams mixed with Heath bar chunks, white chocolate chunks, peanut butter cups & chocolate covered almonds. So I made a Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl Layer Cake with White Chocolate Buttercream Frosting, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on one layers, Heath Bar Pieces on another layer, and the top layer getting Peanut Butter Cups, Heath, and Chocolate Covered Almonds. Yes it’s over the top. But it’s a cool cake with a serious WOW factor.

Go see what Shelly does with Karamel Sutra, Kristan does with her version of Everything But The…, and Julie does with Americone Dream! I’m sure it will not disappoint!!!

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  1. Oh my this cake looks absolutely divine!!! Love Love Love this!!

  2. Oh what I wouldn’t give to have a piece of that cake right now!

  3. First of all….yeah, what the heck Toronto? Blowing a lead like that. Secondly, giant stuffies rule. Thirdly, I loved the Daryls. They were my favourites. Lastly, I live in small town nowheresville in BC and the only Ben and Jerry’s to be found is chocolate with cherries. (No thank you) next trip to the city I am heading straight to the freezer section to see what I have been missing….This cake looks amazing btw :)

  4. Lisa L. says:

    We have the same moose at our house (although he is sadly snuggy-less) and he is affectionately called “Moosie!” I am SO making this cake! Thank you!

  5. Amy Mason says:

    I am pretty sure your moose needs a brother named Darryl, and another brother named Darryl…

  6. I love your ‘over the top’ desserts! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with for this fun theme week!

  7. This cake looks fabulous! Seriously want to dive right into this!! Love all the ingredients! :)


  9. We watched the Newhart Show all the time growing up! TV shows were so much better back in the day!

    First, love B&J’s (ahha!) and I love this cake – gorgeous.

  10. This cake is just gorgeous — I love it!!
    I think I need a bowl of that frosting :)

  11. This cake.
    I’m dead meat.

  12. There better NOT be people hating on Ben & Jerry’s week…. Ben & Jerry’s is the best :D Another great creation here!

    P.S. – I love Newhart and I’ve seen EVERY episode. Larry, Darryl, and Darryl were hilarious, haha.

  13. This is one outstanding looking cake. And I love that you don’t have to frost the sides, because that’s my least favorite part of decorating cakes!

  14. Holy. Moly.

  15. Katriel says:

    True Story-My parents have two of those gigantic moose.
    One they purchased for my grandmother, who loves moose a lot. But she lives alone and is very clean and it didn’t fit her house so she gave it back.
    The other they purchased for me because my boyfriend dumped me and I was a miserable little wreck. My mom drove an hour to my apartment and for some reason we went to Costco and bought a moose. You know, normal post break up behavior? I ended up giving back the moose to my family when said boyfriend and I got back together and got married because there just wasn’t room enough for two full grown people and a full grown person sized moose in our tiny apartment.

  16. Stacy T says:

    Oh my. That looks amazing!

  17. This is a beauty! Thank goodness puppy did not trip you. That would have been a crying shame. :)

  18. Nice, also, I totally feel you about always wanting to make a layer cake until you are in the middle.

  19. Everything But The… is my ABSOLUTE favorite ice cream ever!
    This is an amazing cake! I love it!
    Awesomely done!

  20. Wow this cake looks so good! And yes, layer cakes suck when making them, only because I only have one pan of each size and I don’t want to take the time and find out the perfect amount of batter to go in the oven first, so I always half recipes and then cut the cake on half, and that 80% of the time works, 20% of the time I slice a giant hole in the cake and then I decide not to make it a layer cake :P

  21. I am definitely loving Ben and Jerry’s week! Your cake looks absolutely amazing!

  22. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE that the moose is wearing a Snuggie!! Awesome! And, I totally agree about layer cakes. I’d love them a lot more if I didn’t actually have to layer them or take them somewhere. This one looks like it was worth the work, though. Gorgeous!!

  23. Oh my! This looks like pure indulgence :) I’d love a slice of this now!

  24. Peabody,
    Just catching up on my reading. This looks so decadent. I use cake mixes too for certain things, especially when it’s going to be embellished like this.


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