The other 80%….

Dear Fed EX,

Thanks for delivering my package to another house. You are the same Fed EX guy who argues with me that I wasn’t home when I was. You don’t knock or ring the doorbell you just say I wasn’t there. I doubt you even checked to see. You are very lucky that the package you dropped off at the OTHER house was still on their doorstep.

Don’t try making me feel bad that you messed up. “Well you know a lot of these houses have the same address but just on a different street.” Yes…that’s why they are on DIFFERENT streets! What a concept!

Dear Culinary Concoction by Peabody Readers,

If you signed up for the email service make sure to confirm that. There are about 1/3 of you who signed up but won’t be getting the email because you haven’t confirmed yet. And you don’t want to miss out as I plan on giving bonus recipes that will not be on the blog…only in the newsletter.

Dear Reader KB,

First off thanks for being a frequent commenter on the blog I really appreciate that! Second is part of your comment from my Blog Anniversary Post made me cry (in a good way) and pretty much made my month. I shared it with a lot of people.

“You’re inspiring. When I started reading food blogs, I was in a bad place. An anorexic, self-hating, exercise-obsessed, emaciated place. Food blogs started to pull me out of it, rekindling my love of food, but I’d never found one like yours that told me to love my body, to love who I am, and to not conform because some people say that skinny equals attractive. I’m still healing. You’re still helping.”

I am beyond touched that something I am doing is helping you in your healing process. I will continue to write about loving who you are! After all you are the only consistent person in your life…might as well love that person! I’m actually going to be starting what I call Feel Good Fridays where I will be posting more body love!

Dear Ice Cream Maker,

I just bought a ton of heavy whipping cream and I am coming at you like a spider monkey so get ready! First up? Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Roasted Red Cherries. Sounds odd I know but so did her Sweet Corn ice cream and I would stab people for that….okay not stab because that gets you in trouble so maybe just start a rumor that you have a Justin Beiber shrine in your house. Equates to the same amount of pain I am sure.

Dear Ice Cream,

Thanks for being invented.

Dear Food Other than Sweets,

I do eat you. People seem to think I never do. That I sit around eating cobbler…which in the case of the Peach Snickerdoodle Cobbler is actually true. I ate it for breakfast and lunch one day. But for the most part I eat 80/20. 80% what society considers healthy and 20% what people really want to be eating. :) While this salad falls into the 80% category it is something I really want to be eating as well. MDP and I eat variations of this salad a lot. This one has goat cheese but often we have it with feta instead (just didn’t have any in the house). The nuts change to as to whatever nut is sitting around.

I started making my own fruit vinaigrettes when I got a juicer. I made a lot of pear vinaigrette. The Strawberry Poppy seed Vinaigrette is one I make often…sometimes its raspberry which works well too. Throw some chicken (or not if you are veggie), cheese, nuts, sliced strawberries, and greens of your liking and you are good to go!



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  1. This vinaigrette sounds good!!
    You have problems with FedEx and UPS kills me…A few years back I called and asked if UPS would deliver to our house since we live out in the middle of no where and don’t have a mailbox due to kids knocking it down (we have a PO box in town). They said yes, then 6 months ago after the regular driver, who knows where we live, said he couldn’t find the address and was unable to deliver the package ticked me off I called and they said they couldn’t deliver if there was no mailbox, sigh. So I had the deliveries made to some property we own just down the road that has a mailbox and no house but there is a pool and deck there, and they left the packages on the deck (no problems). Then a week ago the UPS driver left a note and said he couldn’t leave the package as there was no house, ekk…I was cussing up a storm…It’s never ending and I think these guys are lazy and just don’t care. I’ve had women FedEx drivers find the address and house no problems, go figure…I think it’s a Man thing!

  2. I think it shows that you mean what you say about body image that a comment about how you’ve helped me would touch you so much. I didn’t mean to make you cry, but if it was in a good, warm-fuzzies way, then I’m even happier I said what I did. :)

    I’ve shown your blog to some of my friends that have body-image issues and a few, including some who aren’t even into baking, have started reading. I am totally in support of Feel Good Fridays. The world needs more Peabodys!

  3. Thanks for reminding me – I need to make a sign for the one door no one ever uses where FedEx decides to leave my packages. I had a package sitting out there for a week sure that they had never delivered it before I finally thought to check that door.

    You’ve influenced my feelings about eating, too. I’ve been afraid of food for a long time, feeling totally out of control. Instead of continuing the impossible to maintain diets, I’m cooking again. Cooking allows me to make healthier, more balanced meals and instead of feeling out of control, I’m not craving all that junk food that I felt deprived from with the extreme diets.

  4. I really appreciate your attitude and positivity! You are one of the most genuine bloggers I have come across, not putting on any kind of show about your personality or your life. It’s obvious that you believe what you write; you aren’t just parroting good-body-image lines. Thanks, Peabody!

  5. Dear Peabody,

    Thank you for being an inspiration, a comedienne, a story-teller, a recipe-writer, and an all around great blogger! :)

  6. Katie Rose Yaniak says:

    delicious! I love full meal salads (I make a mean bacon cheeseburger salad, lol) so I might add a bit more protein from either chicken or beans, but I’m going to need to make this! And you are inspiring, thank you.

  7. Becca from Cookie Jar Treats says:

    Something tells me my mom would love this recipe. She love vinaigrette type things.

    I’m sorry your fed ex dude is a stinker. He doesn’t seem nice at all, so in return you should be super duper extra nice to make him worry that you’re plotting something against him :P

  8. Ah delivery drivers!! We have several regular delivery guys that come to our office and know what’s going and where to go since we don’t have a receptionist. But now it seems there are some replacements who don’t know what’s up! Grr….

    And I totally agree with KB. You are inspiring and hilarious to boot!!

  9. Great notes! And really the FedEx thing is annoying I had my gas shut off once because the national grid dude read the address wrong! Was I ever mad!!!

  10. I have to say that I really LIKE my UPS driver…..the regular guy, anyway. I’ve had a sub actually turn around IN MY YARD instead of backing in and pulling straight out like the reg. I had a mail gal turn around IN MY YARD once, too. (Why do I have a driveway turnaround then, hmmmmm??? Ugh!) Fed Ex doesn’t come out too often but I haven’t been impressed with the few who have. Thanks for the reminder about the good guy. I’ll have to bake up one of your goodies when I know he’s coming and leave something for HIM in exchange! I’ll bet that’ll be a shock!!! (He also carries dog biscuits! Gotta love that!! My dog sure does!)

  11. I *hate* salads. Honestly, they make me sad. No word of a lie. But THIS salad looks AMAZING! I will be trying it for lunch this week! Ty for posting such a happy salad!

  12. Oh, I cannot stand when my packages don’t get delivered to me! I feel your pain there.
    This vinaigrette sounds amazing, I can’t wait to try it :)


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