Buckeye State of Mind….

My birthday is next week so that means I must be getting my birthday card from my insurance guy and my dentist any day now. Everyone else will tell me happy birthday on my FB page. :P

Next week is also the anniversary of when I got proposed to…so things are kinda mushy around here. You might see a lot of lovey-dovey posts up on Pinterest. Try not to gag. :)

I have a friend whom I will call a gratitude junky. I aspire to be her. She truly is content in what seems (I’m sure she is holding out on something) every aspect of her life. I was joking about how much I hate folding laundry. She told me she liked it. And I gave her that you need a serious intervention look. She said that while it was not her favorite thing in the world…that when she folded laundry that she focused on the fact that she was lucky enough to have clothing to fold, while she sat on a bed that she got to sleep in, under the roof of the home that she lives in. And while it sounds cheesy I gave that attitude a try today while folding laundry. I wouldn’t say I was loving folding laundry but I didn’t actually despise it this time around. It’s all about perspective.

Want to give a shout out to my mom who just finished her 12th Relay for Life this past weekend and raised over $1500!! Go Mom! And of course way to go mom’s body on being 13 years cancer free! Love you mom!

If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet you missed out on this letters bonus recipe of Grilled Corn and Chicken Quesadilla With Cilantro Sour Cream. Make sure you don’t miss the next bonus recipe and sign up…especially since Google Reader will be gone as of June 30th!

Yes it’s another ice cream recipe from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home…you really should own this book (and no, no one is paying me to say that)! This one was chosen because I had made these cupcakes. They went perfect together.


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  1. Hey I dont have an icecream maker…. any ideas (other than buying one?)

  2. Goooood grief, if there’s something thing I love more than Buckeyes, it’s ice cream. Put the two together and you blow my mind. Love the idea of a hint of cream cheese in there too.

    Congratulations to your mom! Also congratulations to you for getting through that batch of laundry without despising it. :P

    Aren’t insurance people so thoughtful, remembering our birthdays? Only they don’t send you money in their cards, they make you send money in return for their cards. Hey, at least you get birthday cake and don’t have to share it with them! Making something special for the engagement anniversary? :)

  3. Peabody says:

    @olivia- it’s really hard to make ice cream without a maker. The ice cream maker is what gives it the creamy texture.

  4. Ahhhh, I did NOT need to see this goodness right now. I literally just got back from the store with beer, but obviously I should have gotten ice cream instead.

  5. Peabody says:

    @Diana- beer is always a quality choice though as well.

  6. Every time I’m feeling sorry for myself for my pitiful income, I remind myself that globally, I’m in the top $12 of income. All I have to do to get clean water is walk into my kitchen and turn on a tap. I’m fortunate, indeed. I still hate laundry. You can be annoyed and grateful at the same time. And I am so lucky to be able to eat ice cream. Can’t wait to try this one.

  7. I haven’t ever considered myself a complainer and thought I was a pretty upbeat person. Then last week we had my 10-year old daughter’s friend over for the day. We were sitting at the table and I was looking at the overgrown back yard. (Our lawnmower broke and my hubs thought he could fix it, but couldn’t, and now wants to bring the mower in to get fixed, but hasn’t, and we live in Florida, and it rains every.single.afternoon, and…welcome to the jungle!) And for some reason I felt the need to apologize to this young girl for my back yard! And she replied so sweetly, “At least you have a yard!” She lives in an apartment, and her step-mom just had a baby, and she has pretty much spent her summer indoors. I get it, Lord! Perspective!!!

  8. Becca from Cookie Jar Treats says:

    Oh I have never heard of putting cream cheese in ice cream! Sounds interesting, :)

    Happy early Birthday! :)

  9. I have this book and cannot get enough of it. This recipe is probably one of my favorites. I’ve adapted it in multiple ways, including adding malt powder, different add-ins, etc. But, perhaps my favorite is when I left out the honey and chocolate chunks and replaced the peanut butter for Nutella. Life changing, honestly! Happy, happy, happy week to you.

  10. I can think of nothing but eating ice cream latey and his one sounds friggin’ delicious.

  11. I HATE BEING LACTOSE INTOLERANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Peabody says:

    @Chris- I’m allergic to Cow dairy and MDP is lactose intolerant so we feel your pain.

  13. I have that book and have made ths before. Our avoirdupois has been the pistachio. If you have not made it before do it now!

  14. All about gratitude. Despise laundry. I do try to remember the little things when I complain – having a roof, the ability to have what my mom and I laugh as as “yuppie” or “first world” problems.

    Goodness I need some ice cream.

  15. If you guys have the dairy issues, who gets to eat all this lovely ice cream?!?!? Or do you do what I do sometimes and just live for the moment and then pay for it later?!?!?

  16. Pay for it later usually

  17. I’m lactose-intolerant too, but I just take a couple of Lactaid and hope for the best… ESPECIALLY when there is chocolate + peanut butter ice cream involved. ;)

  18. Woot! Ice cream named after my state :D

  19. I love Buckeyes. My mom usually makes them around Christmas time and that’s always a once a year treat, but buckeye ice cream… I might have to try.

  20. Oh yes I love Jeni’s ice cream and especially anything involving buckeyes ;-)

  21. You get a birthday card from your dentist? Seriously… your life is like 10 times more epic than mine
    Totally digging on this ice cream.
    I hope you are having a great day today!!!

  22. I ate this for my birthday yesterday! Didn’t make it, I bought a Jeni’s pint :D

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