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So a common theme in me asking what people liked about the blog was that people are “nosey” (their words not mine) and they liked seeing what was going on in my life. Which at first I thought was weird but then realized that I love How Sweet It Is Tuesdays where she tells what she is currently in love with. A lot of bloggers have been doing this as of late so I thought okay I’ll jump in.

The first photo is the recipe for today…Cake Batter Hot Chocolate. How have I never thought to add a few scoops of cake batter to my cocoa? I mean I love Funfetti! Love. So yeah, it’s pretty much my new way to drink cocoa now.

Though it’s been a little too warm for cocoa as of late (oh how I wish it was fall). But summer does mean Farmer Market action. The Cherry Cider was awesome!!!

And yeah, the view only 10 minutes from where we live isn’t half bad either. :)

Because I’m sure you all have been thinking daily about which hockey team I have to cheer for now, my player went to the Montreal Canadians. MDP and I are on the bandwagon and already (as you can see) have a few items showing our support. I will say this…I sure do like the Canadians colors way better than the orange and black of the Flyers. Now to brush up on my bad French.

A couple weekends ago we went to the Urban Craft Uprising…back in the old day they called them Craft Fairs. I doubt any of these people could stage an uprising. But there were interesting things like my UniGoat shirt I found. But the real reason I went was to see my always smiling buddy CakeSpy. She’s just the cutest.

So I knew Twinkies were back…but I didn’t realize my Donettes were coming back too! It was a very happy day and I may have scared a few people at the Safeway with my over celebration of the Donettes discovery.

Because I don’t feel people do enough just because stuff, MDP, myself, and a fellow food blogger that I know from back in the day met up at the local watering hole for some beer, trivia, and in my case a giant plate of tater tots and this here Malted Waffle Banana Split. It’s about as awesome as it sounds.

And because I have eaten WAY more dairy than my body wants me too…it did this. So I am having to give up dairy for 10 days. Along with a slew of other really awesome things to reset my body. Sigh. So if I seem cranky I’m sorry. The lack of good food made me do it. :)

So I mentioned before that I soooo want it to be fall. I am giddy that school supplies are out at the store and all the fall clothing items are trickling into stores. Which means I do my annual search on Ebay for a new coat. July is the perfect month to do it. It’s hot. People tend to purge and not think about warm coats in the middle of the summer heat wave. One thing not known about me is that I excel at finding good clothing finds on Ebay. The secret? Misspelling. I find so many things because people can’t spell Anthropologie correctly. So there was this cute coat (you can’t really see it but it has ADORABLE stitching) this last week for a price that lets just say you would hate me for. In fact my last 5 coats (I have a coat thing/problem) all are from Ebay. Some used (which I’m fine with…most people don’t sit naked in their coat…well maybe a trench coat) but this one was new with tags. So the last 5 coats total have cost me less than $100, not bad for 5 coats. So hurry up fall, I want to wear this baby!!!

So while others were bidding for baked goods at the Muffins for Muffin auction I bid on Sprinkle Bakes signed copy of her book SprinkleBakes: Dessert Recipes to Inspire Your Inner Artist. I already own a copy yes, but this book is totally worth having two of…and this time it’s has a sweet message in it. Oh and I got pink sprinkles sent too. I had asked for Channing Tatum but he must be showing up later. For now the sprinkles will do. ;)

Which if you don’t have this cookbook yet…seriously…$12…go get that.

Cake Batter Hot Chocolate


  • 1 cup milk (your choice cow, almond, soy, etc)
  • 2 heaping TBSP hot chocolate mix
  • 3 heaping TBSP Funfetti Cake mix
  • Whipped cream
  • Marshmallows
  • Sprinkles


  1. In a small saucepan, whisk the milk, hot chocolate mix, and cake batter over medium heat.

  2. Whisk until ingredients are fully incorporated and the hot chocolate is at the desired temperature.

  3. Top with marshmallows, then whipped cream, then sprinkles. Or whatever variation floats your cocoa boat.

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  1. Your hot chocolate scope in July cracks me up. Also your friend’s glasses and amazing grin are awesome. Your life is interesting and worth writing about! Don’t feel weird. :)

  2. OMG!! You found the secret to fall shopping…no way! I buy all my coats in July and august too and I am obsessed with fall. It’s my favorite season and the best for fashion! Love your coat and I’m currently eying a black one on amazon.

  3. Stephani says:

    Holy Hannah! That coat is adorable! I want one, too.
    As a teacher, I’m so not digging the fact that school supplies are out, that means August is fast approaching, and I’m just not ready for that. But I’m with you on the clothes…
    Hot chocolate I the summertime is amazing, I’m also one of those crazy people who love a good dish of ice cream in the middle of winter when it’s below zero.
    Also, I’m so with you one the donettes, I’ve looked for them in my stores, I so have a massive craving for some good crumb donettes!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out. =) Boooo for too much dairy, though. I know your pain. Bah. I’ve gotta get more of that cherry cider too. Too late for tonight to make it out there. I wonder if they’ll be at either of the Everett markets. If not, I’ll have to make a point to get down there next week. Emma had a blast last time. =)

    Love that coat, and hot cocoa at pretty much any time! My coworkers may think I’m crazy for having a supply of hot cocoa with the snacks I share at my desk, but it keeps disappearing, so I at least I share the crazy!

  5. I love Fall, too. Fall and Spring are my absolute favorite holidays!

  6. Peabody says:

    @Cassie- you bet! Your cherry pie on your latest post looked awesome.
    Yeah, it’s hard for us to get down there as Wednesdays we have the kids. Plus I’m not going for two weeks because I can’t have the mini donuts right now and the smell would kill me. :)

  7. Peabody says:

    @Stephani- as a former teacher I get what you are saying about not wanting the school year just yet. But OH how I long for the crisp air and plaid everything.

  8. Peabody says:

    @Zainab- yes! Fall shopping in July is where it is at!

  9. I was hoping you’d become a fellow Redwing :-)
    hahaha Sue

  10. I’m obsessed with coats too! Especially plaid. What’s my deal? ;) It’s amazing what a little thought can get you when you are typing search terms. I had to teach my parents not to search for “cars” but instead for “car”, because then both “cars” AND “car” would show up, and they were missing all the singular ones out there. :) Cake batter anything is awesome!

  11. Peabody says:

    Oh @sue that would have been super hard for me

  12. I suck at ebay shopping and selling. but I’ve noticed a lot of cute things at the mall recently and I want to go buy some new clothes. But it will be getting cooler soon so I don’t know what to do. Shopping is hard and I wish I weren’t so cheap sometimes haha. Oh well.

    I love the look on CCS’s face in that hot chocolate picture. If only dogs could have chocolate. And yes, Hostess is back! I only really noticed when saw their blueberry muffins on the shelf when I was shopping for snacks for my sister. I was going to buy them until I saw that it was more expensive to buy hostess which came with 4 pouches as oppose to little Debbie who gives 5 pouches haha. Again, I am cheap :P

  13. Victoria V says:

    I too am waiting for fall. But in Texas, you don’t really get “cool” weather until December or so. But at least by September/October, the temps drop a bit and the humidity is a bit lower. *sigh* I live in the wrong climate.

    And cake batter hot chocolate is genius. I’ll be doing this once it’s cool enough!

  14. It’s a little too hot here for hot cocoa right now (read: 50 degrees too hot) but I wonder…how wicked would a cake batter iced cocoa be? Must-try! :)

    It still gets cold here in the winter, so I’m with you – cold weather clothes shopping in summer! Everything’s on sale, marked down, or cheap cheap cheap. I’ve actually been using the same coat for years. It’s very sturdy, thick, and warm, it’s made of pure Irish wool, it’s pretty…and it cost me $0. My mom found it up on some high shelf out of sight when we moved in to our rental place, took it to the dry cleaners, and gave it to me. Best coat “purchase” ever!

  15. Who knew that bad spelling could lead to such an adorable coat? I could say I am waiting for Fall too, but who am I kidding? It just doesn’t happen here. I am just going to crank up the AC and enjoy a hot cocoa now, no waiting involved :)

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