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I’m back! Sorry I was gone for so long, but I was off getting married this last weekend. :) While there is no recipe in this post I am doing a bit of a photo dump from my parents who aren’t on Instagram and what not so that they can see it (and you the reader) can too. But those of you on Instagram there are way more photos over there for those into that.

I love the photo of us dancing as it really captures that day. I had a permanent smile from the ceremony on and it’s still on there three days later. :D

Here is our cake (which the recipe will be on the blog soon)…I like this shot because the kegs are nicely in the background.

Instead of having a large cake, Laurie and I made cupcakes (same as the cake flavor) with chocolate stamps. This was a PAIN I tell you. But they turned out super cute.

Just a picture I took of people coming in while I hid upstairs watching them. And yes, we really did choose to get married in a giant warehouse where they make beer.

Crazy Cocker Spaniel did stay the whole time FYI and did fabulous. Mostly in part to my groomsman/bridesmaid (originally I made him a bridesmaid) who the dog adores.

Getting ready. I wanted my make up to be very natural as I am not a fan of heavy make up.

MDP’s Boutonniere was a big hit with the addition of his Han Solo. We had quite a few Star Wars touches through out the wedding since I was proposed while Star Wars was on. Though not pictured is our awesome inflatable R2D2 that was remote control that people had fun with.

Since he had Han I had to have Leia. We had an “I love you”…”I know” theme as well that you will see throughout the wedding.

We didn’t have dancing (MDP and I had one) but during the clean up one of my favorite Carpenters songs came on and my dad and I spontaneously danced to it.

My mom getting used to the world of selfies.

So our actual ceremony probably last 3 minutes if I am being generous. The officiants (we had two) were told to keep it short. But MDP was so excited to marry me that he blurted “I DO” way before he was supposed to, so I just said it too. Totally threw off our officiants who memorized it in a certain order, and we ended up having a very short ceremony…which our smart alec friends made sure to let us know. :P

We had pulled pork, brisket, smoked salmon, smoked chicken, BBQ beans, coleslaw, and cornbread for our main meal from our favorite BBQ joint. It was a big hit.


Here’s the inside of our cake…homemade funfetti (why not). Our adorable forks were given to me by my matron of honor Laurie. Too cute.
Cake cutting and a look at our dessert table.

Crazy Cocker Spaniel also loved Laurie as much as I did. They became super pals and the dog is now sulking that she is gone. I am too.

I didn’t want a guest book so I had a sign made of two beer mugs. It will go over our bar. The beer caps are part of a giant J (my new last name is Johanson FYI). More of the I love you I know stuff as well.

Here is a picture of my dress along with my matron of honor Laurie and one of my bridesmaids M.

And here is the back of the dress.

Our photo bombing Best Man…the woman is the recipient of the bouquet “toss”…she also plays on our hockey team.

More photobombing hockey players.

This was probably the most photographed item by others. Most people got a photo under the arch and several people wanted to take it home. We did give it away to a couple that wants to grow beer hops on it since we found that fitting. The arch was MDP’s one main thing to do/make for the wedding.


Our table setting.


And of course what the whole day was about…getting married. :D <3

Now that the wedding is over I’ll be back to blogging!


  1. stephanie says:

    Love!!! I love everything – can’t even tell you. That is exactly how I would want to spend my day (as a bride or as a guest!) You are absolutely glowing in your pictures. I love how I feel like I know who you are and it was not some over-priced show of nothingness that means…nothing. (Not that there is anything wrong with that…) Anyway, really well done, you guys!! I wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

  2. I’m so happy for you. Nice, personal, meaningful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Congrats girl! You look GORGEOUS and holy heck! You had sprinkles on your wedding cake!!!! I die. *dies*

    PS. I’m dead.


  4. Fantastic! Congratulations to the both of you! Your wedding looked to be a smash hit (and really the ceremony is but the prelude to the party, looks like you kept things in proper proportion)!

  5. Congratulations!! What a beautiful wedding! I loved seeing all of the beautiful pics on instagram!! :)

  6. Yayyyy congratulations! I love all the photos!

  7. What a beautiful bride you were!! Thanks for sharing it with us. Loads of happiness to you guys. :)

  8. Beautiful bride. Handsome groom. Adorable dog. :)

  9. Congratulations! I love all the fabulous personal touches, that’s what it is all about. And your dress is gorgeous of course! Wishing you two many happy years ahead!

  10. Congratulations again! It looks like you guys had a blast. =) Gotta ask, what is your favorite bbq place? I usually go to Carolina Smoke, but they don’t do salmon.

  11. What a beautiful and fun wedding! Congratulations!

  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I saw several pics on Instagram but love this recap with a little extra blurb about the photos! Looks like everything on your day was perfect and represented y’all well! Cheers to you both!

  13. @cassie Larry’s Smokehouse in Mill Creek…we should go sometime!

  14. Congratulations!! Looks like y’all had an awesome wedding! So happy for y’all.

  15. Love all the personal touches! You look amazing too!

  16. Peabody, I can’t even begin to tell you just how elated I am for you. You are glowing and I wish you nothing but the best. Beautiful wedding (and kudos on decorating all those cupcakes! Wow!), dress, celebration – everything! MAJOR congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Congratulations! You look gorgeous.



  18. Congratulations! Your wedding is so cute! (Of course, you and MDP are too!) So, you two are Pb and J now?

  19. Loved seeing all your pictures and so excited for you, congrats!! I love all the Star Wars figures and tshirts that were a part of your day as well as that awesome cake. Best topper ever.

  20. I loved every second of it. I so wish we lived even a second closer to one another. I adore you guys. xo

  21. Congrats on your beautiful day. Looks like it was a lot of fun!

  22. Congrats!!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful day! I love your table setting!!

  23. Congratulations! I love every little detail.

  24. Congrats! You looked gorgeous – love your dress!

  25. LOVE it!!!! And you looked sooo pretty!!! Thank you for sharing some photos with us.

    I love it b/c it was so “you”…..You chose what you liked, what was important to you, and not what is necessarily “expected”.


  26. Love it all!!!

  27. Audra Blair says:

    Flagstaff sends a toast to you and Jason, love and laughter, and happily ever after!

  28. Looks like such a fun day! I’m also in love with your cake toppers and those engraved forks. What a great touch.

  29. SO cute and SO fun. Congrats!

  30. You are so beautiful! I’d say you’re both so lucky, but you deserved each other. Luck had nothing to do with this perfection. :D

  31. Peabody – I love you! Which is weird since you don’t even know me. But I love everything about your wedding and you “ROCKED” that wedding dress. The smiles on your faces tell the wonderful story. Happy marriage to you and MDP and Happy Life! Congratulations!

  32. Congratulations!!!

  33. I love seeing other people’s weddings. Clearly it was all about you guys. Just the way it should be. Congratulations!!

  34. Congratulations! A lot of what you did are things that we may be doing at our wedding too, so I think it turned out nicely!

  35. Congratulations to both of you. I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and am very excited for you both! Cute wedding. Best of luck to you both!

  36. Huge congrats to you! I’ve loved seeing all of the photos on Instagram:-)

  37. Bob and Marianne Larsen says:

    Loved seeing the pictures of your “original” wedding. Congratulations and much happiness.

  38. Carole Resnick says:

    I have been without a computer for a week. Even though it is late please accept my good wiehes,

  39. I will take well wishes whenever Carole

  40. Congratulations!!!!!!! Such an awesome looking wedding!
    May you guys have many many happy years (aka forever) together!

  41. I’m delurking to wish you many, many congratulations! What a beautiful, unique, lovely wedding :)

  42. @kate- I appreciate the delurk :)

  43. Another delurker and a big fan who wishes you and your man the very best of future joys.

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