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Crazy Cocker Spaniel is very sick. I ask for you to send good thoughts as you all know how loved she is. We took her to the emergency vet Sunday night thinking she was having a stroke. Luckily it was not that. They think as of right now that it’s Vestibular Disease, which often occurs in seniors.

Her symptoms were vomiting, unable to stand or walk (when waking stumbling and walking like drunk), head tilt ( you can see that in her photo), won’t eat (they have nausea), nystagmus (which is when the eyes shift side to side and up or down rapidly), and shaking…all similar to that of vertigo.
Since the initial night (Sunday) she has improved in walking, though still stumbling and often falling when walking. She is eating some and drinking which is all positive. We go to her regular vet on Thursday. It could be simply that she is old (which is what we are hoping) and she will adjust though the head tilt will most likely go away.
But it can also be caused due to tumors/cancer, middle ear infection, and other lesions. Things I’m hoping are not the case.
Right now she’s almost like an infant and taking up all my time which I happily give her so if you are wondering where I am, that’s the reason.


  1. Audra Blair says:

    Sending gentle thoughts your way.

  2. :( Sending positive vibes your way. I hate seeing sick pups

  3. Sending good thoughts to her and you.

  4. Not sure if this will help, but we experienced a very similar scenario with our 14 year old cocker a few years ago. We noticed one afternoon that he was running outside almost sideways with his head tilted, and then by the end of the night he couldn’t even stand up (when he tried to walk he would quickly come crashing down). He was shaking and panting constantly (like he was scared). We took him to the ER where he was diagnosed with vestibular disease. After several days of no eating or walking (and I remember I could even see his eyes shifting from the dizziness), he slowly recovered and was back to normal. We did have to keep him very confined and I just sat next to his bed and stroked him for what felt like days, but it did resolve without issue. He did have another episode months later but it was much shorter than the first. It is so scary!! I hope she gets better quickly. Sending good wishes your way….

  5. My thoughts are with you. My furbaby is getting older and she breaks my heart when she stumbles let alone becomes ill. ♡ she is very lucky to have you

  6. Sending every single positive thought and prayer your way. Please kiss that sweetie for me.

  7. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way for Crazy Cocker. Please update us!

  8. Thinking of you all and sending healing vibes and hugs

  9. stephanie says:

    Oh, poor girl! Sending positive thoughts and energy your way. I know how hard it is to take care of very sick pets – stay strong. She is lucky you are such a good mama. I am so happy to hear she is eating and drinking…that is good news.

  10. stephanie says:

    Oh honey prayers for either better or the ability to let her go….been there.

  11. I too had an older dog that experienced vestibular disease with the same symptoms. After a few days of anti nausea meds and a mild sedative and lots of love he was back to his regular happy self. He never had it again and didn’t seem worse off from it after about a month or so. He did have a head tilt for about a month but it gradually went away. I’m hoping that CCS recovers quickly and completely.

  12. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I hope CCS recovers quickly & is back to her usual self soon. Know in your heart that for each of us who comment there are dozens more thinking of you right now. I am definitely sending positive thoughts and healing prayers your way.

  13. Good thoughts coming your way. Just one look at that sweet spaniel’s eyes and she melted my heart- I hope she stabilizes and starts feeling better soon!

  14. positive healing energy and love from me, Basil and Rosemary (the dachshunds). xo

  15. i know just how scary this is! if this helps at all-know that it does get better!! my dog came out of it & was totally fine. it’s just a few really awful days. hang in there!

  16. As another cocker lover, me and mine send you lots of love wishes.

  17. my good thoughts and those of my dogs (one of whom is elderly also) are coming your way.

  18. CooknBooknBeadn says:

    Sending all the love & good thoughts to you & yours.

  19. Thinking good thoughts for you and CCS!

  20. Prayers for S and you. Big hugs too

  21. Prayers, love & positive thoughts for y’all.

  22. Definitely keeping CCS in my deepest thoughts and prayers. XO

  23. Thinking of you

  24. Thinking of you!! Sending love to your adorable CCS!

  25. You and CCS are in my prayers, Peabody.

  26. I do hope CCS feels better. I have an elderly dog, and every time we go to emergency vet, I cannot breath. Too much anxiousness, and worry swirling inside of me. I do not wish this feeling on anyone. I will worry for CCS with you. Try to deeply breathe, so hope can open your heart with big gulps.

  27. I love your blog, your recipes and your positive body image messages. Usually I am just a reader but for CCS I will come out and comment! Me and my house full of cats are sending many good thoughts your way!

  28. Sending lovely, happy thoughts your way, Crazy Cocker Spaniel. Hope she gets better soon. Thank you for being there for her!!!

  29. Alexandra says:

    I echo Kelly’s thoughts. Usually I just enjoy reading blogs but I am so sorry for CCS and you both. Life stops when one of our beloveds get sick and we feel so impotent. I shall send get well thoughts every day to your beautiful fluffy golden one.

  30. Erin M. says:

    Hope she gets better soon!!

  31. Thinking of you all. I hope things improve soon.

  32. This happened to my senior dog and although traumatic, she was fine. We had to hand feed my dog and help her drink for the first week or so, mainly because she was so dizzy from the vertigo…but she eventually recovered. For the rest of her (very long) life, she had a slight head tilt but was otherwise back to normal. I’m sorry you have to go through this, but I’m sure your doggy will be fine!

  33. Teacher Stacy says:

    Good thoughts for you and CCS.

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