Way more support than my bra gives me…


Well, okay. I can assure you I didn’t think there would be this kind of response.
Let me first just say thanks to all of those who de-lurked. I really wish you would de-lurk more often. It’s always nice to know that people are out there reading my little blog. Also, thanks to the non-lurkers who also either posted or just sent me a private email. I am truly overwhelmed (in a good way) with the support.
Second, let me say to all of you who are telling me not to let the negativity get me down. The negativity was really just the straw that broke the camels back…or my back in this case. The time, the cost, not really knowing if anyone cared if the blog went away, the burn out, and the negativity were all factors. If I stop blogging, it simply isn’t because of the fact that people were mean to me. It’s not my style to just let the crazies get to me. But, like I said, there are other factors.
I’ll be honest in saying that I am still kind of blog soul searching so to speak. I don’t want to rush to the decision. I don’t want to say I will stay and then half-ass it and not do much. And I don’t want to go and then pull a Heidi and Spencer (are you watching that train wreck…I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, some how we are sucked into it, I am so much dumber for doing so) and try and come back.
While soul searching though, I made this really yummy, Summery tiramisu…using my favorite of flavors, key lime and raspberry. I made a standard version using a 8 by 8-inch pan but then also did parfaits. I really liked the look of the parfait version. And with the leftovers I made little shot glasses filled with the filling and raspberry sauce. Then cut the ladyfingers in half, lengthwise, and used those as dippers.
This is light, refreshing, and…no bake!
Thanks again, for all your kind messages.

Key Lime-Raspberry Tiramisu

Raspberry Jam Sauce:
12 ounces frozen raspberries
6 TBSP sugar

Key Lime Simple Syrup:
¼ cup granulated sugar
¼ cup water
zest of two key limes

3 4.40-ounce packages Champagne biscuits(or lady fingers)

Key Lime Filling:
3 cups heavy whipping cream
8 ounces Mascarpone cheese, at room temperature
½ cup powdered sugar
3 TBSP fresh key lime juice (if you can find)

1 cup fresh raspberries for garnish

Use a 8-x-8-inch pan.

Cook frozen raspberries and 6 TBSP sugar in saucepan over medium heat until mixture resembles a jam and is reduced to 1 cup, stirring frequently, about 15 minutes. Cool jam mixture. Push through a sieve to get a sauce-like consistency.
Combine sugar with ¼  cup water and lime zest in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally until sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat, and cool to room temperature. Strain out the zest before using.
Using and electric mixer, whip the cream until stiff peaks form.
In a mixing bowl, fold 2/3’s of the whipped cream into the Mascarpone cheese, along with the powdered sugar, and key lime juice. Blend until cream is fully incorporated.

Lay the lady fingers at the bottom of dish. Brush the layer with Key Lime Simple (about 1/3 of it)  followed by the Raspberry Jam Sauce.
Spread 1/3 of the cheese mixture over the lady fingers. Scatter 1/3 cup fresh raspberries on top of the cheese mixture. Repeat the procedure until all of the lady fingers and cheese mixture are used. Spread the reserved whip cream over the top of the tiramisu. Allow the cake to set, about an hour. Garnish with fresh berries. Makes 10 servings.

To make Parfait style: Break up 4-5 lady fingers. Put about 5 pieces at the bottom of a clear glass of your choice. Brush with syrup. Add raspberry sauce. Pipe in Mascarpone filling. Top with a little more raspberry sauce. Add raspberry. Repeat till you hit the top of your glass.



  1. Gorgeous! And a perfect flavor combo. I just made mini lime tarts (no key limes to be found) lined with a thin layer of rasperry jam. :)

  2. How pretty! The lime and raspberry combo sounds fantastic and I love the mascarpone cheese in the filling – yum! No bake desserts are so important in the summer!

  3. I heard the news, and I really get sad. It must be a pity if you stop tho share your wonderful recipes.Once time I said that ou are a great baker, and is true.
    For otherwise I understand that you mean. Do what you need do.
    The recipe is divine as always

  4. Yum! This looks great! And good luck with your decision – whichever way, I think your blog is awesome :)

  5. For what it’s worth, I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I love, love, love your recipes. (My roommate made me the lemon white choc mouse cake last weekend for my birthday and was WONDERFUL!!!) I also look forward to reading your blogs and commentaries as much as I do the recipes. While I may disagree with one or two of your opinions, I find your writings articulate, clever and witty. This is YOUR blog. Don’t allow others to dictate what you do and how you do it. This is your forum to express yourself in a way that’s comfortable and satisfying for you – no one else! I’m hoping you continue with this site and you keep doing it they way you’ve always done – your way!!!

  6. i’m de-lurking after nearly 4 years of reading! i’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to finally comment, but i recently started my own blog, and it’s shown me how valuable feedback from readers is…i just want you to know that i’ve always enjoyed your blog – beautiful photography & fantastic food! i would love for you to keep it coming, but i think you should do whatever makes you happy. i think posting just a couple times a month is fine. =)

  7. Claudia aka CB90210 says:

    Girl, say it ain’t so! Your’s was the first food blog I encountered and still remains one of my favorites so please keep on keepin’ on but only if it still makes you happy.

    Take care,

  8. This seems like a version of tiramisu that my chocolate-hating boyfriend may actually eat. YUM!

  9. Gorgeous! I love the parfait style. It looks almost too perfect to eat!

    Good luck with the soul searching!

  10. Wow…that looks so good. I love the parfait idea. As to de-lurkers…I agree. I don’t have NEAR the followers you do, but whenever someone “new” posts a comment it makes me think that people actually do read my blog!

  11. I love the picture of the shot glass version. =)

  12. Oh, where is my SPOON? That looks awesome and lickable, too. Glad you are still on the fence…it might mean that you decide to keep blogging! LOVE your blog!!

  13. This looks so summery and perfect – raspberry and lime is one of my favorite combinations too.

    Whatever happens with your blog soul searching the most important thing is for you to be happy!

  14. This looks fantastic (as always!) (I’ve missed commenting on your blog for a bit so it’s so good to have some time and catch up with all your baking! I hope all is well, although I think I’ve missed out on some news? Time to catch up on your blog!)

  15. This tiramisu looks and sounds soooo yummy. I am fairly new to your blog but your recipes and photos look absolutely divine. So much so that I have passed the One Lovely Blog Award on to you! All the best in your decision making!

  16. this looks amazing, some of my favorite photos recently by you too. i love key lime and raspberry together.

    i’m glad so many people came out to show you their support and i wish you luck with your decision. whatever you do just make sure you’re happy. personally, i think maybe you’re ready for the next big thing like writing cookbooks or something.

  17. Peabody, I do hope you keep blogging. Maybe it would be less stressful if you only posted a recipe when you wanted to instead of feeling pressured that you have to. Do you know that you were the first food blogger I ever contacted? It was about a little less than a year ago and I wanted to make you banana coconut lime bread. I didn’t know if I should link it to you or where you originally had found the recipe…Anyhow you emailed me back right away and told me what to do! I don’t think I told you that I entered that bread in a local county fair last summer (first time I EVER entered one!) and it won the blue ribbon!!! I kid you not!!! Hope you keep blogging!!!

  18. May you find enlightenment in your blog soul searching :).

  19. Ooooh good recipe! I discovered your blog today and so sad to hear you might stop blogging…but I do understand…do what is best for you! I really love your blog. I put a link on my website so I visit you easier…i hope you don’t mind?


  20. Lynnette says:

    I could never understand why people waste their time and energy on negativity. Mom always said if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. I visit your blog regularly and enjoy your posts very much. I hope you keep on blogging.

  21. Can’t say it enough, I adore you and your blog! But do what you feel is right. We will support no matter what! Great dessert here!

  22. Can I just weigh in another 2 cents? Well, no one argued, so here goes.

    I would love, love, love you to keep posting as I love what you write, and the recipes you come up with.

    In terms of the time demands, just one post a week is fabulous. I have had to “unfollow” so many bloggers because they post up every day or even multiple times a day. One simply can’t keep up with this. Just the occasional post like this one, when you are feeling inspired is incredibly awesome and brightens my day as a surprise when I see it. Just my personal plea :) But yes, do what is best for you of course!

  23. This is just nuts. I want it so bad.

  24. Theresab says:

    I have been waiting for this post! I have been drooling over the pictures since you posted on facebook. It looks so yummy and refreshing!

  25. Mu husband and a crew of 6 just sailed our boat up the mid-Atlantic coast. They called me late one night on the Satellite phone, usually reserved for emergencies, to ask where I had stored the Snickerdoode bars I made from your recipe. Please, keep baking and blogging — I need to keep this crew fed and happy (and in awe of my baking).

  26. We’ll all be behind you no matter what you decide, but if you do decide to stop blogging, you will be missed! Here’s hoping that you choose to stick around, because your posts really are enjoyable to read and look at.

  27. I was out of town last week and just got around to reading your recent posts, and I love your blog! Of course, you should ultimately do what feels right to you, but there is just something about this blog that makes it stand out from other food blogs :). I totally get excited when I see there’s a new CCBP post on my google reader!

  28. De-lurker #547 here.

    I have to admit, I was a little bit put-off by the negativity…

    But I also have to admit that I get that way, and everyone does sometimes; it’s just part of being human!

    Though I do love me some sun, I also love your blog. It’s fun to read, full of ideas and the perfect dose of decadence amidst my healthy blog reading. Keep on truckin’, Peabody =)

  29. OK, I have to confess that when I saw that you had blogged I did a little happy dance. I know that you might not be back for good but it still made my day.
    I absolutely love your styling and photos. They are simply stunning and equal if not better to many I see in food magazines (and believe me I subscribe to a lot of magazines). The recipe looks great too. I can’t wait to try it.

  30. Damn that looks tasty!

  31. Hi Peabody,

    I never comment, but I read ALL THE TIME. Yours is one of my favorite food blogs (I’m behind on my reading, obviously!) and I would be so sad if you stopped. If it’s just too much for you, of course you should – but if it’s about feeling like nobody appreciates what you do, obviously TONS of us do!! Just delete the jerky comments, or set up a mail rule that sifts out anything with keywords like “jerk”, “stupid” etc so that you never even see them. (And to all of the people who wrote those? Move along! There’s lots of internet out there – no need to take time out of your busy day to be an asshole! That makes me SO MAD.)

    Anyway – your photos are AMAZING, and I think I’ve squirreled away every single recipe you’ve ever published. Stick around if it’s still fun for you – if it’s not, drop it like a hot potato, and know that you were well-beloved while you did it!!


  32. Delicious looking parfait. My two cents, even if you just decide to blog less, don’t quit this kind of thing on us. I love looking and reading! Mmmm!

  33. If this is what you like to do and gives you happiness, then keep it. We can’t please everyone. Turn the negative ones to lift your life stronger.

  34. I hope you continue blogging. I love your blog. Beautiful dessert. I’m going to Seattle and if you have recommandations plse leave me a comment. Thanks :)

  35. That looks gorgeous! I love raspberries and lime together.

  36. Lovely lovely lovely — what a fabulous take on tiramisu!! Perfect flavor combo. Bookmarking this!

  37. I’ll try to comment more if you continue to blog. I always read your writings and always enjoy them and always wish I could bake AND photograph like you! I’m working on both. :) This looks delicious and I love both raspberries and Key lime! Mmmm!

  38. I understand that blogging takes up so much time and energy (I know I’ve cut back alot on how much I do to help keep my sanity).
    BUT, I would miss your blog, your humor, your recipes and all if you were to go away. You would be greatly missed in the food blogging community!

  39. I wrote this just for you:
    (I am waxing poetic here, just in case someone wants to make a comment!)

    Through rain or shine~
    through thick or thin…
    I love your blog
    and your opinion.

    Thank you :)
    Whatever you decide t do, do what is best for YOU.
    Of course, being the selfish (^$& that I am, I would miss you bunches!
    And I must say, being told I have given more support than a bra is a first for me…..
    I certainly hope its a large one!!!!

  40. I’m a bit delayed in following my favorite blogs, and just saw your recent posts. While I encourage you to do what’s best for you, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your stuff. I recently cleaned up my blog list, and yours was one of a few that made the ‘check daily’ list. I love you wit and honesty, not to mention your wonderful recipes.
    Best of luck figure things out.

  41. The tiramisu looks awesome. I’m really glad that you felt good about the response and that you know we all care about you!

  42. Hey Peabody, if you decide to stop blogging we’ll SO miss you! Who else delivers such beautiful photos of great creative food, with a sassy brave attitude? No one! This recipe is a perfect example! You do what’s best for you, but blogland will be less fun if you move on!

  43. Raspberry AND lime?? Two of my favs in one dish! Delish!

  44. ohmygosh….tooo amazing…
    i will try to de-lurk more often :) but do know i can’t really turn on my computer without dropping by :D your blog is addicting!
    take care!!

  45. this looks great peabody…love the flavors. blog soul seraching sound appropriate…do what you have to do, for you.

  46. i love that you are featuring more original recipes :) this looks perfect for summer entertaining!

  47. Is it bad that I should be going to bed right now, but I want to go in the kitchen and make this instead???

  48. That’s so cool! What a great new way to make a cookie. I’ll def have to try it!

  49. Hi, Peabody,

    Another lurker here. I’m also a big fan of your blog, and I’m so sorry to hear that people have been being mean and rude to you.

    I don’t want to be too personal, but in a spirit of friendliness and helpfulness– if your bra isn’t giving you enough support, perhaps you have got the wrong size? As someone who has had a heck of a time finding out what fits and what doesn’t (well-endowed and small rib cage, in my case), I know what a difference the right fit can make, and it’s kind of a personal mission with me to get the word out. So I’d like to encourage you to reevaluate your sizing–here are some web pages that might help:

    Check out Cat’s Bra Resource Page:

    and the fitting advice at Figleaves:


    I hope that helps and gets you some physical support, as well as some moral, blog-encouraging support.

    Thanks for sharing what you do!



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