Way more support than my bra gives me…


Well, okay. I can assure you I didn’t think there would be this kind of response.
Let me first just say thanks to all of those who de-lurked. I really wish you would de-lurk more often. It’s always nice to know that people are out there reading my little blog. Also, thanks to the non-lurkers who also either posted or just sent me a private email. I am truly overwhelmed (in a good way) with the support.
Second, let me say to all of you who are telling me not to let the negativity get me down. The negativity was really just the straw that broke the camels back…or my back in this case. The time, the cost, not really knowing if anyone cared if the blog went away, the burn out, and the negativity were all factors. If I stop blogging, it simply isn’t because of the fact that people were mean to me. It’s not my style to just let the crazies get to me. But, like I said, there are other factors.
I’ll be honest in saying that I am still kind of blog soul searching so to speak. I don’t want to rush to the decision. I don’t want to say I will stay and then half-ass it and not do much. And I don’t want to go and then pull a Heidi and Spencer (are you watching that train wreck…I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, some how we are sucked into it, I am so much dumber for doing so) and try and come back.
While soul searching though, I made this really yummy, Summery tiramisu…using my favorite of flavors, key lime and raspberry. I made a standard version using a 8 by 8-inch pan but then also did parfaits. I really liked the look of the parfait version. And with the leftovers I made little shot glasses filled with the filling and raspberry sauce. Then cut the ladyfingers in half, lengthwise, and used those as dippers.
This is light, refreshing, and…no bake!
Thanks again, for all your kind messages.

Key Lime-Raspberry Tiramisu

Raspberry Jam Sauce:
12 ounces frozen raspberries
6 TBSP sugar

Key Lime Simple Syrup:
¼ cup granulated sugar
¼ cup water
zest of two key limes

3 4.40-ounce packages Champagne biscuits(or lady fingers)

Key Lime Filling:
3 cups heavy whipping cream
8 ounces Mascarpone cheese, at room temperature
½ cup powdered sugar
3 TBSP fresh key lime juice (if you can find)

1 cup fresh raspberries for garnish

Use a 8-x-8-inch pan.

Cook frozen raspberries and 6 TBSP sugar in saucepan over medium heat until mixture resembles a jam and is reduced to 1 cup, stirring frequently, about 15 minutes. Cool jam mixture. Push through a sieve to get a sauce-like consistency.
Combine sugar with ¼  cup water and lime zest in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally until sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat, and cool to room temperature. Strain out the zest before using.
Using and electric mixer, whip the cream until stiff peaks form.
In a mixing bowl, fold 2/3’s of the whipped cream into the Mascarpone cheese, along with the powdered sugar, and key lime juice. Blend until cream is fully incorporated.

Lay the lady fingers at the bottom of dish. Brush the layer with Key Lime Simple (about 1/3 of it)  followed by the Raspberry Jam Sauce.
Spread 1/3 of the cheese mixture over the lady fingers. Scatter 1/3 cup fresh raspberries on top of the cheese mixture. Repeat the procedure until all of the lady fingers and cheese mixture are used. Spread the reserved whip cream over the top of the tiramisu. Allow the cake to set, about an hour. Garnish with fresh berries. Makes 10 servings.

To make Parfait style: Break up 4-5 lady fingers. Put about 5 pieces at the bottom of a clear glass of your choice. Brush with syrup. Add raspberry sauce. Pipe in Mascarpone filling. Top with a little more raspberry sauce. Add raspberry. Repeat till you hit the top of your glass.



  1. Dimitra says:

    I hope you will decide what’s best for you…Your recipe is great as always, and even if you stop blogging we will always remember you by your recipes (oh my God, your cheesecakes come directly from heaven!). I wish you all the best.

  2. Hi there, I just discovered your blog and love it. Ironic I’m discovering it as you are contemplating to stop. Perhaps its a sign to keep going? Your photos remind me of Ellie’s Kitchen Wench. Beautiful.
    Bests to you,

  3. you have to decide what is best for you – but if you say you love photography and blogging then you should not quit. whatever you decide you have to know that you always have support! love this dessert it’s just the type i love ordering in a restaurant.

  4. Yum, that looks so good! It’s making my mouth water for that midnight snack. I think I’ll go to bed instead! :)

  5. WOW, this dessert looks amazing! I definitely need to try this…that key lime filling especially…wow!!

  6. I hope you’re aware that your posts (including or maybe even prominently the rants) are the ones that make me grin so much my mouth hurts?
    That being said, blogging is not for me nor for the 348 other commenters but for you because you like doing it, it’s your decision but I’ll sure miss you! Recipe bookmarked!

  7. awesome. delicious I m drooling

  8. No, you’re right – it isn’t just the negativity that can get to you with blogging. It is a ton of work, often for no other reward than a few dozen comments from people you don’t know and will never meet (or, in my case, no comments…:P)

    Those of us who are loyal readers would of course be saddened to see you go. However, your sanity is what’s most important :) I wish you all the best, Peabody. And my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  9. Gorgeous. My mouth’s watering looking at that first photo.

    Best wishes on whatever you decide is best for you.

  10. In an effort to de-lurk I would like to say this dessert looks fantastic! Your photos are so beautiful.

  11. you came up with a winner and i hope you continue to blog. don’t let the turkeys get you down – you should be flying with the eagles.

  12. Here’s another thing for you. Take this as a compliment, because it’s meant to be…

    As much as I love looking at your pics and your food, I really read your blog for the entertainment. While I love baking, I confess that I’ve never made one of your recipes, and maybe never will (although I’ve got the pumpkin brioche recipe stashed away for a rainy day…). The fact is, you’re a great, clever, interesting writer, and I’ll miss you if you stop. You’ve got a talent. And I’m guessing someone who’s that good at something like writing needs to keep writing for her own peace of mind. Have I talked you into it yet??? :-)

    Hope you stick around.

  13. Another lurker coming out here. Peabody, I think you’re an absolute riot! Love this place (have done from the get go), love the fact you say simply say it like it is. In fact to be honest as delicious as your recipes are it’s your writing that keeps me coming back. Whatever decisions you ultimately arrive at, (sure I’d miss the laughs) all that really matters is what’s best for you. (Just think what you could do with that spare time, wink wink!) Wishing you every happiness …

  14. Do what I do… blog when you want to or have the extra time. Don’t put any pressure on yourself to do it.

    I was getting myself overwhelmed by trying to blog regularly, but I just can’t do it. Between my full time job, my business and my beauty sleep, I am busy. However, I truly enjoy blogging and have realized it doesn’t matter if I blog once a week or once a month. So if I manage to do one a week, I’m happy… if its once a month.. also happy.

    Lastly, try not to take the negative comments to heart. There are some sad people out there who love to spread their misery around. That is what your delete button is for… :P

    PS… I care about your blog!

  15. AMAZING looking sweets – perfect eye candy (the only kind I’m letting myself have, a heck of a time to start up on a low-carb diet!)

    Don’t let the haters win! :)

  16. That recipe looks so yummy! I think I will make it this weekend. I hope you decide to keep blogging – just do it when you want to do it and definitely just delete the rude people!

  17. I know I got burnt out from blogging about a year ago. I just quit while I was pregnant and recently started up again. It was beginning to feel more like work than fun. I was participation in too many online challenges/baking groups. A little break makes a world of difference. I never had your following (hell, I never broke 5 comments, heh). Blog when you feel the urge to bake, rather than setting days (which it sounds like you’re doing already) :)

  18. oh my! this would be a perfect trifle for summer! now to find key limes in this podunk…gah!

    glad to see you’re back, if even just for a little while.

  19. You have to do what feels right and whatever that is we will stand by you…but I do hope what feels right would be to stay here and share your wonderful desserts and regale us with you stories! You always put a smile on my face :)

  20. This dessert looks so light and refreshing. Perfect for summer! Thanks for sharing it!

  21. I really enjoy your site! You have such great recipes! The only thing that could make it better is if you have more posts with Little Fuzzy Bunny and Crazy Cocker Spaniel! Please keep up the great work!

  22. This is awesome! I hate coffee flavor, so I’ve never got to experience the magic of tiramisu– now I can! Thank-you! And, as usual, beautiful pictures!

  23. I am making this for Sunday! YUM. Thanks for the “support”


  24. Yep. Raspberry and key lime are natural partners in crime. I love this. And dunking things is so much fun!

  25. I have just recently found out and began reading your blog. I love it! Your honesty is refreshing, your writing hilarious and the recipes are wonderful! I hope you stay around for a very long time!

  26. This looks like the perfect dessert for a humid late Spring day! Thank you.

  27. I’m going to attempt to be less lurky. It’s only fair. I love the idea of putting the filling in the shot glasses. I have similar shot glasses and am already thinking of things to put in them and things to use as dunkers. Thanks!

  28. It is so pretty served in the glasses, Pea, and looks very refreshing.

  29. Margaret says:

    Delurking….this looks fantastic and would have solved my husband’s and my debate last night at dinner over key lime pie or tiramisu – even though I won and we got the pie!

    I didn’t comment on your last post because I’m shy even on the internet, but I wanted to say that I really love reading your blog and dreaming of all the things I could make if I had the time. When I do have the time, it’s usually for one of your recipes. Your blog was the first one I discovered and it’s opened a whole new world to me, though I will admit that while I’d like to blog (and even have one set up, unused), I’m afraid of the time drain, so I understand where you’re coming from.

    Also, I’m sucked into Celebrity too – I try to make myself feel slightly more virtuous about it by only watching it at the gym, but it doesn’t work.

  30. Lordy the Key Lime-Raspberry Tiramisu
    looks like art that wants eating. It’s fabulous but the title … so good, love that.

  31. First of all, your title of this post is hysterical! =) Key lime raspberry tiramisu?! YUM! Summery, light, fluffy, delicious. Can’t wait to make it. Please keep blogging, we enjoy your page :D

  32. This looks amazing. That’s all I can say…

    except that I am also de-lurking, & I enjoy your posts veryvery much

  33. Alright I’ll try to be less of a lurker!
    That looks delicious. Perhaps I’ll try to make it.

  34. I love your blog! I have followed it for a long time and it is one I always enjoy. I live in Washington too (Longview)and I am totally in agreement about the sun, HA! If you quit blogging here, PLEASE don’t stop Northwest Noshings. I LOVE that you focus on our area of the country that gets completely ignored. I don’t get to cook and bake as much now cause my little one is 18 months old but I have your recipes bookmarked and printed and ready to go. Although today’s recipe I can find the time for! Thanks.

  35. I love the parfaits. They look like mini triffles. The flavor combination sounds perfect!

  36. Eww, you’re talking about your bra? I’m never coming back! Just kidding :)
    If there’s ever any argument for your blog to stay, I’d start with not being enchanted by glorious desserts like these (love the parfait presentation– and raspberries are my second favorite fruit!). But no pressure! ;)

  37. i would also miss you if you stopped! and i think it is perfectly acceptable to just blog once every week or so…not half-assed, just doing what you can and what you feel up to.

  38. This looks delicious! I love regular tiramisu, but never would have thought about this summer version. I hope you keep blogging more delicious treats!

  39. This looks fabulous! I hope you stay!

  40. Brittany says:

    I’m really glad I’m not the only one watching that terrible show lol it was on one night when I was cleaning around the house and just got completely sucked in, although I must say I missed the last two episodes =)

    I love key lime anything, can’t wait to try this!

  41. I love your blog, too! I think I randomly found way back in the day when I was planning my wedding on the Knot, which was pretty close to 3-1/2 to 4 years ago. Your blog is the one that keeps me coming back even though I never cook or bake. I love the commentary and how you tie random thoughts with different foods.

  42. Well, keep soul searching and do what’s best for you. Maybe you could just tone down your blog if the time/effort/cost is weighing down your blog??? Just an idea..I’d rather it not be toned down at all of course, but that’s the selfish part of me. ; ) Also, fyi, you could whip out mac and cheese and have a “lousy picture” (which I don’t think is possible for you)and I’d still find your blog fabulous. : ) This recipe looks great by the way!

  43. Oh man, glad to see I’m not the only one that got sucked in to IACGMOOH! Seriously, Lou Diamond Phillips? He’s is so out of place!

  44. IslandBlue says:

    Hello, another lurker piping up to say your blog is awesome. I particularly enjoy your photography and the tips on doing it.

    I could not imagine having the time to blog like this, (I wouldn’t have time to read all the blogs I love!) so I understand your re-thinking this committment.

    If you continue, even on a less regular basis, I will continue to check in and enjoy the recipes and the snark.

  45. Please don’t go away. My food life will be less rich without your blog and photography. Your recipes make me drool and your humor makes me smile. Personally, I loved your sun posting – I am so with you and unfortunately, I live in Texas. Anyhow – you should do whatever is best for you, but trust me, you would be missed – I always look forward to your weekly blog.

  46. I too love a tiramisu in parfait form, and it is super easy to make the ladyfinger batter, spread it out on a sheetpan, then cut to fit, using the glass you intend to put it in.(I’ll send you the recipe if you’d like

  47. Half assed and less fequently are two different things. Consider a limited number of posts – maybe one a week.

    Do you get the impression I don’t want to lose you. The desserts are just that desserts the meat of this blog is what keeps me coming back.

    I discovered your blog when I joined bake space. I hardly ever go to bake space now – too big and commercial but I still read your blog religiously. You don’t always have to post a recipe.


  48. Delurking….

    I love your blog – in fact I just recently added it to my blogroll as I’m expanding my own blog a bit. Your writing and photos are fabulous, as are the recipes… I’ve tried several (snickerdoodle muffins… OMG!) and they are always delectable. As someone who considers herself a very good cook and only an OK baker… you’ve really inspired me. And I used Dorie’s Perfect Party Cake (best buttercream I’ve had since my wedding cake!) from your blog to create a 3-tier Little Mermaid birthday cake over the weekend for my 4 year old niece… which I blogged. :) I will miss your blog if you quit, but I understand the temptation for you. All the best!

  49. Glad to see you back, even if it is just for now. This parfait looks simply beautiful, as well as sinfully delicious!

  50. Pennyrile says:

    I came to your blog a few months ago to make liquoured brownies, but I’ve stayed because of your down-to-earth wit. Too many people mistake good sarcastic humor with negativity. I don’t even want to know what sort of pasty story telling these people find funny. I find I don’t tend to stick with many food blogs regularly, or blogs in general, because, aside from the recipes, there not all that interesting. Sorry to say. Oh sure, I might keep them in mind for a quick recipe search, but I don’t visit them for the sake of reading. In a busy day with all the media content in the world to choose from, something has to make me smile, laugh, to make me come back. If you do stick around, I’ll be reading! But kudos for what you’ve done either way. I know I don’t have the drive to do 1/10 of what you’ve accomplished here.


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