Aye, aye there Capt’n (Crunch that is)…

I have had the WORST case of insomnia as of late. As in not being able to fall asleep until 5-6am and then only getting a few hours of sleep, then spend the day being totally useless (more so than usual :P )yet the very next night the same thing…no sleep. The silver lining in all of that if you will is that I’ve gotten to catch up on a lot of blogs I just never have the time to read anymore. And while I didn’t really leave too many comments (typing and the hand don’t play well together) one thing I saw on a blog made me feel the need to leave a comment…a GIANT one…right here.

Jenna is a blogger whom I don’t know personally but have always read her blog. She is wildly popular having her own book White Jacket Required: A Culinary Coming-of-Age Story and contributes to PBS Food. I follow her on Instagram and Twitter but she probably doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall (or in my sweats as my case may be). But I was really bothered not by her post but by the reaction to her post. For while Jenna is a writer and a chef she is first and foremost a Christian, and when I think of Jenna I think of Christian first. Apparently more and more she has been weaving this into her blog and a couple days ago she did a post about 5 books that changed HER life. She listed the 5 books and a blurb about why she liked them. I hardly read anymore so I would have normally just skipped to the food but due to insomnia I read…and then in horror I read the reactions.

I don’t talk religion on here. I fall into the category of not feeling the need to get into those things on my blog but that doesn’t mean others can’t. She is getting quite backlash for mixing religion and food. Some even went so far to suggest they might stop reading her blog if she didn’t stop getting all Jesus on them. Readers come and go. I lost a bunch when I said I hate running and even more than that I hate runners always telling me how far they ran…hence my 0.0 I don’t run bumper sticker on my car. :P But that didn’t make me change. It’s my blog. I share a good 87.53% of my life on here. There are two big chunks I don’t. One because I’m totally going to write a book about it because that will be quite the best seller. The other just because I don’t. I run a food blog but rarely actually talk about food. :D

Jenna’s blog is her blog as well. HER blog. She has the right to say whatever she wants. Those of us bloggers who actually share our beliefs and true feelings on things often lose readers because of it…but sometimes we gain them. I’m hoping she has tough skin. I have enough crazy emailer/readers that my skin is as tough as a 72 year old woman who has lived in Miami her whole life tanning but not using sunscreen. Teaching Jr. High can do that to a person. If she’s changing direction that is her right. Since I have been reading her blog she has slightly changed directions a few times. Ok. I’ve even changed directions. This used to be an all baking blog and my tagline was gaining weight one pastry at a time. Then it went to a baking blog with humor and my tagline was where baking and humor meet. Then I realized I’m not really funny and changed the tagline to where baking and life collide. Which I should even change that because I have a lot more than baking on here. My point is…people change and so does what we want out of their/our blogs.

Give bloggers a break. Especially those of us who are willing to share our lives with you. We are human. Or at least I think I am…the mother ship hasn’t shown up yet so I am leaning on the human side. She loves God. She likes to tell people she loves God. Good for her. I love hockey, bacon, malted milk powder, and Funfetti and tell people I love all that. Good for me. The world would be a much better place if people were so strong in things they believed. So Jenna don’t change a thing and from one newly engaged girl to another happy planning.

This ice cream is another one of my infused ice creams like the candy corn and peppermint ones. I am lover of the flavor of captain crunch but anti the roof of my mouth being shredded when I eat it. So I decided to infuse the flavors without removing the top of my mouth. Throw in some malted milk powder (yes, I’m obsessed), peanut butter, peanut butter and chocolate chips and you have yourself some damn fine PMS food.

BTW- if you read this blog and you make my recipes I highly suggest you get an ice cream maker. One thing I discovered is that making ice cream doesn’t hurt my hand as long as I do the non-egg kind. So you are going to need one. You can use one like my old Cuisinart ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker, White one OR be completely ridiculous like me and get the one with it’s own compressor so you can make ice cream whenever the heck the mood strikes… I have this one: Cuisinart ICE-100 Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker .


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  1. Damn you Peabody now I want Captain Crunch!

    I checked out those comments – the freaking nerve of some people!!!!!

    That kind of aggression would strike me right to my core. On that note, I’m gonna go run 7 miles and I usually pray while doing it! And I don’t fault you for hating runners one lick. :P

  2. Peabody, THANK YOU. Thank you for dedicating so much of YOUR blog space to defend Jenna’s RIGHT to say whatever she WANTS to say on HER blog! I’m scratching my head over the crazy comments…..because, and I think this is a pretty good analogy, the reasons I read YOUR blog often times have very little to do with the recipes you post! OK, so I read your blog because I LIKE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY regardless of the fact that I don’t cook/bake like you do. Am I on here slamming your choices? NO! Just because I don’t/won’t buy “this cereal” and, therefore, won’t be making this recipe, does that mean I’m going to complain? Good grief! I’m thinking there are a few people that need to STOP reading Jenna’s blog completely! And GOOD RIDDANCE TO THEM, too!! Maybe I’ll just have to pick up and go there more often now. YES, I THINK I WILL DO THAT NOW.

    (Even though I can’t/don’t/won’t always make what you post, I will ALWAYS appreciate your creative mind!)

  3. That’s awful that people were leaving such nasty comments! It’s her blog, she doesn’t have to cater to them. Who are they to think they are so high and mighty to infringe on her rights to say whatever she wants on her blog which she manages and pays for to run? I personally am not religious and I read her blog, but did not feel any annoyance by reading that post. I don’t understand why people have to be so nasty.

  4. Oh this ice cream looks really good :) I still need an ice cream maker, but I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I could get one now and make ice cream for my roommates, but because our freezer is always 100% full (I have been dubbed the queen of fridge and freezer organizing) I don’t think I’d be able to keep a freezing container in there, plus there is hardly any room in our cub bards. The hard place is I could always get it shipped to my house, but I’m not even completely sure my parents will still be there during the summer. Grr. When the time comes I WILL get myself an ice cream maker. Until then I’ll just drool over every ice cream recipe I see :P

    By the way, I love when you talk about your love for things. Usually the way you talk about them makes me smile a lot. :)

  5. Amen, sister!!!

    1. Love this ice cream…and your post title.
    2. Somehow I’ve become a (sloooow) runner over the last year and a half, but I still want a sticker for my car that says, “0.03.” ;)
    3. I read somewhere that drivers and walkers and runners can agree on one thing…we can all hate cyclists. ;)

  6. I totally agree with you! The writer of the blog is entitled to share (or not share) what they feel is important… I’ve shifted gears a few times and sometimes I post more others less… food is usually the main piece, but I’ve shared many other things as well. If people don’t like what I’m writing, they don’t have to read it… I’m doing it mainly to please myself. :)

  7. Well said. There’s too much jerk entitlement out there. We should go back to Thumper: If ya can’t say something nice, (or at least constructive), don’t say nuthin’ at all!”

    Delicious looking ice cream, this is one PB rendition I would love and I’m picky about my PB. I love my compressor machine, it was worth it both for ice cream ease and to get that freezer space back.

  8. Eh, I just added her blog to my feed for the principle of it. :) Thanks for the Captain Crunch cravings. I can now add them to my peanut butter cup cravings. Hmmm. I’m detecting a theme here. . . ;)

  9. I freaking love you….though eating sugar does horrors to how I feel I always enjoy your content. Because, like you said, you have recipes but you talk real.

  10. love you even more than I always have for this post :)

  11. Peabody, to your post about Jenna and her blog, I have just one thing to say, and take it however you want to because I mean it in every way:

    Amen. :P

    Also to note, I now want to go to the store in my slouchy clothes that are covered in flour/crusted melted chocolate just to get Captain Crunch cereal, because this ice cream sounds AMAZING. I haven’t had Captain Crunch cereal in ages either. I bet Peanut Butter Crunch would be epic in this too…

  12. I agree with you – people should be allowed to share whatever they want on blogs (save, you know, terrorism). Anyway, her religion is her business to share and more power to her for it. That said, I stopped reading her blog long, long ago because she wrote a few really pretentious posts about how other people “didn’t know how to eat.”. I’ve studied nutrition for years, and I would never think to say such a mean thing – other folks’ eating habits are none of my business, and unless they’re the habits of her clients, those habits are none of her business, either.

  13. Well said – and I totally agree! I think the world would be a significantly better place if everyone just empl;oyed some basic common courtesy and respect! Now the ice cream – that is why I don’t keep my container in my freezer, or I’d be making and eating this for breakfast! It’s cereal isn’t it?

  14. @amanda- interesting. I’ll be honest in saying I mostly just read her recipes so bummer about giving the pretentious vibe.

  15. Speaking of the good Cap’n, I made those captain crunch cookies of yours at Christmas time, to go on my cookie plate, and they were my FAVORITE! I seriously couldn’t stop eating those bad boys and keep thinking I need to make more. If I hadn’t (of course) ate the rest of the box of cereal like the moo I am, I probably would have. :D

  16. @elizabeth- yes those are crazy good cookies! Major addictive!

  17. Your tastes are a lot like mine. I already have any ice cream problem and this recipe is going to make it worse, but I can’t resist. I heard a rumor that Capt’n Crunch was not going to be made anymore. Say it ain’t so!

  18. I read Jenna’s blog and she’s so sweet. I’d ban those commenters. I could use a 0.0 run sticker on my car, I can’t run to save my life.
    Your ice-cream is so tempting, love the crunchy touch!

  19. Me and the Cap’n need to make this happen, and soon.

    Re: Jenna, I followed your link and read the comments. People can be real downers sometimes, especially when they feel they have the right to demand a blogger quit writing about their personal lives and “stick to the food”. I made sure to leave a supportive comment for her. =)

  20. I am a fan… of your blog and funfetti. Keep up the good work!


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