The Disclaimer…

First a disclaimer: You are going to hate me and love me at the same time for giving you this recipe. That is all. Moving on.

As previously discussed there has been quite a few new readers to my site and with that comes a ton of questions so I’m going to do a quick little about me/this blog to catch people up to speed and if you are a long time reader consider it your refresher course and you might learn something new. :D

Peabody: Yep that is my first name. Good thing is when someone shouts it out in a crowd I’m pretty much guaranteed they are calling for me. Which is cool…unless it’s a gunman.

MDP: My fiancé name on this blog. I am the only one who gets a name on this blog. Stands for My Defensive Partner because we play ice hockey together as defensive partners. He has two wonderful teenagers (twin boy and girl) that we have every other weekend and on Wednesday s (and we get his 9 year old former step son on that day as well).

CCS and LFB: CCS is Crazy Cocker Spainel. Who is often featured on this blog because I am trying to make her the next Boo. Well not really, mostly she is on here because she is my baby. And it’s her 13th birthday today so happy birthday CCS. LFB is Little Fuzzy Bunny and he is our other pet…a two pound rabbit that CCS is afraid of.

Parental Unit: My parents. Both still alive…well at least as of noon today when I talked to them they were. We see eye to eye on almost nothing. :P Except food. My mom and I will talk for hours on the phone about recipes.

Blog: Started it because I was married to a Picky Eater (my ex-husband’s name on this blog…great guy…for real no sarcasm there) who didn’t eat anything and wanted a creative outlet. Picky Eater is still mentioned on here as we are still friends (for real) and he is IT support. My blog will be EIGHT (holy cow) years old this June!

Camera: I use a Nikon D300S. I have a bunch of lenses but use the macro 105mm the most on this blog.

Reader Email: I get a lot of strange email. And it is a great source of amusement on this blog. I have thick skin and it doesn’t bug me. The Refund Muffin is a good read as is the Best Blog story. Recently I got asked to send nude photos of myself. Oddly enough not the first time either.  Which is always flattering and but creepy. I get a lot of hate mail as well as you will learn I am opinionated and have no issues with stating my opinion on my blog. It comes with the territory and it’s something I am used to after all these years. :D

Extra Love: If you want to show me extra love (and I would sooo appreciate that) you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram (it’s private but if you ask I accept you) if you are on any of those sites. I LOVE interacting with people and I post a lot of stuff on there that you don’t see here. And of course always leaving a comment on the blog makes my day.

Learning: I do have a culinary background but my best teacher was my mom and just messing in the kitchen. Before this I was a math and science teacher for junior high and high school and am a certified elementary school teacher as well. I have degrees in things my mom and dad cannot pronounce.

Recipes: Most of mine are a little over the top. Most are baking though there are savory dishes that pop on here from time to time. That and I am expanding more in to cocktail making thanks to my gig at Tablespoon. :) Never ask how many calories, if you have to ask you don’t want to know. I suck at keeping a recipe index. Some are original. Some are adaptations from other amazing bloggers or cookbook authors.

My Last Meal: Probably be Pork Fried Rice with a ton of sweet and sour sauce with a side of crispy bacon and bread pudding for dessert…and a few Swedish Fish right before I kick off.

Email: I don’t have an email service. I’m looking into maybe a weekly newsletter thing but know that service cost me money and as much as I would like to offer it that’s currently not in the budget.

Print Button: See this. All recipes that are from last September on have a print button option before that randomly as I have gone back and tried to add it to the more popular older recipes. But I don’t have it on all the recipes. Simply copy and paste then print.

Recipes on Facebook: When I post my recipes on Facebook I put a picture first (to get your attention) and then link the recipe in the first comment of the picture.

Crusade: Everyone has a cause. Mine is body acceptance and learning to love who you are. I talk about it a lot on here. I have a board dedicated to it on Pinterest! I’m not stuck up (well maybe I am) but I am confident in who I am. I appreciate my imperfect body and what it can do and I celebrate that. I am smart, sometimes witty, pretty, and a loving person. And I am doing my darnedest to get everybody else to feel good about themselves inside and out as I do about myself!

Hockey: Pretty much my life. I play it. I score keep it (MDP does too…it’s how we pay for us to play hockey). I watch it. My team is the Calgary Flames. My player is Danny Briere who plays for the Flyers. MDP likes the Flyers because of that so we are also a Flyers house. I am captain of a men’s (there are like 6 women) league hockey team called the Black Sheep and that team is like my family.

Hopefully that answered some a few questions that people had. If not feel free to ask.

And feel free to make this “toffee”. I was introduced to what was called ghetto toffee a long time ago and it is one of the most addictive things ever. Or so I thought. Until I made this version. And now this is the most addictive version I have ever made. Holy cow this stuff is good. Like I need to give it away or I am wearing everything with a draw string and elastic for a month kind of good. So make some, eat some, and then give it away. Or else I will get hate mail.

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  1. ooh, Peabody. you’ve really done it this time. I am at the hospital every day, and often bring treats for the nurses and docs that are caring for my dad. usually I try to bring healthy snacks, but every now and then I bring a FUN one. this shall be that next fun one…

    I just learned we have the same camera – not many have that model. I LOVE mine :)

  2. I lived in Calgary for many years and the Flames had a heathy rivalry with the Edmonton Oilers. I do not always leave a comment but I do follow. No hate mail, just encouragement from me.

  3. Jessica J. says:

    I’ve been reading a long time and I had NO idea that Peabody was your first name! Thanks for sharing that fun new-to-me info. :)

    PS. I followed you on Instagram! I need to live vicariously through your food porn photos.

  4. I have a small suggestion for you that may go straight to your hips (but really, as long as it gets there through your mouth, who cares?).

    Ghetto toffee with white chocolate instead of semisweet on top…with Captain Crunch cereal on top?

  5. Those bars look really good!

  6. Looks delicious! A couple of questions…first of all, do any of your mean commenters ever come back and comment again? I was just thinking about that the other day when you had the giveaway post, and I was hoping none of the mean people had the gall to enter your giveaways! Second, what was your major? Just curious…I majored in physics and math, and I was the only girl (as I bet you were too, or at least in the minority!), and it’s great to hear about other science/math girls! :D

  7. Peanut butter, peanut butter cups, chocolate, a layered bar – this is my dream bar! I actually put a recipe with crackers, PB, brown sugar/caramel sauce in my cookbook. I need to go look up what I did. Lol Yours look incredible!

  8. Thanks for the refresher Pea :)

    Peanut butter is amazing. Toffee is amazing. Chocolate is amazing. Because of the previous statements, this creation must also be amazing :)

  9. When did you abandon Sidney Crosby?!

  10. Hahaha I call my parents my parental unit too (or parentals for short)! My step mom doesn’t like it thought because she says it makes them sound like robots? But anywho need this recipe to coarse through my veins

  11. This post really is best blog quality. Witty, loving, opinionated and honest describe you to a tee and why I love you & your blog. 8 years! Holy Snike!

  12. Elizabeth B says:

    This looks so very sinful and oh, so wonderful! I always make treats for my equine vet and he’s coming out Monday. I believe I’ll put this in his goody bag.

  13. Wow.. I make a similar version with graham crackers, skor bits, milk chocolate chips and pecans at Christmas. It is utterly addiction. But adding Peanut butter? Evil genuis!

  14. @Laurel- I didn’t abandon Sidney Crosby. The story you were thinking of was for the Olympics. Sidney being Canadian played for Team Canada. Danny Briere has been my favorite player my entire adult life. I’ve watched him play since he was 14.

  15. Yum yum yum….Love the idea of using buttery crackers.

    I enjoyed reading the refresher…I never can remember what MDP stands for :)

  16. Great post! I’m a long time reader but I definitely enjoyed learning more about you (you evil, desert temptress, you!!) :)

  17. Grew up with a similar recipe but it included chopped pecans in the brownsugar and butter mixture and went over graham crackers… we baked until it was bubbly all over – comes out tasting like classic souther pralines… wasn’t until I moved to “the south” that I discovered that its a classic southern thing if you use saltines… everything is better with peanut butter so I gotta try this.

  18. Love your blog and read it because your pics are drool-worthy, but mostly because you crack me up. Thanks!

  19. Ahhhh, okay, gotcha. I was very confused. Penguins to Flyers? How can this be?! ;)

  20. Anne @ Have a Cookie! says:

    O.M.G. This is beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you!

  21. I started following this blog 5-6 years ago, early in my undergraduate education, and back when I thought I was all mature and knew everything.
    I haven’t been here in years….but after living through a million things (ok, maybe I’m still not mature & I don’t know everything ;), it’s fun to come back, hear how you’re doing, and still see recipes that make me drool. I looove toffee!! And I love your cause even more!

    Keep it up :) from a Columbus, OH foodie :)


  23. Ohhh I just made this!! So freaking good!! It’s like crack! I make a lot of your recipes all Of them have been so good! Thanks for sharing your talent!:)

  24. I just made this and it’s awesome! Question…is the bottom supposed to harden or stay gooey? Thanks for the extra pounds :)

  25. The bottom should harden up once it gets refrigerated

  26. Crispy Hard??

  27. Toffee hard

  28. Well I must have done something wrong. I LOVE the whole thing except the bottom is rather sugary, like it didn´t set up and get crunchy. Oh, won’t stop us from scarfing it down. Thanks again.

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